Giveaway: July (Birthday Celebration Giveaway #1)

Let me start this giveaway post by saying how much I’ve enjoyed blogging on this new URL ( and being surrounded by such an incredible group of women. Whether you comment or silently read without commenting, I’ve enjoyed blogging for this community and have been encouraged by the funny, heartwarming, etc. comments some of you leave me. Those comments have often brought smiles to my face after a long day at work.

Now, this being July–my birth month–I thought it would be fun to celebrate with you all. Normally, I spend a quiet evening(s) with friends and family in honor of my birthday, but this year, I wanted to include my online “Musings” friends/family in the celebration and have arranged 3 weeks of giveaways; if I can’t physically meet with you, the least I can do is spread some love online, right?

So starting today, the three giveaways will feature items from some of my favorite subscription memberships because I know that these are not available internationally, and it’s fun to share what brings me joy. Below is all the pertinent information for the giveaways:

1. Anyone can enter. Simply comment on this post AND subscribe to this site if you haven’t done so already. This is open to ALL Twinkles–new and old. :) Yes, even those who have won previous giveaways. I am an equal opportunity giveaway hostess. ;)

2. Comment no more than once a day…as much as I enjoyed reading all the fun comments from previous giveaways, with the busy summer schedule and three giveaways back to back, I figure a comment/day will be a good stipulation. Of course, you are more than welcome to comment more than once, but I’ll just count one per day to save myself some time. I hope you guys don’t mind.

3. Giveaway #1 starts at midnight (PST) on the 1st of this month and ends at 11:59 PM (PST) on the 7th. I will announce the winner on the 8th and start giveaway #2 on the 8th and giveaway #3 on the 15th.

4. One winner will be randomly selected from the entries received for each giveaway.

Good luck! Remember, giveaway #1 ends on July 7th at 11:59PM (PST). Bonne chance, my Twinkles!

Below is a YouTube video of the giveaway #1. I’m experimenting with social media (YouTube), and you get to finally hear what I sound like. LOL. Yes, I am venturing out into the social media realm of YouTube.

Giveaway #1: Combination of items from Birchbox and Beauty Army

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42 thoughts on “Giveaway: July (Birthday Celebration Giveaway #1)”

  1. Snoopy’s Twinkie, you are incredibly generous and we appreciate you for everything you are (not just your generosity). I know you said your birthday day but I don’t remember which it was so Happy Early Birthday!

    I am going to have to agree, reading this blog makes me happy. It’s very nice to have a community to come to that I can discuss and fangirl(or boy!) out on with our shows/movies/pretty much anything =D. So to my fellow Twinkies, thank you! You guys help keep me sane (especially when my husband and friends just don’t understand) lol.

  2. Know I understand why I lIke you so much! We will celebrate the month together! as a July cusp baby (cancer/Leo). Looking forward to turning older because I am so blessed to still be here! happy 1st July, the first day for us to celebrate!

  3. Is it time yet? Is it time yet?

    Got to agree with Niema; thank you, Twinkie, for being such a generous hostess! Happy Early Birthday to you, too 🙂 I think you can safely take it that we all enjoy being part of this community!

    @Niema – are you the only one in your family watching kdramas? My husband continually shakes his head at me watching YouTube kdrama/ kmovies videos, and when I’m immersed in the recaps I’m reading. My mother-in-law watches them too, but we like different shows, so we don’t discuss them often.

    @NewKDramaAddict – Happy Birthday July to you too!

      1. Oh! Now I remember why that date is so familiar! Snoopy’s Twinkie, you share your birthday with Singapore’s Racial Harmony Day 🙂 hee hee, generations of school children in Singapore won’t forget your birthday!

  4. Hi Snoopy! Happy July! Glad to see you doing recaps again. I anticipate you continuing recaps for Standby, hopefully? =) And another giveaway, wow so much goodies. I never heard of birchbox or beauty army so heres to hoping I get lucky. Thank you for your generosity every month!!

