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It’s November! 🙂 I adore FALL!!! Scented candles, foliage, mugs of spiced apple cider, etc. Oh, and I mustn’t forget snuggles with my favorite canine Bentley (pictured above). 🙂

OK, that’s enough gushing about the fall season. The purpose of this post is to announce this month’s giveaway. 🙂 Can you believe it’s already the start of another month?  This month is going to be special because there will be a number of giveaways scattered throughout the month.

Why, you ask?

You’ll just have to wait and see… 😉 Just so that you’re not confused, though, this post features our usual monthly giveaway.

Below is a picture of November’s giveaway prize: a Poppie Jones wristlet.

It’s about 8.5 inches X 5.5 inches X 2 inches and is faux leather…I think. I’ll confirm the details later. If you would like to add this cute, furry wristlet to your bag collection, or perhaps gift it to someone who would love it, participate! :) I am going to try to see if I can film and upload a video of the wristlet later this week, but until then, I think the picture should suffice.

Below are the usual rules for our monthly giveaways:

1. Must be a subscriber since this is a thank-you gift to my subscribers. If you aren’t one already, the problem is easily remedied by subscribing! :)

2. Enter the giveaway by commenting on the post.

3. Comment as many times as you like. Each comment equals one entry.

4. Giveaway starts at midnight (PST) on the 1st of this month and ends at 11:59 PM (PST) on the 7th.

5. One winner will be randomly selected from the entries received.

Good luck! Remember, this month’s giveaway ends on November 7th at 11:59PM (PST). Bonne chance, my Twinkles!

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  1. *sits and waits for the show* I love the giveaways with the “comment as many times as you like”! =D I like learning random facts =)
    Pretty little wristlet.

    1. I won’t be joining in as part of my policy but last time others were doing the same xD hahaha *gets a bag of popcorn*

      I can’t wait to see if a war breaks out >: D

  2. AHHHH, Bentley. Such a precious sweetie! Happy November! Hard to believe the year is almost up! Good luck, everybody!

  3. I now no longer accept the fact in tv shows, the girl puts out within three episodes of a season, if so then maybe that show needs to be dropped if sex has to be added so early on into the storyline just to get/hold viewers.

  4. So thank you Korean entertainment for giving me back my innocence on how it should be done on Amercian tv shows in regards to relationships/ dating, etc. Not everything y’all do on the dramas I agree with but I would rather watch a couple develop into a couple versus sleep together then ask “mmm whats your name by the way”

  5. That’s not the way it should be done US. Geez I mean it’s bad enough on the dating scene enough but then you put this crazy ideas into female viewers heads about what they should do/say while dating, #Not Cool

    So yea I’ll take Kdrama anyway over US shows.

    Now I’m just waiting for that chaebol to sweep me off my feet ^.^

  6. Things Kdramas/movies Taught Me:

    It’s ok to be a big cry baby in fact it’s therapeutic for your health and your mood.

    Everyone go cry it out. Don’t try to hold it in and just let the tears flow.


  7. I think it was Secret Garden that got me and I’m proud to be a former now renewed crybaby.

    It feels so good to return to my roots. : D

          1. For one, there’s Dramafever. Can’t seem to access some of the more current shows on Viki as well. Can’t remember the rest. Would need to Google quite a bit to find functional ones though I’ve found one or two pretty reliable ones now. Otherwise would have to wait til the local TV stations broadcasts them… which would be a long wait. And there’s the ridiculous censorship here as well. Sigh.

          1. U.S. here as well, Texas =) There is a big fan base but we liked to stay hidden. I think with the popularity of Psy’s “Gangnam Style” Korean culture is being looked at a bit more.

          2. I actually didn’t know that Korean dramas do pretty well in the US (because you guys do produce a lot of awesome shows). It’s only when I started reading into Korean dramas that I learned that there’s a pretty big fan base there.

            I actually thought that Wonder Girls and Super Junior started the whole craze though.

  8. Things Kdramas/movies Taught Me: Communication is Evrything!!!

    Let us not start on how many shows wouldn’t even lasted to ten episodes if it wasn’t for what……

    Misunderstandings and Lack of Communication!!!

    1. I know right? I was just rewatching Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, and the misunderstanding at the start of the show by Eun-bi really made me feel like digging a hole and hiding in it for her sake. Luckily I’ve never been that embarrassed before!

