Giveaway: Birthday Month Challenge!

B 05-15-16Happy Wednesday, Twinkles~! Hopefully, a revisit of this darling picture of Bentley brings smiles to your faces today as we plow through the middle of the week. 🙂

Some of you may have suspected this post from my “cryptic” hint on Sunday’s post (here)…In preparing this post for today, I realized that I have not held a giveaway on Musings in quite some time. *gasps in shock* 

The last time I held a giveaway? It was back in February of this year as we celebrated the lunar new year . (here)

The previous giveaway before that one? Heh…the birthday giveaway…back in July of 2015! (here)

So…in celebration of both my and NewKDramaAddict‘s upcoming birthdays, I thought I’d issue a giveaway invitation to you all. After all, we have to celebrate with you, right? 🙂

Here are the new rules to the giveaway, Twinkles:

1. Mail a postcard (handmade or store-bought) of your city, state, or country…OR of anything Kdrama related to the following address:

Grace Kang

P.O. Box 660081

Arcadia, CA  91066


2. On the postcard, write down some of your favorite things. This is my way of getting to know you all better. 🙂

3. Open internationally. We are, after all, an international community of Kdrama lovers! ;)

3. The giveaway challenge starts now and ends on July 31, 2016. The postcard must be postmarked by July 31st. This should give those of you who wish to participate enough time. 🙂 I will announce the winner on August 15, 2016, a date which should allow the post offices around the world suffice time to deliver the postcards to my mailbox. Yes, I have “great” faith in the postal services around the world. 😉

4. Please be aware that I plan on sharing your postcard with the Twinkles on Musings, so if you’d rather I not share the postcard, let me know somewhere on the postcard of this preference.

5. I will select the winner by putting all the postcards into a box and then drawing the winning postcard. I plan on filming the unboxing so that you can all view the selection process. 🙂

Now…for the prize. I am going to make the prize fairly simple. The winner will have a choice of two options:

Option #1: $25 deposited to his/her paypal account for the Twinkle to use as he/she wishes. I vote for something fun! 🙂

Option #2: $25 worth of Korean goodies mailed to his/her mailing address and be surprised by the treats I send him/her. 🙂

You may enter for yourself or transfer the prize to a loved one. As always, many thanks for helping to make this site a fun and happy place for me and other fellow Twinkles! Good luck, Twinkles!

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    1. What?! Really?! 🙁 I would be crushed if USPS went on strike. Any sign of the strike ending soon?

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