Glorious Day: Episode 11 Clip with English Translation

GD 11.2

We knew that the “feelings” had already started for Jae Woo, and today’s episode confirms this. However, Da Jung is still not yet on board the love train as we suspected and merely views Jae Woo as a kind neighbor.

If you’re interested in this scene with its dialogue translated in English, take a look!  🙂

You can also see the RAW video here.

Dialogue Translation:

Da Jung: Where are you going?

Jae Woo: We can’t seem to find our grandmother…Did you see her walk out?

Da Jung: No. And I was outside for quite a while because I was taking out the trash.

Jae Woo: Ah. (rushes out to the street) Grandmother!…Grandmother!

Da Jung: Seo Jae Woo shi…You try this way; I’ll go that way.

Jae Woo: (chases after Da Jung and blocks her path) Where are you going by yourself in the dark?

Da Jung: I’m all right. You should hurry.

Jae Woo: This woman has no fear…!

Da Jung: It’s our neighborhood. What’s the problem? I’m not afraid.

Jae Woo: (makes a noise as if to say “See here!”) If you keep being stubborn, I’m going to…(takes a step forward and then stops abruptly as he notices how close he is to Da Jung)

The two stare at each other for quite some time.

Da Jung: (looks at him point blank) What?

Jae Woo: Let’s go. What are you doing?…hurry!

Da Jung: Seo Jae Woo shi.

From the looks of this clip from today’s broadcast, it looks like Episode 11 is going to be a fun one! I hope you enjoyed this short clip! There’s definitely progress! I’ll try to see if I can come back on here and blog a bit more later in the day, especially as the preview to Episode 12 is now available! Soooooo good! Until then…have a great Saturday, Twinkles! Some pictures for your viewing enjoyment!

GD 11

GD 11.3

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6 thoughts on “Glorious Day: Episode 11 Clip with English Translation”

  1. Yay! Thank you for posting the English translation of this scene. I can’t get enough of our OTP. And yes you’re right DJ is not on board of the love train yet. I wonder what will make her realize that she is also falling for JW. Hope you’ll post about the English translations of episode 12 preview. Thankies!!! 😉

    1. Welcome to our community, Eun! You and I share the same first name. 🙂
      Yes, I’m hoping to have the preview to Episode 12 up by the end of today once my church duties are over. Glad you’re joining us on this adventure through Glorious Day!

    2. Maybe she’ll just realize if someone would make jealous of her over JW. I am so much excited to watch the episode tonight, I am waiting if it’s ready.

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