Glorious Day: Episode 11

GD 11.19

It’s official. The proverbial poop has hit the fan: In Woo senses something’s up between Jae Woo and Da Jung while the Seo women are in an outrage that Min Shik and Grandfather have lied to them. Of course, the Jung women are caught squarely in the line of fire as even Grandmother now finds it difficult to look favorably upon Da Jung and the other girls. *sigh* We knew the conflict was going to happen, but I was hoping that it wouldn’t be to this degree.

On a more positive note, Jae Woo is clearly maneuvering himself as not only Da Jung’s knight in shining armor but also her future boyfriend. We’ll just leave his future status at this for now and not delve into his future role as her husband…yet. 😉

You can see the RAW video here


The episode resumes with Grandmother demanding to know the truth from Min Shik. Unfortunately, the grandmother misinterprets Min Shik’s explanation and concludes that the grandfather lent Song Jung the house for a month because her husband sees Min Shik’s dong seng as a woman. Oh boy…I don’t know who’s at fault here–Min Shik for his poor explanation or Grandmother for jumping to conclusions.

Meanwhile, Grandfather wonders where his wife might be so late at night, and Jae Woo offers to go search for her since it’s late. On his way out, though, he runs into Da Jung, who offers to help him search for her. You can view the translation of his dialogue with Da Jung here.

GD 11.1

Seeing Da Jung take off all alone in the dark, Jae Woo bodily blocks her path, adding his long arms for added emphasis: She can’t go beyond him. Heh.

GD 11.2

When Da Jung insists on going alone–that she’s completely safe in their neighborhood–Jae Woo steps awfully close to her and a staring contest of sorts ensues. Heh.

GD 11.3

Let’s just say that by the time they find Grandmother and Min Shik and follow them home, Jae Woo thinks back on his “close encounter” with Da Jung and is so embarrassed that he grimaces and hides himself under his blanket. Heh…Why are you so cute, Jae Woo?

The next morning, Song Jung is surprised by a bevy of gifts–a top from Grandmother and a hair clip from Jae Woo. At the sight of the flashy hair clip, all three girls wince at how unlike their mother’s style the gift is, but all three are pleasantly surprised when Song Jung beams and gushes over the piece, exclaiming that she’s never had the opportunity to own such a beautiful piece. Aw…so all this time, the girls thought their mother preferred the simple style when it was only chosen out of necessity and circumstances.

The gift-giving doesn’t end there for Song Jung, though, as Goong Young enters the house with a huge–and I mean HUGE–bouquet of flowers. The funny part of this scene? Dr. Kang gives Goong Young the evil eye to warn Goong Young to be on his best behavior, prompting Goong Young just a tiny bit of squirming. Heh.

As Goong Young escorts Song Jung out to start work on his biography, Shin Ae sees the bouquet of roses and the attention Goong Young lavishes on Song Jung and feels distinctly betrayed. When she confronts Goong Young about how he can befriend such a lying, scheming woman, Goong Young references Harry Potter and tells Shin Ae that good writers have to know how to write lies. After all, who would believe that Harry Potter rides a broomstick? Oh dear. LOL.  He concludes by warning Shin Ae to not speak ill of Song Jung when she doesn’t know Song Jung personally.

Shin Ae, immature as she is, runs promptly over to her husband at his work and complains. She refuses to go out on the surprise date that Min Shik has planned for her when someone is being showered with flowers and rides in a luxurious car. She doesn’t want a ride in the rice cake van. Hmm…so immature. *shakes head*

GD 11.4

Meanwhile, we see Da Jung come out of the house as Jae Woo waits for her, exercising his limbs as he waits. Aw…I knew this was going to happen once the writer messed with the morning bus ride situation and gave Jae Woo the company car. Hee~! Oh wait, you don’t know about my musings on that new development because I haven’t finished writing up that recap, huh? *shifts sheepish eyes away*

Although Jae Woo expresses his continued interest in Da Jung by offering her a ride to her work–his claim is that it’s in the same direction as his work LOL–Da Jung declines with an excuse that she has to drop by somewhere before work. However, she remembers something and hands him her completed survey on the hiking shoes. At this, Jae Woo’s face slightly falls, thinking that Da Jung has once again forgotten something, this time a “date” with him to drop by the office to meet his director Yoo Nan Seul.