  9. I mean seriously does no one in Kdramaland know what it means to clear the air.

    At first it bothered the bee-jeezus out of me when I started my addiction but now I realize that it’s all a partt of the storyline and sometimes it’s part of the problem( aka lack of writing skill from whoever is writing).

    1. Actually, I do think that it’s quite common for people (in real life) to have misunderstandings, especially between strangers or folks from different generations. I’ve known people who do not bother clearing up the air because they consider it a waste of energy to them, especially towards strangers (whom they assume they would not meet again). Or there’s the slow to catch that there was a misunderstanding. I just think that some writers pick such instances because it’s normal to have them in life. Plus, misunderstandings allow people to get to know each character’s perception to life or behaviour better. And it just so happens that in most of these dramas, our protagonists are the obnoxious kind that view other people as a waste of space. 😛

  10. I realize writers that’s it’s hard to write a show for sixteen, maybe twenty epsiode script but yet other Countries do it all the time and sometimes it’s even done without using that good ol lack of communication (LoC)trick.

    I don’t like when LoC moves the storyline for many episodes cuz then it just let’s me know that “yap this is when this show will start sucking majorly”.

    I want to stay loyal and recommend the show to others but I can’t because why?!??!
    That stupid ” oh I think I heard you say this but it really wasn’t but my nemesis did hear you correctly and is now using what I thought I heard over my head so now we can’t be together *que perfect crying face.”

  11. I love when a show gets the LoC right and moves on tho other problems that only exist that will prevent your love life from prospering , only in Kdramaland.

    Case in point: Answer Me, 1997 Ish went down, things were said and yet they all used their mouths ( thanks to the writers) to clear the air.

    SideNote: Loved this show so very much

    Or Faith : when the LoC was used like almost every other episode but yet so much was going on, it made sense cuz they didn’t have phones or texting back then to clear the air.

    Another Side Note: one of my top ten favorite Kdramas ever!!! Love me some LMH, I think I would follow his acting anywhere even if he decided to move to the North Pole and become a fisherman, I would want a show from it and plus now I’ve got a new fangirl crush on Kim Hee Sun(Idk why I haven’t heard of you before but you are brilliant!!!)

  12. My last point is this:

    Misunderstandings and Lack of communication happens in real life, I get it honestly I do but the big difference is that in real life LoC don’t span on for weeks, months and even years, like seriously bro!?!?

    A Heartfelt PSA to Kdrama Writers: I love Kdramas with all my being but it gets hard sometimes. I mean y’all be tripping sometimes and make me drop shows (ex: Operation Proposal in recent times and some others as well). I don’t know why y’all do this to me but you need to stop before I turn crazy like those evil mom from Kdramas and attack you with buckets of water to the face, seriously.
    Just know when to stop and say no, if the storyline is getting draggy, do not always think ” ah I got it, use the LoC” instead think outside the box and you will gain legions of faithful, loyal addicts (I promise if you do this then you will be a writer that we will follow in whatever project you do, promise). So please as a faithful loyal addict, don’t make me go back to the ridiculousness of what passes as entertainment back in the States , please don’t make me, I want to keep my innocence and sanity. Thank you xoxo Gossip Girl ( dang it I meant KStyle, see it’s already happening).

    Please every one of my fellow Twinklings: don’t give up hope, the writers will use new methods of satisfying our addiction!!!

  13. So…………………..yea………………….

    Lots of typos ( curse you typo bandit)

    But y’all know what I’m saying, right? Right?!?

    Ok I’m just gonna go now before it gets awkward.
    Steps away from the keyboard slowly and runs to my Mom,


    People can be so mean sometimes *que perfect crying face

    Just Kidding ^.^

    Everyone enjoy your weekend!!!


          1. omgomg, nice! hehe. hope your snack was yummy. ;D

            andd, for myself, i actually don’t like kimchi that much. mostly cause i can’t really take the spicy foods. xD Ahaha. but if i had to pick i’d have to say the cabbage!

          2. Had an awesome snack! Cabbage is the best hehe!!! Am grateful that there are Koreans who opened kimchi businesses here otherwise I’d probably only get to eat commercialized kimchi.

            Here in Malaysia, spicy food is pretty common. But the taste of kimchi is a bit different from our local spicy dishes, which are mainly sweet or salty than sour, so not everyone appreciates it. Guess in the end, it still depends on our individual palates.

