Giveaway: May

In honor of the upcoming Mother’s Day here in the States, I decided to make this monthly giveaway a bit more special. After all, mothers are wonderful blessings, and I wanted to recognize ALL the mothers out there by making this month’s giveaway one that is geared towards appreciation/pampering. 🙂

Here’s the promised photo of the giveaway. I hope you can all see the items clearly. 🙂

Now…for this month’s giveaway:

1. Only You (2005) DVD box set…unopened so I can’t verify the quality of the English subtitles, but I am hoping that they are good.

2. Bed Head TIGI 1″ Straightener (Model BH206C) for those special days/nights when you want to look a bit more “polished”

3. A specially packaged Julep Maven Nail set by Snoopy’s Twinkie (that’s me!) that includes a black cosmetics bag with two non-toxic nail polishes, base coat, top coat, and nail file. I’ll let the winner know what colors are available so that she can choose two that will be suitable for her and/or her mother. 🙂

4. A small satin/silk Korean coin purse

Yes, I know this giveaway looks more like my two “Special” giveaways (Easter and Christmas), but I thought it was only fitting that the month we celebrate mothers gets a “special” giveaway as well. 🙂 So to all you mothers out there, I hope you know that you are one of the biggest blessings in this world! For me personally, the love my mother shows me is oftentimes how I experience God’s love. 🙂

Now…for the rules:

1. Enter the giveaway by commenting on this post AND subscribing to this site. This is open to Twinkles–new and old. 🙂

2. Comment as many times as you like. Each comment equals one entry. I doubt any of you will be sitting by your computer all day long entering comments, right? 😉

3. Giveaway starts at midnight (PST) on the 1st of each month and ends at 11:59 PM (PST) on the 7th.

4. One winner will be randomly selected from the entries received.

5. The prize will vary each month. Sometimes, it will be an OST CD. Other times, it will be drama-related merchandise, which can include even DVD box sets!

Good luck! Remember, this month’s giveaway ends on May 7th at 11:59PM (PST). Bonne chance, my Twinkles!

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218 thoughts on “Giveaway: May”

  1. Mmmm I’d like to share this with my sister. She’s a mother of three and I’m very proud of her! Twinkie dear, I am so thankful for this chance =) THANK YOU!

  2. I will no doubt share the beauty products with my own mother. She really deserves to be pampered (shes a mother of five, Im the oldest lol)

    Twinkie, comment as much as i like? i might just comment all day then. i never win these things! (it is always “mysteriously” someone that starts with an “S”….perhaps I should change my name to Shawol. heehe)

      1. Are you a SHINee fan too?! Taemin is my bias. So is Minho. And Onew. and Key. Jonghyun on occasion. I love them all.

        1. Yes, I am a SHINee fan =) Since I’m a noona to them I really don’t have a bias. I enjoy their music and each of their personalities =)

          1. I love them all too. They each have something very loveable lol im currently watching them on Hello Baby on Youtube heehee

  3. Hi ST
    Beautiful flowers 🙂 especially the purple one, my favourite colors. Anything in purple looks so beautiful in my eyes. LOL

    I came to you every now and then. Kekekek, I love all the give away moments, not that i want to grab the gifts but love to read all the comments. Just subscribed to you as my appreciation of you.

    Mothers Day? Well, to be honest in my family we never practiced such a thing. I came from the old generation where the elders were always right and we the children almost has no say. I grew up without a father and there were eight of us. Until i got married and have children my self, i never realized what a great mum i had, who sacrificed everything for us and nothing for herself. Of course at that time, you know, an ignorant teenagers like me always had something to complaint about 🙁 When she asked me to learn sewing, i was like ” what the heck? me sewing? An english-school student learning to sew? its so kampungan (kekekek, sorry, thats exactly the word i used. It meant so backward, a modern girl doesnt need to learn sewing!!) And when she asked me to grow flowers/gardening, i would rather watched Mark Hammond (Flamingo, a soap opera of my time).

