Giveaway: June Winner

The announcement that many of you have been waiting for…and the winner of the June giveaway is…

…Shl! (One of your June 5th entries was the lucky selection)

Congratulations! I hope you enjoy the OST and the little goodies inside the package! 🙂 Please send me an email with your mailing address and full name so that I can mail the package within the next few days.

And for all of you who participated, thank you for your continued support of this site…yes, even though my recaps/posts have been more sporadic than usual. I should be back to my daily blogging schedule once finals are over next week.

I hope you will continue to participate in these monthly giveaways and have as much fun reading the comments as I. 🙂 The next one will start July 1st, and because July is a special month for me, I’ve decided to do a special giveaway…so keep an eye out for it!

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7 thoughts on “Giveaway: June Winner”

  1. Grats, Shl! Love the ost so I hope you do too. Thank you, ST, for a great giveaway again =) The comments are fun to read, especiall when (sha)Wol gets really into it, lol.

  2. Oh wow, what a blessing! I’m suffering from QIHM withdrawal, and this is providential medicine 🙂 thank you, Twinkie, for organising this generous giveaway! I’ll be in touch 🙂

    Thanks, too, Niema! You’ve reminded me what a warm and welcoming community this is 🙂 as well as everyone else i’ve been ‘chatting with here!

    1. I’m glad you’ve joined =) ST is a great blogger & recap(per?, lol)! Everyone here is friendly and really brought me out of my shell. I used to not talk and just read but it’s really engaging here =)
      I’ve just started on QIHM and lovin it so far!

      1. Oh, you’ll love QIHM! I shall not give anything away 😎 (but I’ll whisper enticing tit-bits if you ask for them)

  3. Glad to be of service, Niema! ^^ I’ll probably go all out on the July giveaway xD

    Congratulations, shl! This OST is a nice welcoming gift 🙂 I hope you enjoy it, and QIHM…do you recommend it? The last time I watched a time traveling drama (Rooftop Prince) I ended up having my heart ripped out and right now, I’m still feeling a little empty. So happy ending?

    Oh, and do participate in the July giveaway. I will be on fire >: D

    1. Hi, Wol,

      Thanks! I will indeed enjoy it; I’m still watching some of the earlier episodes of ATK when I have time, and enjoying the Woo Bin/ Joo Young portions. The other couple were a little too ‘cutesy’ for me!

      I strongly, feverently, whole-heartedly recommend QIHM! It is very well-written, well acted, well produced, well directed . . . er, you get the idea 😎 As I said to Niema, I shall not give anything away unless you ask, but you should both know that Ji Hyun-woo (the main lead) JUST confessed his love for Yoo In-na, the female lead, so every romantic interaction in the show now has greater intensity 😎

      Erm, before I say anything about the ending – do you really want to know?

      I commented on a couple of other websites that I wasn’t completely happy with the last episode, but, overall, I think it was well done. Yes, do watch!

      Right, I shall participate in the July giveaway! Let’s all get together and set the site ‘on fire’ 😎

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