            As for kimbap… I actually can’t tell the difference between Korean kimbap and Japanese maki. *shy*

  14. I’ve always been curious. I’ve a number of Korean dramas (i.e. 2 Outs In The 9th Inning) where mothers would pack many containers of food they’ve made, and store them in the refrigerator for their kid who’s living on their own.

    What are those, and how long can they be stored? I know kimchi can be stored for a long time, but it seems as though they have a variety of food that they can pop from the refrigerator and with their rice.

  15. Things Kdramas/movies Taught Me: Know Your English or was that Konglish?

    So I’m gonna be honest and say this; when I first heard English being spoken in a Kdrama, at first I felt honored that Korea felt that English was special enough to be included in their dialogue but then I laughed my behind off cuz it was funny. I was like hold up, rewind just so I could laugh at ” the chaebol” speaking English or rather Konglish.

    I mean hey, I understand, I took foreign languages in high school and in college. So sometimes ya wanna show off your linguistical skills;I understand, promise I really do but…..

    There is a major difference between showing off and butchering a language to death!

  16. I mean is it too much to ask to get a vocal coach who speaks English accurately on the show that will help the actors articulate what they are saying. Cuz sometimes I want to slap whoever it was that got the brilliant idea to stick random English conversations in Kdramas.

    FYI: it is not cute when your favorite actor or actress has to speak English but they sound retarded. I promise that it’s a fail for everyone involved including the viewers.

    Either use English not Konglish the right way or not at all.

    1. That being said, I wonder who writes the English scripts and prepares the props. If you watched To The Beautiful You, Julien Kang’s character as Goo Jae-hee’s American elder brother, who is supposed to be a renowned doctor, wrote an e-mail to her full of grammatical errors. At least when the e-mail was voiced-over by Julien, the errors were corrected (thank God).

  17. And let us not even start on the foreign actors that make their appearances in Kdramas.

    Now y’all I got a serious bone to pick with

    A Heartfelt PSA to foreign actors in Kdramas: What in the Sam’s Hail is wrong with y’all? Y’all act like you’ve never spoken English in your life. You are worse than these actors who are forced to speak English ( due to the writers). Seriously like seriously, are y’all that incompetent or is it written in your contracts to sound like you just learned the English language a week prior to the taping of the episode.

    Do you know that it hurts my heart whenever I see a foreign on a Kdrama. All that I can think is, ” Oh Lawd let it be quick, let them say two words and disappear”. I mean that’s depressing and makes me mad that you were cast in that role and took that role from someone who can actually act!

    1. Perhaps English is the second language to these foreign actors’ characters? Just because they are blond, doesn’t mean that they are from an English-speaking country. Just that English being a lingua franca so it’s used in the show?

      Thinking that way, I’d let them off the hook (that is, as long that they do not state that they are from English-speaking countries like the US or the UK). I wouldn’t be able to defend them otherwise. 😛

  18. I’m just want people to use English the right way, the first time.

    As an addict, I’m trying to recruit as many nonKdrama addicts as possible but I can’t do that if y’all are messing up the formula.

    Word of Advice to All Actors: if you are going to speak another language, please try to sound as native as possible. How you ask? Well I’m glad that question was brought up.

    Steps to perfecting another language by faking it
    1. Get a Vocal Coach who is a Native in that language. Y’all do really well in some other languages like French ( I’ve heard it spoken before and it sounds almost flawless so it’s possible)

    2. Practice makes perfect. If you’ve had the script for over a few days and know that you will be forced to speak another language, practice on someone so that you don’t sound crazy on film and so that you are comfortable with the words you will have to speak

    3. Just say No. If you know that you sound crazy/retarded/drunk when speaking another language. Ask the writers to recommend that dialogue or rewrite so that you won’t need to do it.

    See it’s nit so hard to fake an accent, just do it the right way and you will be fine.

  19. YAY not a lot of typos ( see I told yall that I know how to write ^.^)

    Ok I’m off now to rest, it’s been a long day.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend Twinklings!!!


  20. What Kdramas/movies Taught Me: Beauty is Everything

    Ok so one major theme I’ve seen in Kdramaland is how attractive the people are.

    This fact alone makes me excited for my year long vacation I mean job in Korea.

