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Hang on to your proverbial hats, Twinkles, because the series just got That. Much. Better!

Episode 12 showcases our very first official date between Jae Woo and Da Jung. Although Da Jung doesn’t realize that she’s just gone on her first date–yet–In Woo certainly recognizes the significance of his brother’s increased time with Da Jung.

As for the rest of the older generation’s stories, let’s just say that all the secrets are now out in the open!

You can view the RAW video here


The episode resumes with Shin Ae demanding to talk with Song Jung. Uh-oh….

GD 12.4

While the children all take in the scene from a distance, Shin Ae effectively starts to chew out Song Jung, who is completely in the dark as to why this woman is so angry. In an effort to diffuse the tense situation, In Woo makes a comment that his mother and he have strongly developed sense of jealousy…perhaps a veiled warning to Jae Woo and Da Jung. Jae Woo, for his part, offers to take the mother inside as well. Of course, Shin Ae doesn’t tell Song Jung why she’s so mad, merely demanding to know if Song Jung knows what she has done wrong.

In the midst of Shin Ae’s tirade, Song Jung sees Min Shik viewing the scene and just smiles as if to reassure her brother that all is well. Min Shik, though, takes in the scene none too happily since he’s very well aware of exactly why his wife is freaking out like a banshee.

GD 12.5

Once inside,  Shin Ae turns her anger on In Woo and Jae Woo,  telling them that she didn’t raise her sons to meet girls like them, implying that her sons are way above Song Jung’s girls in social status. In Woo thoughtlessly asks if she was a bully during her school years.  Heh. At his impertinent remark, she beats In Woo , and Jae Woo calmly asks to know why she is so upset. At this point, Dad comes in and reassures the boys that this is a couple’s matter and sends them off to sleep.

At the Seo household, the girls, likewise,  are concerned but reluctantly go to sleep at their mother’s request that all is well and that they should sleep. Da Jung stays behind and learns that Song Jung used to hear about Min Shik’s fights when he first got married. Hmmmm…interesting. Da Jung wonders if Min Shik’s wife learned about Song Jung and Min Shik’s relationship, a comment which gives Song Jung food for thought.

Meanwhile,  Grandmother, too, is upset with her husband and sleeps apart from Grandfather. To his credit, he tries to get her to sleep together with him on the same blanket, but when she resists, he tells her good riddance then…not quite yet realizing that Grandmother knows his secret and is seriously peeved.

GD 12.6

Unable to sleep, Jae Woo wanders into the mid-garden–in the hopes of seeing Da Jung–and as if they’re already telepathically in sync with each other–Da Jung is already there, lost in her thoughts.

As they talk, he jokingly elicits sympathy from her, asking if she saw his mother hit him. When Da Jung nods and asks if it hurt, Jae Woo mock-solemnly nods that it did…just a little bit. LOL. Who knew our quiet turtle had such a joking side to him? 😉

When Da Jung comments that she has a great number of things on her mind, he agrees that he, too, is preoccupied these days with many concerns. At her question of what he and her mother talked about before all the chaos erupted, Jae Woo glosses over his conversation with her mother, merely stating that they talked about the hair clip gift and Song Jung’s book.

In reference to Da Jung and her many secrets, he says that he, too, has secrets and lots of thoughts. As a way to help each other clear their troubled minds, he asks her to go on a late night jog with him. At his suggestion, Da Jung is comforted that he, too, has lots on his mind. When he asks why she is comforted by this knowledge, she comments that she likes the idea of someone else having lots of concerns…in much the same way that knowing someone else is awake late at night when she’s suddenly awakened is comforting.

GD 12.7

Catching on to her meaning, Jae Woo asks if it’s like being comforted by the light from a stranger’s house after one returns home from a long day’s work. Da Jung is surprised that Jae Woo understands her meaning so well.

As the two talk and comfort each other, In Woo listens from behind the door leading into his house. Although he can’t really hear everything that’s said between the two, In Woo knows enough to realize that his presence wouldn’t be welcomed at that time…that his joining Da Jung and trying to comfort her wouldn’t be as helpful as allowing Jae Woo to help her.