    It was only after i got married that i come to love those things. I sew all my girls clothes and start gardening, litle by litle. And most of my flowers are my mum’s favourites such as hydrangea and most of sweet smell flowers. And to think of what a stupid-snob i was. I could have learn so much from her

    My relations with my girls? I always tried to be friend with them, trying to understand that the y-generation have such a different opinion about everything. I always tell them we are friends but dont ever forget that i am mother first 🙂 We shared stories. They knew i am over-crazy about JYJ and k-drama and i know they love Arashi and Kartun and J-drama and J-anime and Haruma Miura. Can you believe it that i am the main supplier of k-drama to all her colleague.LOL

    1. See what the flowers do to me? LOL. Instead of commenting your post or the gift, i am walking down memory lane 🙂

    2. Welcome to the Twinkle family ^.^ i loved reading your coming-of-age story. Wish you the best on this giveaway~

      1. Hahhaha, thanks, “Sha”Wol 🙂 But my stories isnt about the winning. Just that Twinkie’s flowers and Mum’s day triggers my memories of her and her love of sweet smelling flowers.

        LOL, Twinkie, can i have the flowers, instead????

          1. Lavender Festival?! That is my all time favorite flower! I think it smells just wonderful, but that’s me. I don’t like the fake lavender smells but I love the real flower.

    3. awwwww welcome 🙂 haven’t been commenting very long but have been following for a period of time

  4. YAY so this will be the first time that I’m participating in the GiveAway Segment.
    I really like the gifts offered this time and I know that my sister would love it especially the nail polish aspect.
    So this entry is for my oldest sister who is a wonderful mother to my awesome nephew who just turned two recently!!!

    Thanks Twinkie for being AWESOME!!!

  5. Could it be that I was never included in the previous giveaways coz I did not subscribe? Anyway, now I have subscribed so hopefully I win!! ^ ^ Thanks Twinkie for doing this. Thanks for your generosity, for sharing your time & talent & your love for korean dramas & all. I’m a mom myself, so thanks for celebrating this special day! *_*

    1. Hi, XXYYZZ! The “subscribe” requirement is something that I added for this giveaway, so that I can encourage all the regular Twinkles to be part of my subscription list. 🙂
      All the previous giveaways were open to any reader who left a comment on the giveaway posts. I usually have a monthly giveaway from the 1st-7th, so if you didn’t see a post, it might have been because you joined our community after the giveaway ended. Since I usually try to upload a post once a day, it’s possible to miss posts if you don’t read for a few days.
      Good luck!!!

    1. 🙂 so you are Taurusian too? If it is not due yet, Happy Birthday in advance. Mine will be somewhere in the middle of the month..

      1. Happy early birthday, dear friend!!! I’ve known you for about 1.5 years now, huh? 🙂 You were with me from the beginning of my blogging journey. 😀

        1. Thanks Twinkle Oh.. its been 1.5 years already? ha, ha how fast the time flies 🙂 And hope to be with you till the end.

          1. Aw…a true Twinkle! 🙂 I can’t wait for this site’s first-year anniversary when I announce a very cool surprise! Till the end then, wanzhaf!

  6. Hehe… I was about to ask how to subscribe until I realized that there was a fairly large SUBSCRIBE TO MUSINGS OF A TWINKIE on the top of the page. xD Anyways, best of luck to everyone! Will be back later to post more comments…. keke. ;D

  7. Ahhh! This exploded with comments so quickly! My chances are becoming slim T^T

    Everyone is so lively lol i have a feeling lots of conversations are going to spark this week heehee

  8. I have decided I will post interesting facts for my entries. Fact number 1: Most lipstick contains fish scales (?!)

  9. By the love of Korean dramas, I have stumbled upon your blog. Looking forward to your drama reviews! 😀

    Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there including me! ;D

  10. I’m back!! ^ ^ Just testing whether having more comments will actually increase my chances of winning! 🙂

  11. And I have to say, Only You is one of the few handful of dramas that i can watch again & again. If I’m on my drama watching slump or I cannot get my turn on our computer to watch my dramas online, i’d usually rewatch my alltime favorites w/c are: Coffee Prince, My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Lovers in Paris, Oh My Lady (yay Siwon), Super Junior’s Super Show 1 & 2 (not a drama, I know!!). If only because I love the ending of Only You.

  12. And yes, I’m loving Rooftop prince!! have you seen Ep 13? Now can’t wait for Ep 14. I’ll be sad to see this drama end. And I’m gonna miss Micky Yoochun! 🙁 so I’m rambling here, ok, will go away now! ^ ^

    1. You are going to loooove Ep14!!!! Believe me. Deebak…

      Yup, he was. I was watching BSA live just to get a glimpse of him. The way he smiled and laugh…. you never ever suspect it. How i wish they (K-drama industry) changed their ways of filming. Its too cruel to the crew. Dont they have any body/asc that can protect the right of the artist?

