Giveaway: March

In honor of the currently airing Dream High 2, I am having a giveaway for its predecessor, the first Dream High series.

I was one of those late comers to the Dream High craze, but once I saw it, I finished it in two days! And one of the things I simply LOVED about the series was the awesome OST, an album I recently purchased and have been listening to nonstop driving to and from work.

As I thought about what might be a suitable “prize” for the March giveaway, this album came to mind immediately…It’s a nice homage to the series that spun its sequel…and…if I love it this much, I’m sure some of you Twinkles will love it, too! 🙂

Here are the basic rules for the monthly giveaways:

1. Enter the giveaway by commenting on the post.

2. Comment as many times as you like. Each comment equals one entry.

3. Giveaway starts at midnight (PST) on the first of each month and ends at 11:59 PM (PST) on the seventh of that month.

4. One winner will be randomly selected from the entries received.

5. The prize will vary each month. Sometimes, it will be an OST CD. Other times, it will be drama-related merchandise, which can include even DVD box sets!

Good luck! Remember, the giveaway ends on March 7th at 11:59PM (PST). Bonne chance, my Twinkles!

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61 thoughts on “Giveaway: March”

  1. Oh my..I’m new to this lol. I loved the Dream High Ost as well! Kim Soo-hyun is my ultimate bias, although now there are probably crowds of noonas claiming his as their own lol. Haha well let me just say your blog is pretty awesome..and I especially just love your High Kick recaps. Thanks for all the hard work!!

  2. Hi Twinkie, I guessed wrong huh..
    Loved Dream High with Kim Soo Hyun, not sure about DH2 though. Havent started yet, read your recaps for the first few episodes but havent felt the pull yet
    Gonna wait and see;

    1. Unfortunately, my DVD box set is in the same condition as yours…bad English subs…so it’s difficult to offer badly subbed DVDs as a giveaway. 🙁 Good luck!

  3. Hi, Twinkie. Just found out about your blog when I’m searching online for recap of dream high 2. Yay, I must say I love dream high 1 OST especially the main song, Dream high sang by Kim so hyun, Joo, Suzy, taecyeon and woo young. It gives me energy to fly high to achieve your dreams in life. Watched the whole series too online. The sub is pretty good though. Thanks for this giveaway. ^^

    1. Kazoosoup!!! You’re still following the website! Woohoo~ 🙂 You need to email me with your mailing address because you won the Valentine’s Day giveaway. 🙂 I don’t think you saw that post, huh?

    1. Ack! I like almost ALL of the songs that it is hard to just choose one. I love #7 (Don’t Go) and #1 (Dream High) and…you get the idea. LOL


  5. It’s really hard to pick because all the songs are really good but most favorited are can’t I love you by jinwoon and changmin. I love pil suk and Sam dong version too though it’s kinda short. I love the title song, dream high too! High five!

    1. I LOVED that song when Pilsuk and Sam Dong sang it, but for some reason, when the 2PM guys sing it, *sigh* I become less of a fan. 🙁
      I wish the OST had included the drama version because it was definitely one of the best songs. The songs that Sam Dong sang in the drama were incredible! I almost wondered if he was a professional singer. LOL

  6. I think he will do successfully as an idol singer if he wants. He’s good in singing, might as well debut in idol group. But he is good in acting too. I like IU dreaming but sadly it’s not included in the OST. It’s just so sweet when pil suk singing it to Jason. I’m going melt also. Hehe…^^

    1. Wasn’t Jason’s expressions when Sam Dong sang absolutely hilarious?! LOL
      I think I must have seen that particular scene and Jason’s expressions over and over again for at least two days. 🙂

  7. Omg.. You like that scene too? Me too! It’s so sweet when jason was smiling so brightly when it’s pil suk singing. When Sam dong singing, he looked like, “Aish, what do you think you’re doing? Singing with my pil suk?” Jason’s jealousy is cracking me up. How cute……Aigoo…

    1. I’m heading off to bed now. Good night! I’m glad you found my website and have started leaving comments for me to read and respond to. 🙂

  8. omg I loved the ost as well!! I couldn’t really get into the spirit of the drama at first but it hooked me later on 🙂 but I listen to the dream high ost on replay, it’s really so good!!! watching dream high 2 now and enjoying it~

  9. *raises her hand* Not putting in a submission for this giveaway. I just wanted to say how awesome Snoopy’s Twinkie is and how much we appreciate you! I do love this months giveaway =) Good luck everyone! =D

      1. I need to get on the ball watching Dream High 2. I loved Dream High but I was also late to get on that train as well. I was angry I skipped it but also happy that I waited until the episodes were all out. I didn’t have to wait then, lol!

  10. ANOTHER ENTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀


    i sound super excited.

    2 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! right?

    lol 🙂

  11. Just read back some of your reply. Wanna make a correction. Can’t I love you is not sang by 2PM. It’s 2AM that sang it. ^^

    Aigoo, Ive just read a news. Suzy is being critisized for mentioning Kim so hyun in variety shows. It’s kinda sad for Suzy because we all know it’s SCRIPTED! =(

    1. Ah…good to know. LOL. As you can tell, my Kpop knowledge is definitely on the weak side. 🙁 Thanks for the update!

  12. But your kdrama knowledge is much more better than mine. It’s because I love kpop music more than kdrama. If you would want to listen to any kpop songs, you can tell me. I can recommend tons of songs to you.

    1. Aw…thanks! I plan on “educating” myself on kpop a bit during the summer when I have more time. I’ll ask you then! I think it’s been about a year since I actively listened to kpop. LOL

  13. Going to leave my last footprints here hehe… Before you wrapped up this giveaway. If this is chosen randomly, I think I have this NSL thing. Haha… No Such Luck. Good luck, everyone. Thanks again to Twinkies for giving us this chance to win this awesome OST. Gomawoyo. Love you twinkies and wish you pink in the health to bring up more dramas reviews for us. Aja, hwaiting!

    Last question: where’re you from? Haha.. So random. ^^

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