Helpless to know how to best help Da Jung and that Da Jung would be made further uncomfortable by his presence, In Woo stands immobile in the hallway, the glass of orange juice that he brought for Da Jung sadly neglected and useless in his hands. Awww…

Completely unaware of In Woo’s presence, Jae Woo and Da Jung go on their night jog–these two really like to exercise together 🙂 –and somehow find their way to the dduk shop.

GD 12.8

Once inside, Jae Woo plays a little trick on Da Jung when he sees her hiding behind him, scared of being in the shop so late at night.

(You can read the translation of their conversation here.)

GD 12.9

At Da Jung’s scared question of why he gasped, Jae Woo quietly admits to playing a “tiny” joke on her.

GD 12.10

Da Jung, of course, most definitely does not appreciate the joke and lightly hits him. Aw…

GD 12.11

Jae Woo cracks a smile and then offers to roast her some of her favorite dduk.

GD 12.12

While he roasts two sticks of the dduk, he finds himself softly singing the geh reh dduk song and self-consciously teaches Da Jung the words to his “original” song. As an aside, is it just me, or does Lee Sang Woo seem to sing the song a bit differently each time? LOL

GD 12.13

Sensing the need to apologize on his mother’s behalf, Jae Woo offers Da Jung his sincere apologies and suggests that she come to him anytime she has concerns. He’ll solve them for her.

The next morning, as if to underscore how similar Da Jung and Jae Woo really are, they both go to comfort their respective mothers first thing in the morning. Da Jung provides her mother with some comic relief by teaching her Jae Woo’s dduk song, withholding information about exactly how she came to learn the lyrics late last night, while Jae Woo tries to console his mother with medicine and gentle words. Song Jung, her mood lightened momentarily, remembers her gifts for her daughters (from Goong Young) and gives them to Da Jung to share with her sisters. Shin Ae, on the other hand, isn’t quite so easily mollified as Min Shik comes into the bedroom and relieves Jae Woo in his efforts to comfort his mother. 

GD 12.14

Giving his parents privacy, Jae Woo then goes upstairs to get ready for work. In high anticipation of his long-awaited date with Da Jung, Jae Woo smiles as he gets dressed.

GD 12.15

He even deliberates between two ties, trying to see which tie would suit him best. Aw….

GD 12.16

Then waiting for Da Jung in front of their houses, Jae Woo offers Da Jung a ride to work…since you know, it’s on his way. Hee~! Da Jung happily accepts and opens the door to get into the car…

GD 12.17

…followed quickly by In Woo, who rushes out of the house just at that exact moment and plops himself in the backseat for a ride to work himself. Heh…I guess In Woo won’t be using his “secret” car today.

GD 12.18

Even more comfortable with each other after last night’s heart-to-heart talk, Jae Woo and Da Jung talk lightly with each other. Da Jung comments that she hopes his mother and hers can be friends since her mother doesn’t have a single friend. She’s worked too long and too hard to have the luxury of making friends. Da Jung decides that this will be her very first wish.

Not wanting her to get her hopes too high, Jae Woo comments that from what he observed of last night’s ruckus, friendship between the two mothers might be difficult. Da Jung jokes back that she has a tendency to dream big. Heh.

Completely forgotten in the backseat and not wanting to witness any more of Da Jung and Jae Woo’s friendly chatter and closeness, In Woo abruptly asks Jae Woo to drop him off. Thinking that his request might be because of motion sickness, Da Jung offers to trade seats with him, and that’s when In Woo asks her–almost rudely–when she’s going to make good on her promise to buy him dinner. At the sudden question, Da Jung and Jae Woo both ask, “Dinner?”

