Glorious Day: Episode 13 Clip 1 (Jae Woo and Da Jung)

GD 13 Clip 1

Awwww yeah~! We knew Jae Woo was already on the love train, but this episode shows us glimpses of Da Jung’s growing awareness of Jae Woo as something more than a friendly neighbor. Yes! *pumps fist* Her “feelings” are becoming engaged, and it’s not by the younger brother. 😉

If you’re interested in reading the translated dialogue of the above scene, you know what to do! 😉

You can watch the RAW video of Episode 13 here.

*Addendum at 7:30PM: Anyone else notice in this clip that Jae Woo and Da Jung are color-coordinated in navy blue while In Woo and Da In are likewise so in gray? 😀

Dialogue Translation: Da Jung explains to Jae Woo what she knows of the fight between his grandparents and his parents–that his father knew her mother from their time in foster care and that this truth was kept from the women of his family.

Da Jung: I think that’s why they’re mad.

Jae Woo: Ah, wait a second. I’m not understanding any of this, but why is this something to be mad about? And more importantly, why did they hide this?

Da Jung: Because my mother is a female “sibling.”

Jae Woo: Huh? So what?

Da Jung: What do you mean why? Because she’s a woman.

Jae Woo: (totally confused) You said that she’s a dong seng, though. (aka Korean for “younger sibling”)

Da Jung: Of course, she is. But women can react like this. No matter the dong seng relationship, because she’s a woman, they can be concerned. That’s why Grandfather suggested we keep it a secret.

Jae Woo: (sighs deeply) In any case, if this is the reason, their leaving the house doesn’t make sense. I’d better escort them back into the house.

Da Jung: (amazed) How are you going to accomplish that?

Jae Woo: I’ll have to start thinking about that now. Have a seat.

He grabs Da Jung’s hand and pulls her down to the floor, much to her great shock. Heh, I love how he doesn’t let go of her hand once they’re seated. The cute music as Da Jung realizes how Jae Woo is holding her hand and keeps holding it adds to the effect. LOL. She is so flustered that she can barely comprehend what Jae Woo is saying. Yup, I think it’s safe to say that she’s starting to get an inkling of the “feelings” for Jae Woo. 😉

Jae Woo: (still holding her hand as if it’s the most natural thing for him) In my opinion, I think that they’re angry…because they were deceived…not because she’s a woman.

Da Jung: (barely able to collect her thoughts) Uh…y…yes.

Jae Woo: (still in thinking mode and not even giving the hand-holding a second thought) Hmmm…If that’s the case, then I can see why they would be mad.

Da Jung: Yes…that’s true.

GD 13 Clip 2

At that moment, In Woo barges into the mid-garden, prompting Da Jung to jerk up from her seat and disconnecting her hands from Jae Woo’s clasp.

In Woo: Hyung–

Jae Woo: (rising since Da Jung is standing) Yeah, what?

In Woo: What were you two doing?

Completely thrown off by Jae Woo’s hand-holding and In Woo finding them together, she brings her hands together and can hardly answer In Woo.

Da Jung: H…huh?

Jae Woo: (Ever so calmly) We were thinking of ways to escort Grandfather back into the house. (Ha! I love that he’s not embarrassed to be caught holding hands with Da Jung.)

In Woo looks at Da Jung, who is still clutching her hands.

In Woo: (gestures to her hands) What’s wrong?

As Da Jung looks down at the Jae-Woo-held hands and tries to think of an answer, Da In barrels into the mid-garden.

Da In: What are you guys doing? Grandfather says for you all to come in. Hurry…Quickly!

She then grabs In Woo’s hand, and Da Jung stares in shock at Da In holding In Woo’s hand and then looks at her hand, the very hand that was just held in Jae Woo’s.

In Woo: (to Da In) Seriously, why are you like this to me?

Jae Woo: (to Da Jung) Let’s go inside.

Da Jung: Y…yes.

As she follows Jae Woo inside, she looks back at Da In’s hands holding In Woo’s.

In Woo: (lightly hitting Da In’s hands that are firmly holding onto his arm) Let go! Let go!

Da In: C’mon! Let’s go inside!

In Woo: Jung Da Jung shi!

Heh…it’s heartwarming to see Da Jung develop an awareness of Jae Woo and skinship between a man and a woman. LOL My suspicion is that she’s been so busy helping her mother keep the family afloat financially that she hasn’t even given herself the time to date, so this new closeness with Jae Woo is completely foreign to her.

I hope you enjoyed this first clip. I’m hoping to bring you two more translations and then the recap of Episode 13 before I call it quits for today. Here’s hoping I can stick to my schedule! 😉

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  1. Hi ST! Thanks again for translating this snippet 🙂 I watched 5min of the raw episode last night and was so glad I did because this little clip was just 3 min in! Had me squeeing and unable to sleep for a bit 😀

  2. When JW holds DJ hands, ahhh the feels… I can’t help but giggle. JW did it unconsciously right? While DJ doesn’t know what to do. haha…

  3. I watched all of 13 RAW. So happy to know what they were saying in this scene. I lover her reaction and his lack of one to the hand holding. It is such a great scene. I noticed they matched in a couple of scenes. They are perfect for each other and the costume person is just letting us know that on another level. I can’t wait for tomorrow and another does of GD. I must confess that one of my favorite story lines is her mother and his “uncle” they are kind of adorable together. He clearly respects the hell out of her (and is fighting the fact that he is falling for her) and she seems to understand that he is not as ridiculous a person as he first seemed. I kind of ship them. So did I see right out is Da In’s model (and want to be suitor) a high schooler?

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