  13. heard the news, Micky Yoochun in an accident right before the Baeksang awards and he’s too busy to go for a check-up

    Soo sadd, hope he’s okay

    1. LOL! It told me that too! And I only posted 2 comments.. while you posted SO MANY!!

      LOL DANG GOOD LUCK GIRL!!! all you’re hard workk!!

      1. ^ btw, that is my entry for a comment.

        Good idea Wol, to post interesting facts for your comments. Some of the facts are actually quite cool..

        — note: and this is another entry.. LOL

      1. Thank you Jane ^.^ and it was because I was posting every 10 seconds or something hahaha it was my only free class period sooo gotta take advantage xD

  14. Annoyeong, Twinkie unnie and my other twinkle chingus here.

    Been very busy last month and going to be busier and busier. But I’ m happy with my life and proudly to say,
    “I’m Still Alive!”

    Twinkie unnie, miss you so muchie. Hehe….. I always stare and play with the blue pastel snoopy soft toy you gave me. Somehow, the snoopy doll makes me think of you, Twinkie unnie. Aigoo, it’s really cute, I can’t stop myself from squeezing it( Erm…don’t be panic, violation not involved in the squeezing process) ^^

    This month is special because of Mother’s Day celebration. Umma, Saranghae! I hope my umma will stay healthy and strong, to accompany me along this meaningful journey of my life.

    Yay, happy news to be shared. I got invited by the school to receive award for excellent achievement in my public examination and one more special award for being nominated the best moral student . ^^

    Twinkie unnie, I am sorry if the bracelet arrived late, because I have contacted the sender, she hasn’t replied my email, probably you will get the bracelet in these few weeks time. Sorry for the delaying.

    Good luck to everyone participating this. The coin purse looks so cute and small. I love it!

    1. Hi, Syomie! That’s great news! Best wishes on everything. As for the bracelet, thank you!, and I shall definitely let you know when it arrives. 🙂 You are so sweet to think of me. 🙂
      Good luck!

      1. I’m heading to school now and I’m wearing the humanity bracelet that you gave me. ^^ it’s a great memories of my life, and I hope that you can feel it too, Twinkie unnie. That’s why I’m wearing this bracelet. I simply love it! ^^ okies, gonna go now. Will update more when I’m back!^^



    good luck all you twinkles.


    1. went to a korean BBQ restaurant for the first time yesterday! amaaaaaaaaaaazing- those short ribs were to DIE for… yet to try kimchi though. i’m a little afraid- i’m a really picky eater.

  16. Okay now I’m just babbling nonsense awwww Twinkie look what your giveaways do to me!!

    Hmm like a mother that spoils her child…I see what you did there. Clever.

  17. Alyssa’s Philosophy: Commenting is like dieting. Less is better.

    Ahh but I really could do this all night…but I figured you hate me by now -.- *goes and sobs in corner*

    1. LOL. No…I am quite amused by your creativity. 🙂 no need to feel bad about the number of comments. I purposely left the giveaway open for opportunities of fun female bonding over a giveaway. 🙂
      Good luck!

      1. LOL twinkie, I dont know if id count this as creativity xD its more like…spazzing but *shrugs* if you dont mind, I will try to entertain all the twinkles with randomness. Shawol attack!

        and YAY!!!! A fellow Kissme! I listen to Doradora every day as I get ready o(^▽^)o

    1. I smell another rival….attack! Just kidding. Welcome to our little community ^.^ Have fun and spam this page as muuuuuch as you want. I will talk to you. Promise. 😀

      1. i think me and you are so past spamming… there’s not even a word for how much commenting we’re doing 🙂

  18. Strange fact #4(?): A company in Taiwan makes dinnerware out of wheat, so you can eat your plate! (I want one….)

  19. You know what stinks? All my idols are 20 years old -_- i need to age faster! Even Taemin is getting there D: Nooo! Come back my love!

    1. Well at least it’s not like my case.

      All my favorites idols tend to be younger than me. Booo I’m not ready to be anyone’s noona yet.

      I will still call them Oppas even if they are younger, so there ^.^

  20. Losing my mind….sorry. I finished my quiz early and my homework xD soooo nothing to do. nothing to do.

    1. Heh…the teacher in me says to tell you, “Study for the SAT, or read a good book.” LOL

      1. Ahhh teacher!!! Just kidding xD thats a good idea, I bought a Sara Dessen book on Itunes some time ago, so ill read that…love her romance novels.