    I mean even the CEO’s gardener be looking good( I mean is that even possible).

    So I’ve come to the conclusion that somewhere in Korea, there is an isolated section that pick and citizens who are attractive in appearance then train them in acting, singing, dancing, and just being pretty ( oh wait, I think that’s already happening in KPop).

  21. Now while I’m in for the eye candy just who doesn’t like candy in one way or another but seriously…..

    Why is it that almost every “ugly duckling/Cinderella/poor commoner” have aka must get a makeover to get the guy/prince/chaebol like seriously. I mean I understand if she looks like freaking the Loch Ness monster or grizzly bear’s younger sibling.

    That’s why I liked ” Color of a Woman” just do to the fact that she wasn’t made over into barbie doll just to prove to the audience that her chaebol ex-boyfriend and best friend liked her ( even though I did have to drop the show cuz it forgot to make it’s medicine and went psycho crazy). It was because of her personality. Now I’m not saying that if you don’t like a certain body part or just want to improve your self image to not do that But what I’m saying is that not everything that glitters is considered gold hint hint guys.

    Sometimes I think that the writers don’t believe that the viewers will believe that a handsome/really attractive guy will fall for the regular citizens( oh but you would be so surprised about that one).

    1. If indeed women are the majority of viewers, I feel that this is actually a strategy that the qriters use to attract their attention. I’m sure that many people have dreamt of becoming a real-life Cinderella…being swept off their feet by a handsome chaebol by “fate”. So what I think is that the writers are just feeding our fantasies. 😛

  22. Things Kdramas/movies Taught Me: Stix, Stones and Words Hurt; The Bully’s Eye

    Sheesh I never thought that bullying was as bad as it was while I was in elementary school. I mean it has taken such a huge leap in recent years.

    Yes I was bullied for a little as a kid but instead of just taking it, I decided to fight back (verbally only, I had a smart mouth on me, still do). I didn’t back down plus my classmates supported me not shunned me.

    Bullying is becoming such a big issue and I don’t understand the need for those of authority to pretend that it doesn’t exist or that it isn’t as serious as it is( hello we have kids killing themselves over bullying, I mean how many more movies does there need to be made in order to wake up and smell the abuse).

    1. Some people don’t actually realize that they bully. It comes naturally sometimes based on the environment they were nurtured in. A sad thing, it is. 🙁

  23. I’m not sure what can be done to fully eliminate this issue but I do have some suggestions:

    1. If counseling is offered at every level of schooling then it can be caught early and suicides can be prevented.

    2. Special electives that becomes part of the curriculum. For example, in my middle/high school, we had to take sex education. In middle school, you were taught more about what happens to the body like chemical changes and in high school everything else was discussed like what happens in female/male bodies and how to protect/prevent yourself from pregnancies as well as STDs.

    3. Be a responsible authority figure and do something about it, not avoid it. If you are a teacher, have weekly discussions about it, set aside some time so that students will want to talk about it. If you are an administrator, please think of the children not your reputation or the school’s ( what are you going to do when a suicide happens at your school, it shuts down due to the media/police investigation; you won’t need to worry about the school/your rep cuz you won’t have a job to go to anymore).

    I really feel that this problem shouldn’t be like the way it is. I have worked with kids since I was little from volunteering at church, summer camps to teaching, you would be surprised by the reasons why some kids are bullied or become bullies. Reasons that Ive heard: false rumors about someone/from someone, feelings of jealousy, family problems, financial problems, anger issues , etc.

    This Is a serious issue that only gets touched upon in passing in Kdramas but moreso in movies.I love that in Kmovies that its not only bring up but is the main focus/theme of the storyline, these movies need to be viewed more as a lesson of what can or has happened to the victims.

    I’m not saying to use violence with violence but something needs to be done before we lose more kids that wouldve been our future scientists, teachers,doctors, CEOs, etc.

    Like my big sister says to me every time we talk and I try my hardest to live by: Each One, Teach One!!!

    1. Sometimes bullying can be hard to detect, especially in environments that applaud “tough” characters… That’s where we’d learn that these kids are simply imitating the adults, and the adults would think that they are doing a good job being, er, “tough”. This way, it’s no longer ignorance towards bullying; it’s really a matter of denial that bullying exists.