Belatedly remembering her offer, Da Jung asks when would be a good time for him. Unfortunately, In Woo, totally unaccustomed to having girls forget about him, rudely scoffs at Da Jung’s efforts. As Jae Woo cautions In Woo on his rudeness, In Woo merely repeats his request to be let off. Hmmm…This scene is clearly a stark contrast to how the brothers deal with Da Jung. In Woo doesn’t have Jae Woo’s patience when it comes to Da Jung…at least not yet…especially when she forgets things. Obviously, he hasn’t had the benefit of past experiences with Da Jung forgetting things. Heh…Do you remember how deflated Jae Woo was when he thought that Da Jung had forgotten his name…and also with her promise to give him a copy of her mother’s book? So in In Woo’s defense, we can’t blame the guy…too much. 😉

At In Woo’s blatant coolness, though, Da Jung faces forward again, and Jae Woo drops his brother off as requested. Completely out of sorts, In Woo can only watch as the two–who look like a young married couple in the front of the car–drive away, leaving him figuratively stranded on the streets…just as he requested. Aww…

GD 12.19

Later that day, Director Yoo starts to see Jae Woo in a new light. When she announces that their department will be having an after-work dinner together, Jae Woo excuses himself from the gathering, citing an important previous engagement. Director Yoo jokes if he’s meeting with their flying squirrel. When Jae Woo answers, “Yes,” she gasps in shock and tells him that she was only joking.

GD 12.20

However, as Jae Woo doesn’t elaborate and merely returns to his work, Director Yoo assesses Jae Woo with new eyes, especially since Jae Woo had repeated that meeting Da Jung that night was an important thing to him.

Meanwhile, Min Shik tries to make up for things and buys Shin Ae flowers. Unfortunately, she sees him talking with Song Jung again and wonders aloud if the flowers are really for her. She then demands that her husband turn over his cell phone to her.

As for Goong Young, he learns about Song Jung’s ex-husband and schemes to help Song Jung extricate herself from the ex-husband’s shady clutches. The secretary later reports that Min Shik called Song Jung informally by her given name, which gives Goong Young pause. He wonders what their relationship might be.

Da Ae, on the other hand, shows up to school to bring Eun Chan a home-packed lunch, and Da Jung finally tells her sister–albeit briefly–about Eun Chan’s problem at school. Soon thereafter, Da Jung, despite her resolve to not get involved and complicate things for Eun Chan, comes across Eun Chan getting beat up by the usual group of boys. As she tries to stop the fight, she learns that they had teased him about Da Jung becoming his future mother and that Eun Chan had thrown the first punch as a way to shut them up.

Back at the home front, Grandmother and Shin Ae are shocked to see a text message from Song Jung, even though in reality, the text was merely to tell Min Shik of her plans to move. Needless to say, when Da In visits the shop with Ji Ho later in the day, both the Grandmother and Shin Ae are incredibly rude to Da In, hinting that she’s dressed inappropriately, that her family is a great inconvenience, and that they should move out as soon as possible if they have any common courtesy.

Song Jung, continuing in her work for Goong Young, is surprised to learn that Goong Young considers the grandfather, Kim Chul Soo, his role model. At her surprise, Goong Young explains–rather pointedly–that he admires a man who can stay faithful to his wife for so long. Unfortunately, before we can learn more about what makes Goong Young tick,  Da In calls her mom–while she’s working!–and demands that they move out of their house immediately. Ugh…seriously, Da In and her immaturity really grates at times. *shakes head* Sensing Song Jung’s distraction from the phone call and her desire to go to her daughter’s aid, Goong Young brings their time together for the day to a quick stop, citing a meeting that he has.

And Da Jung? Well, let’s just say that with the recent developments at school, she’s once again forgotten about Jae Woo…until she receives a call from Director Yoo, who thanks her for her mother’s book and then asks how her date with Jae Woo is going.

GD 12.21

We then flash to Jae Woo who is–yet again–patiently waiting for Da Jung…even as the time for their promised performance comes and goes. Although he contemplates whether to call Da Jung and remind her of the date, he decides to just wait…and see if she remembers on her own. Aw…Jae Woo really wants Da Jung to come to him of her own accord, not because of his calls or anything, huh? This makes sense, given that he knows of her previous interest in his brother. He doesn’t want her coming to him on a rebound or because he reminded her. He wants her to see him for him and because she wants to.

GD 12.22

So when Da Jung comes flying into the cafe with apologies and impatience to try to make it to the performance, Jae Woo is all smiles.