  5. Oops. Looks like I missed the first day’s post by about 10 minutes. xD Hehe, oh well! Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway. Well, three giveaways actually! The world needs more generous and selfless people like you, Miss Twinkie. (It occured to me just now that I actually am not aware of your real name… o.O) LOL. Well, I am off to bed now. Good luck to everyone! ^^ <3

  6. Happy Early Birthday Twinkie ( in case I forget )

    So sweet of you to offer us 3 x, thanks so much
    Can’t wait to see if I have any luck this time:)

  7. For a Birchbox Man “…or your boyfriends…” *shot in the heart* Low blow, Twinkie. Low blow T^T lol jkjk

    BEAUTY PRODUCTS!!!! Me likey <3

    Happy birthday to the summer babies 🙂

    But DARN IT. I thought I had this giveaway in the bag, but now its back to the limit xD I missed the first day, oh no D:

    It's a War of Luck now, ladies. SUIT UP! (Or something? Armor up? Idk what they say. Prepare your AK47'S? Pfft, not army savvy)

  8. 2nd post! I forgot to mention last time but the picture of the puppy above is very cute!!! I’m a sucker for dog pictures.

  9. I have 70’s music stuck in my head for some reason. Ah! I was talkin about Kung Fu Hustle on another post and “do the hustle” was playin in the background of my mind! lol.

  10. Wow, that’s a lot of July babies!

    Happy Birthday to you all!

    One of my BFFs and my 2nd kid are July babies too, and on the same day! That’s one friend’s birthday I’m not likely to forget, no matter how old I and forgetful I become 😎

  11. Another day for work, making Toaster Strudels!!! It’s been so long TT^TT

    Btw Twinkie, does your dog actually LET you dress him(or her…can’t seen to remember the gender lol) up? Because my puppy hates it 🙁 and he’s so cute with bows xD

  12. woah sorry. this is weird.. i dono why my comment got pushed up. you can not count the other one.. i thot i had commented but it wasnt showing so i commented again accidentally. o.O

  13. OMO, I check back in after being too busy for a long time and look at the little face I see! It’s Bentley! (LOL) How can he be so adorable that I’m now in a great mood.
    And your Birthday is this month? Cheers! *waves to everyone*

  14. 4th of July…here in my town, we had fireworks yesterday xD but I went to go see the new Spiderman movie lol and today, I just had a picnic with my friend and now I’m relaxing at home. I almost forgot to comment!!

  15. Happy birthday, Ms Snoopy! July sure is loaded with birthdays among my circle of family and friends. Not to say that I believe in Horoscopes, but interestingly, I do find most of the Cancers that I know quite the family person. I wonder if you are too! 😉

  16. Its almost midnight and I almost forgot to comment D: well here it is, nothing spectacular. It’s late. I’m tired. There is some weird person outside my window so I’m hiding upstairs -.- sweet dreams twinkles

    1. Hi Wol,

      What happened to the weird person outside your window?

      (for some strange reason I kept reading that line as ‘tree outside my window’, I think that’s in the opening line of a poem I read when I was younger, and I kept wondering why a weird tree would have you hiding upstairs. Sorry, my bad!)

      1. Not sure if you’ll be reading this NOW, since the giveaway is over but…I’m not sure what happened to them. lol they came, they stalked, and they left. I guess. I’m safe xD

  17. Oh wow… couldnt believed that my gardening took me away from commenting 🙂

    ST, first time hearing your voice(?), right… so i can imagine what a kind of a lady you are. If you were to hear mine, kekekekek… a mile away you can hear me talking…

    Congrats to whoever is the winner. May be i will try the next one… so watch out “you”… the winner.. LOL

    Just in case i will be taken away again … please accept my sincere birthday wish to sisters ST, NewKDramaAddict or anyone else who will celebrate their birthday this month. May God Bless You 🙂

    NewKDramaAddict, thanks for the link. Will try to watch it as soon as time permits.

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