Giveaway: July Giveaway #1 Winner

And the winner is…

…Wol! (Your July 5th entry).

Congratulations! I will package your prize and get it to you within the next week or so. I hope you enjoy trying out all the samples! 🙂

And for all of you who participated, thank you for your continued support and for all the early birthday wishes. I hope that you’ll participate in giveaway #2 (posted up today) and #3.

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8 thoughts on “Giveaway: July Giveaway #1 Winner”

  1. Congrats to Wol. We are all truly winners for having found Snoopy’s website ( thanks ATK, you were good for something)!

  2. EH?!?!?!?!?! D: I honestly cant believe I won xD Because I missed like 3 days…thanks everyone for your congratz 🙂

    I laughed at that ATK shout out xD

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