Giveaway: “Pocket your Oppa” edition

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As the Holidays season is upon us, the giveaway extravaganza continues on Musings!

To celebrate my (soon to come) one year anniversary with our little community, as well as my birth month (December), one Twinkle will have the chance to bring the Oppa (or noona… or girlcrush: I’m all for gender equity, yo!) of their choice home!

Yes! You will get to choose! The lucky winner will receive one handmade clay figurine of a drama character of their choice 🙂 Said figurine will be custom made for the lucky Twinkle.

I will try to bring your favorite character to life, but as I can’t guarantee that I can do it justice, please give me at least 3 choices when you enter the giveaway. You can also include pictures/fan art, since there are chances I don’t know who the character is 🙂

Just to give you ideas, I’ll post some pictures below. You can also check this post for Gaksital and Kim Joo Won. Even if you do choose one of the characters I already made, I will still try make you a new one 🙂

The boys from School 2013 and their iconic ramyun picture pose; Choi Young from Faith

IMG_20131027_172042 IMG_20131027_172240

Choi Kang Chi from Gu Family Book and a random girl in wearing a hanbok


If for some reasons you don’t want a k-drama character (why???), I can do something else. After all, this gift if for you. For instance, I can’t see why you can’t fancy Harry Potter, or tons of sweets, over your favorite Oppa evaaaah 😉

IMG_20131125_213349 2013-11-25 21.09.38-1

Okay enough blabbing! Here are the giveaway rules (that I shamelessly stole from Jules and Snoopy’s Twinkie) :

1. You must be a subscriber as this is a thank-you gift to the Musings subscribers. If you aren’t one already, the problem is easily remedied by subscribing! :)

2. One entry per day (1 comment = 1 entry). Feel free to comment more if you’d like, but I will only count one entry per person per day.

3. Please don’t spam. Tell me about your favorite character, drama, passion in life, etc., but do tell me about yourself 🙂

4. This giveaway opens at 8pm Eastern Standard Time on November 26th and will end one week later on December 3rd at 8pm as well.

Good luck everyone! I can’t wait to see all the ideas you’ll be giving me! *evil cackle*

29 thoughts on “Giveaway: “Pocket your Oppa” edition”

  1. Eeee!!! Awesome giveaway idea!! 😀 I’ll take three Woobies please. Woobie with Jong Suk, Woobie in Heirs, Woobie in Friend 2.

    What, you didn’t say my 3 choices had to be 3 different people 😉

    Those ramyun boyz are DA BOMB. Seriously. Unnie approves.

  2. Aaaaaah! I want both Oppa Trash and CB!!! Give it to me!

    What? You already know everything about me :P. Not fair, you even one of the contributor on my secret board on Pinterest! 😛 But I do want to share this: my favorite characters lately are Yeo Woon and Baek Dong Soo of Warrior Baek Dong Soo! I love these boys!!!

  3. These are so cute and you’re so talented! My #1 passion will always be Lee Jun Ki. He is probably the only one that I really keep track of constantly. Even though I love So Ji Sub, I didn’t discover him until almost a year later so it really is LJK and I enjoy watching him in everything, even if I don’t like it. Time Between Dog and Wolf still remains my favorite drama of his!!

    1. Yes, please continue to support Lee Jun Ki and can leave the supporting of SJS to me. I’ll support him enough for the both of us. *nods vigorously several times to emphasize commitment*

  4. Wow! so cute! and thank you for the chance! My sisters got me hooked on Kdramas and I love it…I don’t know if I have a fav there are so many Lee Jun Ki and Kang Ji Hwan and Ji Hyun-woo. Love that I have a place to to come too and learn more about kdrama!

  5. 1. The three roommates from Flower Boy
    Ramyun Shop (sorry Jung Il-woo).
    2. The three princely sidekicks from
    Rooftop Prince.
    3. I Can Hear Your Voice’s 3 main
    characters (Jang Hye-sung, Park Soo-
    ha and Cha Gwan-woo).