GD 12.23

He tells her to catch her breath, take a sip of water, and sit for a while; the performance has already started, so they won’t be able to go inside anyhow. He then tells her that he has a great many other wishes that they can fulfill, and Da Jung rashly declares that she’ll grant him any wish that he makes, prompting him to smile. Aw…LOL. Good thing our Jae Woo isn’t one to take advantage of such a rash statement, huh? 😉

GD 12.24

As they start their date with a snack from a street vendor, Da Jung fills him in on her day and how she was once again called into the principal’s office. Heh…

Jae Woo jokes that her stories make him want to take a day off and follow her around at school just so that he can see for himself why and how she gets into so much trouble. Of course, at his joke, Da Jung freaks out and tells him that his appearance at her school would only complicate matters. She shudders at just the thought of how Jae Woo would complicate the rumors already milling around at school.

GD 12.25

To make herself look not so pathetic, though, Da Jung tells Jae Woo that it’s because she’s so popular; she has a group of “paparazzi” following her around. She strikes a pose and says, “It’s tiring being so popular.” Heh…Jae Woo can’t help by smile at her blatant pretense.

GD 12.26

Then while Da Jung tries to learn the street vendor’s secret ingredients to the spicy rice cakes–she wants to make the dish for her school kids–Jae Woo continues to gaze at Da Jung.

GD 12.27

At her persistence in learning the secret ingredients, he cracks a smile…

GD 12.28

…and his fast turtle-like reflexes come flashing out to Da Jung’s rescue–or more specifically, her coat’s rescue–and prevent a mild fashion disaster with the spicy rice cake dish. Aw…There are definitely many ways to play the Knight in Shining Armor, huh? 😉

GD 12.29

Their date continues to the walkways along the Han River, a “classic” date spot. How can Da Jung not know that she’s on a “romantic” date with Jae Woo? Seriously?!

While walking, inspired by the bikers, Da Jung and Jae Woo talk about riding bikes and how Da Jung had won a bicycle from a contest Nature held but had been unable to go to Europe with the bike. At the time, she hadn’t realized that the travel expenses were not included in the prize. Still, she optimistically points out that she won a bike and, with it, the skill to ride it.

GD 12.30

Of course, Jae Woo is in his now-familiar pose: gazing and smiling at Da Jung. 😉

GD 12.31

When Da Jung, who has climbed up on the cement blocks and is jumping from block to block, teeters and is about to lose her balance, Jae Woo quickly grabs her hand and steadies her.

GD 12.32

Hands firmly clasped, the two smile at each other, and Da Jung comments that he saved her. Aw…

GD 12.33

And so, talk once again commences as the two walk/jump…and Da Jung asks if Jae Woo knows how to ride a bike.

GD 12.34

His response? “A little bit.” Charmed, Da Jung echoes his “a little bit.”

GD 12.35

As they make plans to go biking together, though, Da Jung sees a family struggle with a tent and calls Jae Woo’s attention to the situation.

GD 12.36

The two rush over to help the family, and we see again just how well these two are suited for each other. As Jae Woo asks the father if he knows where the tent mallet is, Da Jung explains that it looks like a hammer. Jae Woo can’t help but smile at Da Jung’s ability to understand him.

GD 12.37

He continues to smile as she runs over to the bag…

GD 12.38

…and brings back the exact tool that he needed. Aw…Can the guy fall for her any faster? LOL

GD 12.39

The family thanks the two and offers Jae Woo two cans of soda, and Da Jung motions for Jae Woo to toss her one…

GD 12.40

…which he does with a quick snap of his wrist and another wide smile.

GD 12.41

As the two walk away, Jae Woo asks if she’s up for another bet with him, the loser again granting the winner a wish. Da Jung, without even knowing the specifics of the bet, agrees.

GD 12.42

As they head back to Jae Woo’s car, though, he receives a phone call from In Woo, who after drinking with Dr. Kang and telling him of his growing feelings for Da Jung had just wanted to hear his brother’s voice.

In Woo asks Jae Woo where he’s at, and Jae Woo replies, “Han River.” Knowing that people don’t usually go to the Han River alone, In Woo smiles and asks Jae Woo, “With whom?”

Of course, that smile quickly fades when he hears his brother’s response: “With Jung Da Jung shi.

