Giveaway: May 2014 Winner


Without further ado, let me go ahead and announce the winner to our May 2014 Special Parents’ Day Giveaway. This month’s giveaway winner is… *cues drumroll* 

…TJ’s Mommy! You’re this month’s giveaway winner! Congratulations! Your May 2nd entry was the winning selection.

Hmmm…How ironic that you’re actually a mother, and if I remember correctly, you won last year’s giveaway, too, huh? *shakes head* Definitely weird… 😛

In any case, thanks to everyone for participating and, of course, for continuing to support this community by reading and/or commenting! I hope you check back for next month’s giveaway. In honor of the many graduations next month, June will feature a fun giveaway…at least I’d like to think so. 😉

Until the next giveaway then, have a blessed rest of the week, Twinkles! ;)

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