      It’s a little more difficult to break through such mindsets. 🙁

      1. I thought it was funny especially when I would switch the channel to FoxNews.

        I had faith that the election would turn out the right/best way for America.

        I laughed when it was reported that Mitt only had a victory speech written(oh poor Mittens, he had no clue about the citizens).

        I’m just glad that President Obama gets four more years to try to reverse what Bush did in his eight years,I think that it’s only fair.

  24. What Kdramas/movies Taught Me: Catch Me Phrases

    Sooo…. one of my favorite things that kdramas taught me was those cachphrases. I mean I use them all the freaking time and of course everyone looks at me like m crazy cuz they don’t know Korean.

    I now have categories that I rank actors and actresses

    I have the Oppa, Ahjussi, Smexy Ahjussi, Noona, Unni and Adjumma

    I regularly use these words in my everyday speech and at times I don’t even realize it

    Me: omg why is that guy such a cutie. Can he be my Oppa like yesterday?
    Friend: huh? What did you just say? Did you just call him a Oprah?
    Me: no I said Oppa.
    Friend: girl, nobody knows what that is. Can you please speak English and not Korean. Seriously you need to lay off those tv shows
    Me: Never, I tell ya, never. Once an addict, always an addict.
    Friend: SMH, you betta be glad that I love you cuz you are crazy
    Me: hehe, I know. Love you too 🙂

    1. My exposure to Korean dramas has also affected me similarly. But I think the words I used most frequently are: Omo, dae, oppa, chaebol, chingu, ottoke, kamsahamnida, sengil chuka hamnida, and anyeong haseyo. There’s no one here to call me noona or unni, nor have I anyone to call dongsaeng without given a weird look at. T.T

  25. I think that it’s perfectly healthy and normal to expend ones vocabulary; and I’m glad that kdramas help me in broading my linguistical skills.

    I am a strong believer in finding words that help express your thoughts, viewpoint, etc

    I personally can’t leave without these words now: DAEBAK, HWAITING, an-young, ohmo, dah, khamsanida, a-ne, etc

    Plus it’s super funny when you answer a person in another language and look at them like they are crazy cuz they don’t understand what you’re saying

    Sister’s Boyfriend: Did you hear me or not?
    Me: Leave me alone ahjussi.
    BF: What did you just say?
    Me: gives blank stare then says Baka (stupid in Japanese)
    BF: You know what?
    Me: A-ne
    BF: You are freaking weird.
    Me: Khamsinida Ahjussi!
    BF: I give up!
    Me: laughs with glee HeHe ^.^

      1. I call him an old man cuz he acts like one even tho he is pretty young (only 30 and already complains of backaches/ pains) so he is an Ahjussi to me. When he found out what it ment, I definitely got the evil eye.

  26. What Kdramas/movies Taught Me: I’m a Food Porn Addict, Too

    So guess that I need o attend another AA meeting but this time for food, especially if the Korean variety.

    I never thought that I would be mad or sad about not being able to access a certain type of food but dang it if those dramas didnt hook into me yet again.


    1. I know right? And there’s always a ramyun scene in every single Korean drama! Sometimes I wonder if these ramyuns are sponsored!

  27. I mean at frst I didn’t understand this need to eat food while watching kdramas cuz it sure wasn’t helping my target weigh goal but then it slowly became clear to me.
    I was fantasizing about eating kimbap, kimchi, Korean beef, drinking soju, etc some of these shows make me want to jump/ lick the screen because of the food presented on the show.

    I would go to sleep dreaming not about how hot the actors were but about how the food would taste( I don’t want to get into details but t got real serious in the craving department).

    I was finally able to find an authentic Korean restaurant in Talllahassee and let me just say if this is an preview of what I’m going to be eating in Korea then there will be a serious issue with my weight( cuz I like to eat like a lot, food be so good 😀

    1. I have similar cravings… That’s why I always have stockpiles of instant ramyun packs and kimchi in my house. It especially doesn’t help that the website I stream my K-dramas from have this little image of Park Min-young slurping off a bowl of ramyun next to the video. So I eat ramyun quite often in a week. Gosh, I really need to stop this unhealthy habit! XP

  28. Ok I believe that my work is done here!

    Hopefully you were entertained, amused perhaps even touched by my poetic opinions ^.^

    It’s official cold in FL. So for those in colder climates, please stay warm, healthy and safe!!!


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