GD 12.43

In Woo, not trying to panic, smiles and tells his brother to return home quickly because he misses him. Aw…Despite the slowly building conflict between the brothers, I really like watching the Seo brothers interact with each other. *warm fuzzies*

GD 12.44

Jae Woo then tells Da Jung that it was In Woo on the phone and that his little brother misses him. Da Jung muses that she didn’t know brothers were like this with each other. And with that comment, the two get into the car to return home.

GD 12.45

Meanwhile, In Woo tries to talk some sense into himself.

GD 12.46

When Jae Woo returns home from his date with Da Jung, he’s all smiles as he greets his grandfather.

GD 12.47

He even springs upstairs and greets In Woo, who asks to have a word with Jae Woo.

GD 12.48

Instead of waiting for Jae Woo to get out of his work clothes, In Woo follows Jae Woo inside and asks him what Jae Woo and Da Jung did together.

GD 12.49

At Jae Woo’s quick overview of their date, In Woo tells his brother, “Don’t meet Da Jung when I’m not around.” Before Jae Woo can properly response to this sudden request–Jae Woo can’t tell what’s motivating In Woo’s request right now–he and In Woo rush downstairs…

GD 12.50

…because Grandmother and Grandfather are finally fighting. At the sound of the elders fighting, Jae Woo and In Woo rush down, and Shin Ae and Min Shik stop their own fighting to come and try to alleviate this unexpected fight.

GD 12.51

Meanwhile, Song Jung announces to her children and Dr. Kang her imminent plans to move out of the house. She apologizes to Dr. Kang that she won’t be able to hold her end of the bargain–to allow him and Da Ae a month to live together–since she can only afford to move into a two-bedroom house.

GD 12.52

Grandfather, on the other hand, unwittingly puts a hold on Song Jung’s plans when he leaves the house in a huff, followed quickly by Min Shik, Jae Woo and In Woo who try to convince him to stay. They try to reason that he will be admitting defeat if he just leaves while Grandmother is still in the house.

GD 12.54

The three men stop abruptly, though, when Grandfather asks where they’re going. As the three look at him in shock, Grandfather walks toward Song Jung’s house. Hee~!

GD 12.55

Asking if Song Jung really boards Dr. Kang, Grandfather asks to be their new boarder. Ha~!

GD 12.56

At Grandfather’s totally unexpected plan of attack, Jae Woo and In Woo, along with everyone else, are left speechless for words.


Yup, the show just got that much better, right? 😉

A few things to muse before I turn my attention to recapping and translating Episode 13 today:

Min Shik is so bad with words! His explanation to Shin Ae about “dropping Song Jung’s hand to grab yours” simply adds fuel to the fire…unless he really did consider Song Jung as a romantic possibility when they were young.

As for Jae Woo…constant eye contact, that’s all I’m saying. 🙂 And even though he doesn’t look at Da Jung while he sings, he’s pleasantly surprised when she likes it. Ha~! A match made in heaven. 😉 And he even gets dressed now with Da Jung in mind, humming in anticipation of his date with her. TOO. CUTE!

In Woo clearly is the third wheel and now arriving always too late onto the scene…first with his orange juice for Da Jung and then later with his request for a ride to work. He doesn’t know how to proceed slowly, which is what Da Jung needs. Interestingly enough, both brothers seek Da Jung out in the mid-garden, and Jae Woo is the first one to do things to prolong his interaction with Da Jung, first plopping down to talk so that Da Jung does likewise and such. Da Jung’s reluctance to interact with In Woo is a bitter pill for In Woo to swallow. He’s not used to having to work for a woman’s affections. In his defense, though, his growing affections for Da Jung seem to be sincere, especially since this is his “first” time wooing a woman. He’s just not used to considering the woman first, so his method is a bit questionable.

In contrast, Jae Woo waits patiently…all the time. Even when Da Jung is late for their date, he contemplates calling her (cell phone ID is set as the flying squirrel) but opts to wait for her…to see if their date is important enough for Da Jung to remember. He wants her to come on her own, not because he bugs her. Stark contrast to In Woo.

The ending with Grandfather boarding with Song Jung’s family is a bit unexpected BUT makes for great plot development! This forestalls Song Jung moving out and increases Jae Woo and Da Jung’s interactions together. Hee~! Cannot wait for the hijinks to begin!

Until Episode 13 then…!

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