    These would be my choices if I were
    participating. I think your giveaway
    deal is the sweetest ever ’cause it
    displays a raw talent. Every kdrama
    addict should have another hidden talent
    (who says watching kdramas isn’t a talent?).
    It takes dedication and patience, especially
    if Korean is not your native language. Who
    else would risk losing their eyesight from
    reading so many subtitles. 😉

  6. I’m suddenly all excited about this slight possibility of getting my own Oppa or Chilbongie and having it always with me! *in heaven*
    December is 3 time more festive season than for others because 3 people in my family (including me ;]) celebrate their name-days; those days are still considered more important than birthdays here, especially among traditional families.
    Early Happy Birthday to both you and the blog 🙂

  7. so adorable!!! this is such a cut giveaway. if i get the chance to win, my choices would be Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang or Go Mi Nam and Hwang Tae Kyung or Shin Chae Kyung and Crown Prince Shin :DD

  8. First, thanks so much for this giveaway!! I think the prize is amazing! I’m fairly new to kdramas but I’ve been catching up and watching the new ones that are out. The first kdrama I watched was To the Beautiful You because Minho was in it, and I was (and still am)completely in love with SHINee! I loved To the Beautiful You and decided to watch more, thus venturing into the whimsical world of kdramas!! I’ve watched a bunch since I started last year. I’m watching The Heirs (I’m team Young Do!) and Pretty Man (aka Bel Ami). I’m also watching Scent of a Woman. I recently finished the drama 49 Days, and it was probably one of the best ones I’ve watched; it’s so sad but really good. I cried so much! The characters were portrayed amazingly! Song Yi Kyung and the Scheduler (Song Yi Soo) were so cute together. My choices for this giveaway are the boys from School 2013 (I love Lee Jong-Suk and Kim Woo-bin), the Scheduler and Song Yi Kyung from 49 Days, Lee Hyun Woo from Master of Study, L and Lee Min Ki in Shut Up Flower Boy Band, or F4 from Boys Over Flowers. Once again, thanks for this giveaway, and I really love this blog, as it keeps me updated. (Sorry if this was really long 😛 )

    1. Hi Afrida!
      Welcome to our community! Snoopy’s Twinkie usually does the welcoming but she’s busy on the other side of the globe right now 🙂
      I don’t mind long comments at all, keep them coming!

  9. Hi Mawiie, you’re amazing! What type of clay do you use? Is it a special type? You’re inspiring me to give it a whirl! I’d love to do models of my kids 🙂

    1. Hi shl!
      I’m using Fimo (soft or classic) as well as Sculpey polymer clay. I prefer the former, as the latter is a bit too soft and tend to taint my fingers.

      They usually have starter kits with all the basic colors so you can just mix them around 🙂

      I’ve watched bunch of tutorials on Youtube, if you want me to send you some interesting links, don’t hesitate 🙂

      1. Oh good! I can get those here, too.

        Yes, please, the links will be useful. Thanks very much! I think you can get my email add from ST.

  10. Heh I shouldn’t be participating since Choi Young is mine lol but what can I say except I’m greedy! If I win *fingers crossed* would love to have a Lee Seo Jun!Yoochun from SKKS Will send picture if I win
    Thanks Maknae

    P.S. Hope you will like what I got you:P

  11. WHAT. I come back from Thanksgiving celebrations and this is happening DDD:

    I promise I won’t spam…so many have entered o:

    Surprisingly, if I got chosen, I want a pig rabbit lol I’m getting into JGS again because of his new drama with IU. Has anyone seen it? It’s called Beautiful Man/Pretty Man. It’s very funny! With…those typical sad elements thrown in and birth secrets and all the cliche kdrama goodies. I suggest everyone try it (: I was laughing so hard.

    p.s. I gave up on Heris. I think Ill just marathon it Christmas Break lol

    1. I’m surprised you didn’t name Kang Chi!, Your heart changes so easily, little one 😛 LOL just kidding. Welcome back! I was wondering where you were 😉

  12. HELLO!!! I am One of Ms.Grace’s Minions I love to have one his name is Enrique Keum he is from Flower Boy Next Door By the way I LOVEE ITTTT!!!

      1. LOL. I actually do…from time to time.
        The lower the number, the more work the little dear minions agree to do. 🙂 Imagine all the work I pile on CM1. 😉

    1. Hi, Kelly! Welcome to “Musings”! Good luck!
      I’m surprised you didn’t request Joo Won after Sunday’s discussion with Soob. 😉

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