GD 11.5

However, when she reminds his that she’ll be there at 6:30pm sharp, his expression rebounds, and Jae Woo flashes her his megawatt smile. *shrugs shoulders* Whuh? You already know that I have a clear bias here. 😉

He makes her promise not to forget or to be late, and the two part to go their separate ways.

Da Jung then makes her way to Sparrow Mill to drop off the socks that she had purchased for Grandfather and Min Shik…only she interrupts the tail end of Grandfather chewing out Shin Ae for acting so juvenile over nothing and bothering her husband at his workplace.

Sensing the strained atmosphere, Da Jung quickly gives both men the gift, which is much appreciated by both Grandfather and Min Shik, before excusing herself. She leaves hurriedly…only to run right into In Woo who tracked her from her house to the Sparrow Mill for the express purpose of giving her a ride to work. Heh. Both brothers? Lucky girl. 😉

GD 11.6

Ever the little peacock, In Woo preens and fishes for a compliment, asking Da Jung if she notices anything different about him today. Upon closer examination, Da Jung realizes that In Woo has cut his hair. She comments that he must feel more refreshed with the shorter haircut, and In Woo is deflated that she doesn’t think the haircut makes him look more handsome/dashing. Heh. Keep trying, In Woo. She’s moved on from you. LOL

At that moment, Shin Ae leaves the store and sees In Woo talking to Da Jung and basically shoos Da Jung away and slaps In Woo for talking to Da Jung. Min Shik notices the car, but In Woo lies and tells his father that he’s borrowing his sunbae‘s car. *shakes head* Pinocchio, when are you going to get caught in your little web of lies? Hmmm?

GD 11.7

In Woo catches up with Da Jung as she rounds the corner and again tries to get her into his car. At his persistence, Da Jung finally reminds him that he knows her–she has a tendency to misunderstand situations easily which is why she confesses to not giving him her cell phone number and such. She confirms that he’s only interested in being a kind neighbor to her, right? At this, In Woo blusters and agrees with her…and tells her that this is why she should call him oppa. Heh. For those of you not aware of the oppa reference, it’s often what girls call her boyfriends and husbands. It’s not merely a term for “older brother.” In Woo’s trying to use this ambiguity in the Korean language to his advantage, the little scamp! 🙂

He points out that Da In has no problems calling him oppa, but Da Jung silently refuses to change the way she addresses him and reluctantly gets cajoled into accepting a ride from In Woo.

As for Song Jung, her day is spent with Goong Young as he tries to “woo” her with a private time in the completely empty amusement park associated with his hotel. When she asks if he rented out the place just for them, he gruffs that he wouldn’t do such a thing and that the park is merely closed for maintenance. Hmmm…sure it is, Goong Young.

Unfortunately, when he tricks Song Jung onto the carousel and starts the ride, he’s in for a surprise as Song Jung gets motion sickness and throws up in the bathroom…NOT what he had planned, and he comments that none of the other women he’s brought to the ride ever reacted this way. Heh. To his credit, he attentively waits for her in the women’s bathroom while Song Jung tries to relieve her nausea. Aw…

GD 11.8

Not unlike his uncle, Jae Woo is also fully attending to the interest of his heart, albeit via her words. He smiles as he reads Da Jung’s survey responses and praises her responses to his boss, who tells him that this type of thoroughness is typical of Jung Da Jung.

Using Jae Woo’s good mood, Director Yoo asks Jae Woo if he could help with another marketing team’s messed up marketing strategy. Jae Woo comments that he’ll take a look at it before he decides since he doesn’t want to promise anything rashly, especially when he learns that the messed up project is for an item scheduled for the summer, which doesn’t leave him much room and time for error.

At his boss’s thanks, he tells her that he’s only too glad to be of such important use to the company, and then talk returns to his assessment of Da Jung’s report.

