Glorious Day: Episode 12 Clip with English Translation

GD 12.1

I just got home from church and saw a small snippet of Da Jung and Jae Woo. 🙂 Here’s a clip that SBS has uploaded to YouTube for our viewing pleasure. 🙂 Da Jung is slowly but surely warming up to Jae Woo as potentially more than a friend, and Jae Woo…let’s just say that our turtlish lead man is steadily making his intentions known to Da Jung, even teasing her a bit and cooking for her! *happy sigh*

As usual, you can find the dialogue translated in English below.

You can also see the RAW video of Episode 12 here

Dialogue Translation:

Da Jung clutches Jae Woo’s shirt for dear life and follows him in the dark to the light switch. When Jae Woo flicks on the lights, Da Jung hurriedly looks around.

Da Jung: Was it a rat?

Jae Woo: How can there be a rat when this is a food business?

Da Jung: Ah…then what was it?

Jae Woo: (bringing his pinched fingers up) I…was…teasing/playing a joke on you.

Da Jung: (in disbelief and not very pleased) What? I didn’t see you in this way.

Jae Woo flashes a brief self-conscious smile and changes the subject.

Jae Woo: Shall I roast you some dduk?

Da Jung: (smiles in spite of herself and pushes Jae Woo a bit playfully) Geez! Seriously! You scared me.

Jae Woo: (sings softly while roasting the rice cakes) Gah reh dduk. I ate it. But it got caught…

Da Jung: (bright-eyed and completely intrigued by his song and singing) That’s the song you composed, right?

Jae Woo: (quietly) Yes.

Da Jung: Sing it a bit more loudly so that I can learn it, too. (Aw…Jae Woo’s finally found a woman who likes this song! As if we didn’t think she would. LOL. By the way, is it just me, or does Lee Sang Woo sing it slightly differently each time? LOL)

Jae Woo: You might hit me, though. Uncle told me that if I sang this song, I might get hit with a guitar…

Da Jung: Please sing it. (Eyes widening in plea) Just one time.

Jae Woo: (expels a brief sigh in trepidation for Da Jung’s actual response once she hears the song properly and begins to sing) Gah reh dduk. I ate it. But it got caught. And so I pricked my finger. (Da Jung joins him in the “And so I pricked my finger.” Pricking one’s finger is a widely accepted Korean method of relieving an upset stomach based on Eastern medicine/acupuncture. Da Jung listens attentively for more of the song.) I was in a lot of pain!

Da Jung: Oh! Is that the end of the song?

Jae Woo: (self-consciously, he finally looks at her after studiously avoiding her gaze and says quietly) Yes.

Da Jung: Awww…it’s fun. Gah reh dduk.

Jae Woo: (laughs a bit) It’s all done.

Da Jung: (in complete delight at receiving a stick of her favorite dduk) It looks good! (She takes a bite of the piping hot rice cake and fans her mouth) It’s tasty!

Jae Woo: There have been a lot of painful events…since you moved into our house, huh? (Da Jung merely looks at him.) There wasn’t a time when your mind was at ease, huh?

Da Jung: (thinks and smiles) There were a lot of good times, too. Seo Jae Woo shi, have you yourself forgotten them? (in reference to how she always forgets things) I wrote on the questionnaire survey, “I’m excited!” (Jae Woo looks unconvinced.) It’s true! It was good when I exercised…I had a great time going shopping with Grandmother…Oh! I even received free hiking shoes…Your father gave us a rice cake for our mother’s birthday…And…Grandfather wrapped up gah reh dduk for me to eat as I come and go…And…There are a lot!

GD 12.2

Jae Woo stares at her…

GD 12.3

…before breaking into a rueful smile.

Jae Woo: It’s a good thing that you see it this way. I am sorry about what happened back there. On my mom’s behalf, I apologize.

Da Jung: Why should you apologize?

Jae Woo: (obviously pained by his mother’s rude actions) Because she’s my mother. From now on, if there are things that upset you, tell them to me. I’ll relieve/solve/deal with them for you…Take your time eating.

Clearly, this is just one tiny snippet between Da Jung and Jae Woo. I’m a bit sad that SBS doesn’t release more snippets of these two for us, but ah well. Something is better than nothing, right? 😉

I hope this translation ties you over while I work on watching and recapping today’s Episode 12. Until later then, Twinkles…!

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  1. Hi!!!! *waves enthusiastically* Thank you for posting the English translation of our OTP moments. Lee Sang Woo and Park Se Young are adorable together. Wait, did I just say them and not their characters in the drama. Ehem! (Park Se Young-ssi please leave the WGM village immediately. lol)

    SBS didn’t really upload much snippets of these two. They could have uploaded DJ and JW’s date in the ddeokbokki stall and Han River. Hay. I can’t get enough of the cuteness. Looking forward to your recap. Fighting!

    1. LOL. Glad you’re loving them as much as I do! 🙂 Se Young needs to stay in WGM village, though, so that we can find out a bit more about her actual interactions with Lee Sang Woo, don’t you think? 😉

  2. This is such a cute scene! Thanks unni for sharing 🙂 also I LOVE the skin ship that’s progressing with our turtle couple.

    1. Awww…Thanks, Amy (aka My2Girls)! The feeling’s mutual. 😉
      I look forward to seeing what your crafty hands create for Glorious Day. 🙂

  3. Thank you for translating this snippet 🙂 I actually watched the raw episode last night and could more or less figure out the action, but none of the dialogue, and really wanted to know what they were saying to each other!

    1. Awww…lucky! You got to see this last night?! 🙂
      I just woke up from a nap. I didn’t realize how tired I was from today’s church duties. Hmm…It could also be from the bowl of rice I had for dinner. Rice tends to make me sleepy, which is why I typically avoid having it for dinner. 😛
      Ah well…behind my intended schedule to recap. Here’s hoping that I can still get it done before I go to bed tonight. 😉

      Give my love to your darling children, shl!

  4. I was smiling as I read the snippets, ohh so cute and what a nice way for me to start my Monday!

    Am still behind due to being away and all, hope to get back by this week.
    Thanks Grace for updating so frequently:)

    1. You’re very welcome, Lena!
      Hurray to “nice” Monday starts! 😉
      Glad that you got home safely!

  5. Ahhhh!! They are adorable! If you all happen to follow me on twitter you know that I spam my feed with pictures of them all day. I’m very sad that they made granny be like her daughter but they gave me plenty of cute otp moments. I love their date & the very well place ppl with the camping gear had me laughing.

    1. LOL. Mari, you are too cute yourself! 🙂
      Just got done watching Episode 12 and screencapping. I hope to have the recap up by sometime tomorrow/Monday. 😉

    1. Lights up your entire computer screen, doesn’t he? 😉
      BTW, I’ve always thought your Ji Hyun Woo does the “megawatt smile” quite nicely, too. 😉 Loved him in Old Miss Diaries and Over the Rainbow!

  6. Just popped over to see the other comments and we have all agreed on one thing – that is the most killer smile EVER!

    1. Seriously, right?! The last time I saw a beautiful smile like this was on SJS…and that was on a specific picture. I’ll have to share that with the community one of these days. 😉

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