Giveaway: Christmas 2012 #1

As many of you already know, there are two holidays that I like to celebrate with gusto, and the upcoming Christmas season is one of them. 🙂 So, in line with the spirit of the Christmas Season, I’ve decided to hold  three giveaways, all of which will start at midnight (PST) on Dec. 1st and end at 11:59PM (PST) on Dec. 7th. This should allow me enough time to mail out all of the prizes in time for the winners to receive them before Christmas. 

The rules are fairly simple:

1. Must be a subscriber to this blog as this is a thank-you gift(s) to my subscribers. If you’re not already a subscriber, that is easily remedied by subscribing (right side of the screen). 🙂

2. One comment per person per day….this will be a drawing that tests one’s diligence. 🙂 I know…I’m applying the comments shackles again…sort of…BUT the good news is that there are three giveaways to enter so that should make up for the partial restraints. 🙂 Also, there is no limit on how many of the prizes a person may win, so one person could theoretically win all three, although the chances of that happening are a bit slim. But one never knows….

3. The giveaway ends at 11:59PM on December 7, 2012, so make sure to enter all seven days to maximize your chances to win! 🙂

Feel free to enter for yourself or to give the prize away to a loved one. In the past, I’ve heard back from some of you who have told me how you were able to pass the prize along to another woman and encourage her with the gift, which is an incredibly generous way to apply the prize and such an encouragement to hear. 🙂

This post is obviously for Giveaway #1. You’ll be receiving the Poppy Jones Black Andrea bag along with an assortment of Korean snacks and ramen packs to munch on while you watch your favorite Korean dramas. I hope whoever wins this really enjoys the prize. I’ll make sure to pack enough for you to share with a few friends and/or family. 🙂

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61 thoughts on “Giveaway: Christmas 2012 #1”

  1. Thanks, ST, for putting ‘it’s better to give than to receive into practice 🙂 i shall enjoy giving this to someone if it comes my way, except for the food. . .

    1. if anyone love purses as i do, check out love moschino, a bit pricey but their designs are pretty cute. just thought i’d share that bit. 🙂

      1. oh, i just realized, i came across that brand while watching a thousand kisses as Kim So Eun’s character had that purse.

  2. Hi, everyone! Hope the weather is good wherever you are! The Christmas lights are up along our main shopping street, but it’s raining buckets 🙁

  3. I worked late last night and wrote a paper for 5 hours straight and forgot to comment -_- so now I’m far behind everyone else lol

      1. I shall reply to “Captivated” as my December 4th entry!

        Honestly, the only thing -I- have is a psp. My husband has a 360 (which I use as well, just not as often). I used to play World of Warcraft but I’ve stopped playing since about last year. My addictions to Korean dramas have put my gaming on hold for awhile, lol.

        1. I use to be a big gaming nerd. Lol it all started with the gameboy and Pokemon….. XD

          I had like four different gameboys and my brother and I had all the Pokemon games and when we beat one, we’d trade to play the other. We also had Pokemon cards and played tht. Anyways, then we got those link cables and could battle each other and we could trade and do all those bonus things. After Pokemon, we got into a Mario phase on the game cube. Paper Mario, smash bros brawl, and I was obsessed with Zelda. I continued with the DS and started becoming obsessed with Cooking Mama xD and of course, more Mario. Mario never goes old, man.

          But then….the shooting games happened. I can’t get into those. Idk why. I can’t. I miss my Nintendo >: ( so I stopped gaming. Brothers got a ps3, shooting games galore. Skyrim, blah blah blah.

          I did play an online game called Maple Story for awhile also…but then I stopped. Blehhh idk. Just not tht into games anymore. Gimme a game cube, and I’ll happily play some Pokemon and Mario again tho 😀 miss those games 🙁

          The only game I play now is Temple Run in my phone hahaha and I play some anime simulations/visual novel type of stuff on my phone. Those are fun and the pictures are pretty *-*

          1. Omggg, ahaha. That’s awesome, Wol and Niema!! Ahh I like Mario and Pokemon too! I’d probably have to say those are my favorite types of games. I used to play Maplestory also… ;P

            But yes, seems like gaming has been put on hold due to life and Korean dramas. xD

  4. Random acts of kindness (I found this story online): “Upon entering the Magic Kingdom, one of the security guards says to a little girl dressed as Cinderella, “Excuse me Princess, can I have your autograph?”. You could see the book was filled with children’s scribbles as the guard asked the same question of many little Princesses. The little girl could not get over the fact that the guard thought she was a real princess.”

  5. Dango, dango, dango, dango, dango daikazoku~

    Free cookie to the one who can name the song and where it comes from. Lol prolly no one -_-

    1. Dango Daikazoku from Clannad!!!! I was an anime addict before I became a K-drama addict hehehe. Used to watch til the end of the anime because I loved the song and the cute little dango characters! 😛

        1. Whooahhhh its a gang of anime lovers!!! I LOVE IT.

          Lets starts a club. On a kdrama forum. Hahahaha xD jkjk

          Anyways I was going to give you all a cookie…

          But I ate them.

          1. @kim: OMG THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!!! What a great idea!! LOL. *already thinking about who the cast would be* xD

            @Wol: Nuuuu, I wanted a cookie… D: Make more, please? <3

          2. @Wol: Awww shucks. Well, at least we’ve got plenty of cookies on our browsers. 😛

            @Captivated: Hmmm, I think our choices are pretty limited where teenage actors and actresses are concerned… There’s all the teenage casts from The Moon That Embraces The Sun, and Seo Young-joo from Can You Hear My Heart… Can’t think of any more. Although I think Park Shin-hye could still pass as a teenager hehe. Nagisa does share some of the character traits of Go Min-nyu from You’re Beautiful anyway! 😛

  6. Twinkies! Save me! I don’t understand a single thing from this class!!! (Maybe I should listen instead of posting my entry hahaha)

  7. I once told my husband that if something ever happened to me, he had to finish watching my Korean dramas so I could watch over his shoulder. The look he gave me was priceless. He loves to annoy me so this was me getting back at him. lol

  8. @ Niema – my husband has been glued to the tv at 10 p.m. recently watching Baker King. He himself couldn’t believe that he was captivated by a Kdrama! It may yet happen for yours 🙂 btw are you looking forward to Joo-won in ‘7th level civil servant’ next Jan?

  9. It’s funny to read all of your stories! I’m glad to know that I can continue watching k-drama even when I’m married ahahah

  10. @Captivated

    Just made some peppermint chocolate chip yesterday 😀 they are delish~ lol

    Last day, and I think this where I should finally thank you Twinkie for everything you have done so far. You’re so busy! I miss your comments D: Come back to me (us)!!! *starts singing “Please Don’t” by K.Will* TTEORAWAAAAA!! TTEORAWAAAAA! (Or Dorawa? Dorawa??? Idk I see it in many different ways :P)


    Anyways people, *AHEM* May the odds be EVA in your fava! (<<< My Hunger Games accent)

  11. Last round!

    @ Wol – I read the Hunger Games books recently (after saying I was buying them for my son, ha ha). I am curious – did you like the movie?

  12. Oh Hunger Games fans!!! (my ultimate literature love is HP though)

    I just noticed how nice we all are in this community. I mean, we are all “fighting” for the same prizes but here we are, wishing each other good luck and getting to know each other. We are adorable LOL

  13. @kim: Ooohh, you’re right! The teenage cast from METS was pretty impressive! LOL. Omg and Park Shin Hye! Hahaha. It seems like a lot of actresses nowadays could pass as high school students… xD

    @Wol: Omg. sounds nom-worthyyyyy1 😀 hehehe

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