GD 11.9

Asking Director Yoo to look particularly at page 2, he points out that Da Jung’s comment, shin nan da (Korean for “This is exciting) is a great slogan to use for their advertising campaign with the pun on shoe (aka shin).

At Director Yoo’s question of when Da Jung’s coming, Jae Woo smiles and tells her later that night at 6:30pm…and that this time, Da Jung didn’t forget. This cryptic comment causes Director Yoo to look at Jae Woo in wonder.

Meanwhile, Da Jung is once again chewed out by her principal, this time for the photos and rumor of her and Eun Chan’s dad being in a relationship and possibly even living together. Before Da Jung can properly defend herself, Eun Chan is called in for questions, and Da Jung leaps to his aid and firmly tells the principal to not make things more difficult for Eun Chan but instead find the student who’s spreading these photos and false rumors.

Of course, Eun Chan doesn’t thank her for the added attention, which has compounded to his already difficult time at school. Poor kid.

As for Grandmother, she starts to take revenge on Grandfather for his lies by hitting him with dduk on “accident” and smearing dduk powder on his face on the pretext of helping him clean his face. LOL

And Goong Young? Well, let’s just say that a scene from Pretty Woman gets played out as Song Jung tries outfit after outfit, ones that are completely not her style. Of course, we–and Goong Young–learn as Song Jung takes the outfits to the register that the outfits Song Jung tried on are actually for her three daughters. She asks the cashier to ring up the three outfits in smaller sizes and to keep this a secret from the hotel CEO.

After the rough day, Da Jung arrives early to Nature and sees Jae Woo’s desk. Indicating a growing interest in Jae Woo–even though she’s not consciously aware of it yet–she walks over to his desk and picks up his pen. Noticing it left “opened,” she clicks it closed to prevent it from drying.

GD 11.10

When she notices Jae Woo giving a presentation, she can’t help but walk over to the window and listen mesmerized as he competently outlines his new marketing strategy and directs the next plan of attack in their marketing campaign.

His new focus? That they market the brand as something that consumers will want to see and use day after day…like the people they know and love. Of course, we know that he was inspired by his desire to see Da Jung every single day…day after day. 😉

At this, Director Yoo teases, “Are you in love/dating?” To this personal question, Jae Woo, in characteristic Jae Woo mode, reminds her that they’re in the workplace. LOL

GD 11.11

After dispensing orders, Jae Woo looks over and realizes that Da Jung’s arrived and has been watching him. Of course, Da Jung freaks out at being caught staring at him and quickly seats herself at a chair.

GD 11.12

Interestingly enough, Jae Woo immediately walks out of a meeting while it’s still in session to greet Da Jung. When she asks if she was interrupting/bothering him, Jae Woo truthfully answers “Yes” but does so with a broad smile. Too bad Da Jung doesn’t really see him smile and totally negate any sting to his answer. He tells her to stay seated right there and to wait for him. Aw…Don’t worry, Jae Woo. She’s not going to go anywhere. LOL 

GD 11.13

After work, Director Yoo and Jae Woo take Da Jung out for dinner and drinks. Of course, Jae Woo hangs on to every single word–and number–that comes out of Da Jung’s mouth. When Director Yoo asks for Da Jung’s new cell phone number and asks Da Jung to repeat the last few digits, Jae Woo supplies them for her, eliciting a surprised comment from Da Jung, “You must be really good with numbers!”

GD 11.14

When Director Yoo and Da Jung talk about how quickly they forget things, Jae Woo immediately calls Da Jung’s number and even uses “lettering” to identify his cell phone with his name…so that Da Jung doesn’t ever forget who’s calling him. Heh…gotta love how quickly his turtle-like reflexes are working when it comes to Da Jung. 😉

Of course, Da Jung is surprised to see Jae Woo’s number and name entered into her phone now, and Director Yoo wonders at their relationship if they haven’t even exchanged phone numbers yet. Heh. I’ll say!

GD 11.15

As Director Yoo excuses herself to take a phone call from her husband, Jae Woo asks about the hair clip. Da Jung tells him that he was somehow right; her mother loved it.

