Giveaway: December/Christmas Winners


I finally got around to tabulating the entries and selecting the winners (via Hurray~! 🙂

A big thank-you to all of you who participated! Without further ado, let’s take a look at the three winners…*cues drumroll*

For the So Ji Sub calendar (Giveaway #1)…Christine V! Congratulations! Woohoo~!

For the Lee Jun Ki little notes (Giveaway #2)…nenmem16! Congratulations! Woohoo~!

For the 2 DVD movies…heesoup! Congratulations! Woohoo~!

I’ll be visiting the post office this Monday in order to mail out packages, so please make sure that you email me your mailing address at 🙂

Congratulations again! And many thanks to those of you who continue to support this blog by reading and/or commenting on a regular basis!

I hope you’re excited for the next giveaway because Nayong is generously hosting the giveaway for the New Year! Until the next giveaway in a few weeks then, have a great weekend, Twinkles! ;)

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