Giveaway: October 2nd Anniversary Winners


Let me start by saying that I had absolutely NO idea that this month’s giveaways were going to elicit such…um…enthusiastic responses from a number of the twinkles out there. LOL. Hopefully, everyone had a good time reading through the comments and enjoyed the second anniversary of “Musings of a Twinkie.” I, for one, enjoyed reading the comments despite the craziness from the free-for-all. There were comment battles, “sneak attacks,” a series of comments that made me think a twinkle had developed a split personality, insightful and random facts about some of the twinkles in our community, etc. All in all, I was overwhelmed by the fervor you twinkles demonstrated. 🙂

In short, thank you for making my first “anniversary” giveaways a huge success! It’s definitely a far cry from the response of my first giveaway, which was an OST for The Fugitive: Plan B way back in October last year.

Now, for the announcement of the winners that you’ve all been waiting for! The winners are… 

for “Giveaway #1: CD Collection,” Tiffany Yecla!

for “Giveaway #2: Melie Bianco Molly Braided Satchel,” Wol!

Congratulations! Please email me your mailing addresses so that I can prepare your prizes for mailing.

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12 thoughts on “Giveaway: October 2nd Anniversary Winners”

  1. Congratulations, Tiffany Yecla, and Wol!

    Wol, you should start your own blog for ‘Wol’s Amazing Fast and Fuirous Facts’ or something! So we don’t have to wait for giveaways to read your information titbits!

  2. Its a miracle! I didnt think id win with all these people out to destroy me D:

    However, this was one of the most fun giveaways of the year 🙂 i love it when people go crazy with me o.o like jane and i that one time lol

    I got so caught up in commenting i actually forgot what i was commenting for….lol i had to go back and check xD

    Thank you everyone for playing with me (I sound like a child hahaha) and I hope you are as enthusiastic about November’s giveaway as this one, I won’t be joining you (I made my own little policy lol) but I’ll be in December’s 😀

  3. See @Wol I told you that you would win, told you. Booo but not really Congrats. I enjoyed our late nite convo, fun times !!!

    Hope everyone else enjoyed my random moment of spamming.
    Twinkle Unnie that bag was amazing so yes we all went a little crazy to have it on our purse collection 🙂

    Have a great workweek Twnklings!!!


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