Giveaway: October #2

Hi, twinkles! (wait for the YouTube video to upload or simply “refresh” your browser if it’s taking a while)

This is the second of TWO giveaways this month to celebrate our turning TWO this year. 🙂 

Giveaway #2 is Melie Bianco’s Molly Braided Satchel in the color saddle. This is my new favorite bag for the fall season, and I loved it enough to purchase a second one for a lucky twinkle. 🙂

If you would like to add this lovely bag to your bag collection, or perhaps gift it to someone who would love it, participate! :) Below are the rules:

1. Must be a subscriber since this is a thank-you gift to my subscribers. If you aren’t one already, the problem is easily remedied by subscribing! :)

2. Enter the giveaway by commenting on the post.

3. Comment as many times as you like. Each comment equals one entry.

4. Giveaway starts at midnight (PST) on the 1st of this month and ends at 11:59 PM (PST) on the 7th.

5. One winner will be randomly selected from the entries received.

Good luck! Remember, this month’s giveaway ends on October 7th at 11:59PM (PST). Bonne chance, my Twinkles!

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433 thoughts on “Giveaway: October #2”

  1. And alas…people magically appear. Ah the power of giveaways xD

    I havent seen Jane in awhile! Welcome back xD

    I hope the giveaway comments are interesting and fun lol i cant wait to go crazy o.o

    1. LOL! Hi! I’m still here! I don’t comment too often 🙁 but I am here! Haha.

      Second entry! Gosh, there’s already 50 entries!! (I almost wrote ‘entrees’. I think I’m hungry)

    1. I wouldn’t call myself a fashion expert either, but people tell me I dress “cutely” so I guess my opinion can amount to some little help…I don’t think bags have to go with a certain “style” per se. What bag you choose for the day doesn’t necessarily mean you have to center your entire outfit to match it. Though I wouldn’t do anything outrageous lol I think since this bag is a nice, neutral color you can wear just about anything with it. Jeans and a white tee, a floral dress, an oversized sweater? Anything you desire lol it’ll look good with just about anything you wear. If ya want to go for bohemian, do it. But it’s not just limited to that, get some use out of tht bag! Lol

      1. I guess you’re right. But I’ve committed too many fashion faux pas that it’s made me so self-conscious! If I were a character in dramaland, I’d be one of those girls who dresses up horrendously… trying to match anything with everything. >.<

        That aside, other than jeans and a white tee, can this pull off a sporty look? It seems a bit mismatched in my head, but my closet's pretty sporty-themed… I don't normally get bags like this because I fear I might not be able to use them in the end. 🙁

        Gah, if only my life was like a K-drama… meeting a rich and handsome chaebol who would solve all my fashion disasters overnight! 😛

        1. LOL we’ve all been there. I think you can make this bag casual or chic depending on what you wear, I can totally see people wearing it with a sweatshirt or something. Its not like some glamorous Coach bag (well…I even seen people sporting those with sweats lol) do I guess it doesn’t matter. It’s so cute it perfects an outfit!

          1. Hmmmm, there ought to be a trick to wearing sweats and carrying a small bag like this without looking like we just quickly pulled together something from the wardrobe in a rush… :/

            I must be too over-conscious. 🙁

  2. Wahhh! How do you know that kdrama fangirls are also shopaholics? 😛

    Thank you for doing this, really. I don’t always comment, but I want to let you know that while I regularly visit tons of other blog, this is where I feel the most comfortable to comment. With time, I ended up recognizing names, and it feels like a little family now 😉

  3. Now it is Wol’s Corner of Facts That Will Not Increase Your Intelligence in Any Way and Have No Real Purpose and are Completely Unnecessary Time:

    One out of 20 people have an extra rib o.o ooooo spooky

  4. This one was weird lol

    The fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth is called Arachibutyrophobia

    Hahahahahaha xD

  5. A man came in a library and asked where can he find a book on “how to please the wife”. The librarian said “in the fiction area.”. Hahaha

  6. Who’s excited for Arang and the Magistrate’s new episode tonight?!?! MEEEE

    Nice Guy is also tonight…

    But i’ll have to wait 2847927582018565832 years until i can actually watch it SUBBED!

    Viki is a lot slower with their subs lately :/ im going to watch Faith episode 16 today, when i can usually watch it the night of its aired date…

  7. So about this lovely purse that I want. Nope not need just want it cuz it’s pretty and I’m pretty so we would make a good match 😀

  8. YAY my comment wasv #100 YAY me, I’m awesome.

    And @Wol you betta watch out, I see others are slowly declaring war on your strategy in winning giveaways. I don’t think it’s gonna be pretty y’all.

    1. *sighs* i didnt want to resort to this, time to SPAM!!

      Never underestimate a young teen with plenty of time on their hands….in between classes lol

  9. I thought I would never waver in my Park Shi Hoo-Moon Chae Won fandom, but the girl has CRAZY chemistry with Song Joong Ki.

    1. Me too…i could have sworn they were secretly dating. I mean CMON. But now…ughh *pain in heart* Im torn between SJK and him 🙁 forgive me…but Eun Gi and Maru FTW <333

  10. And this one! This will probably me my last entry lol. Good luck everyone. I hope your email box is handling all this spam well. Lol

  11. Panda and Hedgehog is ending this week 🙁

    Ko Seung Ji and Pan Da Yang! I think thats her name. Pan Da….Na? No thats her sister….Pan Da…Yan? Pan Da….