        1. ahhhh love sarah dessen books! love love love the truth about forever, i’ve read it like four times 🙂

    1. hahahaha are you mentioning me? don’t worry, kids, i’m back (and OFFICIALLY thrown my pride out the window)

      1. you know, it’s funny because i’ve kinda forgotten about the actual prizes and gotten kinda obsessively intense in entering MORE AND MORE comments. i feel i’m high… on giveaways???

        that sounded weird. forget i said that.

  21. So my fellow Twinlkings

    I have another drama marathon to recommend H. I. T. This show is awesome just like TEN if you like cop/crime dramas with some romance and humor then please give this show a chance, it’s great!!!

    I missed TEN, can’t wait for season two so I decided to watch another crime filled Kdrama to pass the time.

  22. Oh nooes Typo Bandit got me *Twinklings
    I can’t believe I spelled that wrong.
    Oh curse you Typo Bandit!!!

  23. Good Luck to everyone! Since I won last time I’m only going to comment this once. Have a great May all!

  24. Happy Friday, TGIF!! Off to catch up on High Kick 3 on Dramafever, can’t wait for Gong Yoo’s drama in June & hoping & praying that Seo JiSuk will have a new drama soon & he better be the lead actor! And hope I win. 🙂

    1. everyone i know went to see it on saturday!!! should i see it? hmm, not a fan of superhero movies but i might give it a try…

    1. LOL don’t worry i watched a pokemon movie with my younger brother a few weeks ago. it’s all good.

  25. Updates on prize giving ceremony.

    I received two standing medals. My mom was happy and can’t stop looking and polishing the medals. As a daughter, I feel happy too to see a smile on my mom’s face. I wish I can share with you all with some pics of the medals.

    I’m currently working on something now, kinda surprise for all of you here, my twinkle family. I will let you know tomorrow? Keke…. Stay tuned!

    1. Hi Wol! Sorry, I have a really nasty cold or really bad allergies that’s just kickin my bum. I hope you’re doing well. Hope all my fellow Twinkies are doing great!

      On an early note, Grats to the winner! I think I’m going to go pass out for a few days =/

      1. Get well soon, Niema unnie, I’m sick too. T.T

        Okies unnie, these are the things you should do:
        1) rest more
        2) drink more water
        3) avoid fries food
        4) avoid cold drink
        5) remember to eat medicine on time

        Hehe…. I find I am like a nagging grandmother now, but I did that because I care about you, unnie. ^^

  26. Hi Wol, I’m commenting!

    Congrats Syomie!

    Twinkie – Thanks for TK2H recap! Had been waiting with bated breath!

    Happy Sunday to you all!

    1. You are most welcome! Good luck! And happy belated Sunday to you, too! Mine was quite good but hectic. 🙂

  27. Niema – Aww that’s okay 🙂 I hope you get better soon. Try Benadrill? That stuff works well. But don’t take two. I was having really bad allergies (I’m allergic to cats and I happened to stay over at a friend’s house, where cats rule the world and all…) so I decided two would help me faster but…it knocked it me out in under 10 minutes lol so take only one

    Elaine – Comrade! (Hmm reminds me of King 2 Hearts….)

    Twinkle – Ur Facebook page is so dead right now D: Bring it to liiiiife it’s going into cardiac arrest!

    1. LOL. Thanks, Wol, for the reminder about FB. I’ll see what I can do. I think I disabled the feedburner link with a while back for some reason…I’ll see if I can reconnect it so that it updates like my twitter. 🙂

  28. Happy Sunday! Good nite everyone, sweet dreams & God bless! May this be an awesome week for everyone. 🙂

  29. I’m sorry that I can’t prepare special surprise for all of you because I’m terribly sick now since this morning. I can’t sleep well and has sore throat too, I thought of doing a singing cover dedicated to you, Twinkie unnie and also my twinkle friends here. Mianhae, everyone. I will do it when I’m slightly better because for now,my throat doesn’t allow me to sing.

  30. I started workin now…and I got a puppy 😀 shitzu! He’s adorable. I guess he will fill in the void that is the May giveaway 🙁

  31. I really had fun commenting like crazy. It was spontaneous and I just threw stuff out there lol thank you Twinkie for a fun week!

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