When prompted for his wish, Jae Woo tells her there’s a performance that he’s been wanting to see and that his wish is to have her accompany him. Da Jung, not realizing that this is his “date” request, agrees and learns that Jae Woo has a great many other things that he’d like to do. Heh…How much do we want to bet that they all involve Da Jung? 😉

On the bus ride home–Jae Woo decides to take the bus because he drank beer–Da Jung confesses to him that before going to visit him at Nature, she had had a not-so-great day. She tells him that she was called before the principal again, and when Jae Woo says, “Take responsibility for me and live with me,” Da Jung is momentarily stunned, thinking that Jae Woo is expressing his feelings. LOL. Oh, if only our little turtle moved that quickly, Da Jung. *chuckles*

Of course, Da Jung quickly realizes that Jae Woo is referencing those troublesome students and tells him that the day was just a bad one until she met up with him and Director Yoo. He suggests that she think of good things to cheer herself up, and Da Jung, the nutritionist that she is, plans what she might like to eat tomorrow. Throwing out some suggestions, she gets Jae Woo to agree that he’s interested in eating pasta tomorrow. At his quick response, she compliments him on his speed since this is the second time she’s witnessed it–the first time was while shopping for the socks. Jae Woo is surprised by this unexpected compliment, commenting that this is the first time anyone’s said that about him. Heh.

Da Jung then tells him that she’s going to think about what she wants for dessert…and starts to fall asleep after the emotionally exhausting day at work.

GD 11.16

Jae Woo, for his part, can’t seem to keep his eyes off of her…

GD 11.17

…quickly catching her head with his surprisingly fast “turtle-like” reflexes. 😉

GD 11.18

As he repositions her head against his shoulder, he smiles a most self-satisfied smile while Da Jung slumbers peacefully away on his shoulder. Aw…

GD 11.20

When they arrive home together and finalize their plans for Jae Woo’s wish performance, In Woo is none too pleased to see Jae Woo chatting with Da Jung, whom he’s decided to pursue.

GD 11.21

Telling Jae Woo that Da In has invited them to view the photos from the mid-garden welcome party, In Woo walks in ahead of the two.

GD 11.22

While the beginnings of a love triangle begin outside, another one brews indoors as Yoo Ji Ho tries to warn Hee Joo from making any advances on Da In. Completely unaware of Hee Joo’s biological relationship to Da In–he’s her half-brother–Ji Ho clearly tells Hee Joo to back off and focus on going off to the military while he woos Da In. Hee Joo, for his part, starts to play the protective brother and asks about Ji Ho’s academic background and age. LOL

GD 11.23

When the young set gather and look over pictures, talk turns to Hee Joo’s upcoming military draft. As Da In jokingly comforts Hee Joo with promises of writing him warm letters, Ji Ho slaps her hand away from Hee Joo’s shoulder and tells Da In that everyone but she knows exactly why he slapped her hand away.

Song Jung finds the younger set in her living room, gives Ji Ho in particular a stern glance, and then asks Jae Woo for a private word.

GD 11.24

Jae Woo, of course, is pleased to see that Song Jung is wearing the hair clip that he bought her. Once in her room, though, Song Jung asks if Jae Woo happened to come across a note that had been left in the copy of the book that she had lent him.

Not one to lie, Jae Woo acknowledges having read it. Song Jung asks him to keep this a secret from his family and everyone else, and although Jae Woo agrees to do so, he asks if the rest of her family is aware of this secret, too. When she replies that they know, Jae Woo wonders if keeping this secret might not be a tremendous burden for her daughters, asking them to lie whenever people ask about the living situation and all. OK, we all know that Jae Woo is really only concerned with ONE daughter. 😉

Song Jung admits to never having thought of making her daughters into liars and promises to think on what he’s said. And that’s when Shin Ae, having learned from Min Shik Song Jung’s true identity, comes storming into the house.