    Im just gonna call her Pan Da lol panda panda

    1. Oh no…my advice would be to contact her and apologize profusely. Better sooner than later. Good luck! Poor Wol…On a “brighter” note, are you studying for the SAT or the ACT? If SAT, do you already have the College Board Official Study Guide book? If the ACT, do you have the Kaplan ACT book?

  12. I would love if on Faith, the two main characters had the “KISS” cuz that is my show and by far one of my favorite couples in Kdrama history Eva!!!

  13. So who’s excited about Hyun Bin getting out of the military service in like two months. Ohh pick me, it’s this gal!!!

  14. I just wanna say that working on a movie script is some hard work, like for real. Writers block for a week or so now But I know it’s only temporary and Foreigner will get finished in it’s due time.

  15. Waiting on my favorite Oppa to get released from military services, sounds almost like he went to jail or something, Rain Oppa, you are the only one left. Gong Yoo and soon Binnie will be back to us fangirls. Please hurry up, I miss your face 🙂

  16. I’m really digging Arang and I wish someone *hint hint Twinkle no pressure* would recap The Thousandth Man, please pretty pretty please with some kimchi on the side 🙂

  17. So I’ve decided that American action movies need an update on their formula for success. I mean I was watching an 1995 Chinese action movie and they were already doing live wire (fighting in the air) like years before anyone saw Crouching Tiger and they (Hollywoodheads) wonder why their movies arent getting much love in the box offices {with the exception of comic book adaptions/books/ orginal concepts} I’m just saying :/

  18. I’m so excited to see Cloud Atlas. Why you ask even tho I know you didnt. It’s because of some of the overseas talent they have in this movie plus my Hollywood mom is in it . Ohh Halle Berry, my last name is almost the same as yours

  19. I just gotta say that because of Kdramas, my appreciation of music has gone up tremendously. I never thought that I would be listening to Italian operas (Bridal Mask) and liking it. Such great musical directors they are over in Kdramas. I thank you sincerely.

  20. So I get mad when one of my shows isn’t completely subbed and I’m like oh come on you subbers, do it faster, who cares about sleep/work/health. Just give me my subs. But then it makes me realize that yap someone is being lazy with their Korean lessons and just do your lessons so you won’t have to rely on the subbers and so that they can get a rest. Thank you subbed/recappers, y’all are so awesomely great 😀

  21. I need one website that has every Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Malaysian, etc ev made that supports MAC technology especially for IPad cuz what’s gonna happen when I can access some of my websites cuz I’m over in Korea. Huh, what then? Somebody needs to make this happen like ASAP!!!

  22. Top 5 Korean Groups:
    1. Big Bang: hands down, the champs in my book, so much more han jus ant Idol boy band
    2. MBLAQ: first of all , love the name 😀 second super talented under appreciated/underrated for unknown reasons and third it’s my Oppas’s brain child so you already know
    3. Infinite: so freaking amazing that it doesn’t make sense about their lack of popularity. They can sing, dance and some can act too like L and Hoya plus good looking for my eyes
    4. SHINee: oh it started with y’all, always have that special place in my heart
    5. Super Junior: y’all are so lovable and have some great hits that I can bump to

    I know right, boy groups say what?!? Sorry but I grow up on BackStreet Boys, NSync, Boys 2 Men, 98% , etc. So yea totally fangirl about Kpop boy bands.
    To those who may dislike Idol groups/boy bands, give it a try and you might end up surprised 🙂

  23. So Lee Min Ho when you gonna be my boo, like for real. I mean I’m awesome, you’re awesome so awesome people should stick together plus I’m lovable and cute to boot so I think we would totally make an awesome fake couple plus the netizens won’t ever be able to find me cuz I don’t live in Korea (yet).

  24. Korean First

    1st Kdrama: Secret Garden
    1st Kpop group to listen to: SHINee
    1st Korean word: Oppa
    1st Kdrama to make me cry: dang it, too many to count, I swear I think even a commercial gets me teary-eyed
    1st Korean CD ever brought: Coffee House Prince OST
    1st Kdrama merchandise to buy: the cats that Ha Ji Won had in Secret Garden, mini size ( I told y’all my love of HJW runs deep like the ocean, lol)
    1st Fangirl crush( male): Gong Yoo
    1st Fangirl crush ( female): it’s a tie between Ha Ji Won and Kim Sun Ah, Yoo Eun Hye ( you were really close tho)
    1st Korean Movie to ever watch without knowing it: Old Boy, love me some foreign movies and totally loved this movie
    1st Kmovie to make me cry: once again too many to count, I think it’s a speciality of theirs to make people cry whether it’s a happy or sad ending, either way the tears will fall

  25. I live in Florida where it’s really hard to find anything Korean but I did find one restaurant and a market. Yea so not as hopeless like I originally thought.

  26. College grad with a Bachelors in Theatre and Education. Yap that’s right, I’m a smart actress oh yea. Coming for that Masters next but dang school gets so boring/stressful but I want Dr in front of my name so gotta go, gotta get it , ain’t nothing to it but to do it!!!

  27. So hopefully with all my spamming I can win something cuz let me tell y’all, this is cutting into my tv time. I gotta a lot of episodes/finals to watch.

  28. And that ladies, is how you get a guy to leave you alone about watching a freaking football game.

    I kindof did this to my sister’s boyfriend, hehe. He got a little angry, I laughed my butt off 😀

  29. Thank you all for reading my long spamming session. It was fun. I enjoyed it. Hopefully I will never have to do it again cuz idk how @Wol does it. That’s why she wins everything.

  30. Good nite to all and @Wol. I’m off to watch Vampire ProsecutorNim. Love that show. Hope the seasons keep coming. Let it never end.

    Peace Out!


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