Giveaway to Celebrate 1 Week!

Hi everyone!

Whew~I don’t know about you, but I can hardly believe it’s already been only 1 week since launched. With everything I’m learning and still learning, the time seems so much shorter.

Thank you for continuing to visit and read this blog, and additional thanks to those of you who leave me comments to read, ponder over, and enjoy. I’m sorry if I don’t reply to questions right away; I will eventually…I promise!

Anyhow, to celebrate surviving this first week (had a really steep learning curve LOL), I’m giving away this new The Fugitive: Plan B OST (Original Soundtrack pictured above). So leave a comment on this post, or follow me on twitter and RT (retweet) the giveaway and I will draw someone’s name randomly at the end of the drawing held a week from now (10/27). If you leave a comment AND RT on Twitter, your name will be entered twice. It should be a nice way to remember Jung Ji Hoon (aka Rain) as he’s now in the military for the next two years.

Until next time, have a great day!



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7 thoughts on “Giveaway to Celebrate 1 Week!”

  1. I love your recaps. Please keep it up. So far your recaps for A Thousand Kisses are the only one I have found that are so complete. Thanks a million. It saves my sanity since I have to know what is going on before the subtitles for this are finally out. Love your blog. I have been posting links to it with all of my followers.
    Wicked Ahjumma (*u*)

  2. Awesome!!! Glad I found this site. Thanks for your handwork in recapping ATK, keep me sane from having to wait for the subs to come out.

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