Finding not only In Woo, but also Jae Woo at Song Jung’s house does little to calm her already raging anger. Shin Ae vents those emotions on In Woo first, hitting him, and then on Jae Woo, hitting him for good measure, too. In the ensuing stunned silence, Shin Ae then calls Song Jung outside for a talk, and the episode ends on a freeze frame of Song Jung’s face.


So…you may have noticed that Episodes 9 and 10 have not been recapped yet. I had every intention of doing so–9 has notes and just needs pictures and polishing up of the writing while 10 has pictures but is waiting for writing and translated conversations–but when Episode 11 hit the Internet today, all thought of finishing up 9 and 10 fled since I knew that I had to recap 11 while it was fresh in my mind.

This was the same impulse I had with Ep. 10 last Saturday, but I chose to wait to finish recapping an earlier episode, and we now know what happened to Episode 10, don’t we? *sheepish grin*

Why do I mention this to you all? I am trying to explain that recaps to Glorious Day are going to be a bit out of order. Aulia has just finished some major school projects and has now directed her attention to working on Episode 6. Since I’ve moved to Episode 11, and hopefully 12 tomorrow, she’s kindly offered to recap 9 and 10…if I don’t get to those by the time she’s ready to tackle more recaps. 

Yup, if you’re hoping to read these recaps in chronological order, you’re going to be a bit confused because of the slightly non-chronological ordering of my posts. 🙁 On a positive note, though, I think you’re more interested in the fact that I churn out these recaps as soon as possible than later, so you won’t mind too much, right? 😉

In any case, let’s talk story. I’m liking the pacing of the love relationship that’s forming between Jae Woo and Da Jung. The fact that In Woo is trying to wedge himself between the two is a necessary plot development conflict that I don’t mind. (Preview to Ep. 12 can be seen here.) If anything, I’m looking forward to In Woo getting more of his comeuppance as Da Jung continues to show a marked preference for Jae Woo. Hee~! The woman has good taste, don’t you think? 😉

As for the older generation and their various conflicts, I’m hoping that the writer brings their screechings to a speedy end. I’m not particularly fond of histrionics, especially when they’re ill-founded and ill-directed. 😛

In addition, I’m appreciating how Eun Chan’s story is subtly weaved into the overall plot. When he comes home after that horrible day at school, Song Jung is the only one to really commiserate with him and how he must be having such a tough time because of the adults in his life.

Overall, there are definitely a good number of love relationships in the works. Episode 12 should be a lovely feast for our senses as we get to see Jae Woo go on his first date with Da Jung! 🙂 Until then, I leave you with this close up of our two principal leads…mere inches from each other. 😉 Have a great Saturday!

GD 11

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  1. Holy buckets that was fast! Thank you. I am so hooked I watched it raw this morning and my Korean is limited at best. So it is lovely to have some of the blanks filled in. I love this show. Thank you so much for talking it up and getting me on board.

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  3. Thanks so much for the recap! Love the fact you did it so quickly 🙂 I’m hoping for more DI/Jiho interaction in the next episode.

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  5. No matter how much I thank you for this quick recap, it will never be enough. I am addicted, obsessed with this show, re watching it while waiting for new episodes. To find a recap ( this early) after watching an un-subbed episode,I am eternally grateful to you. Also, where do you find the subbed episodes? Or are you a native who knows the language? In any case, thank you so much for your work! I understand only half the stuff that goes on, and have to satisfy myself with all the cute stuff that goes on on the screen. I didn’t understand when Da In’s half brother asked about the other guy’s age and stuff and missed out on a funny moment. *sigh* I hope you continue to do the recaps for us pathetic non-speakers of the language!

    1. Welcome to our community of Kdrama lovers, Saema! I’m glad that you’re finding the recaps helpful. 🙂
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  7. Shin Ae and her histrionics is like a little brat I want to choke! No wonder they lied! Her reaction to Goong Young bringing Song Jung flowers was UNBELIEVABLE!! I understood G/ma totally but her? No words. But I like the development of Jae Woo/Da Jung’s relationship. Poor In Woo, when will he give up? But how old is the brother? Does that mean the ex-husband was stepping out while they were married? Still a good show! Hope it continues!

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