Giveaway: April

I loved the drama You Are Beautiful and loved the OST just as much. I mean, how can you go wrong with an album featuring four great singers? And so this month’s giveaway prize is the You Are Beautiful OST! I hope many of you like this item because I sure did! And nothing really beats a physical copy of the songs. 🙂

Here are the basic rules for the monthly giveaways:

1. Enter the giveaway by commenting on the post.

2. Comment as many times as you like. Each comment equals one entry.

3. Giveaway starts at midnight (PST) on the 1st of each month and ends at 11:59 PM (PST) on the 7th of that month.

4. One winner will be randomly selected from the entries received.

5. The prize will vary each month. Sometimes, it will be an OST CD. Other times, it will be drama-related merchandise, which can include even DVD box sets!

Good luck! Remember, this month’s giveaway ends on April 7th at 11:59PM (PST). Bonne chance, my Twinkles!

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32 thoughts on “Giveaway: April”

  1. This is an awesome giveaway! I remember how I actually told my mom I wanted to cut Go Mi Nam’s hairstyle. I really think park shin Hye unnie is such a good actress, I love her natural acting.

    The whole OST are awesome, I love Without Words by Park Shin Hye, I cried too when watching her singing this song in the studio. ^^

    Thanks again for this giveaway, Twinkie unnie.

  2. Loved the OST for this drama, maybe a little more than I liked the drama! Not saying I did not like it but was not one of my Marathon watch ones!

  3. I loved this drama so much, I actually did cut my long hair off xD
    Thank you so much for the opportunity, Twinkie!

  4. OMgosh…this was one of my fav OST’s!! My ringtone was JGS’s version of Without Words for a loooong time. (LOL) Oh, I’m so excited.

  5. Another exciting giveaway and I loved the music from this show. 😀 Niema and I had matching pig bunny cell phone charms. Mine sadly fell off of my phone leaving only the little rubber circle with a pig nose on it. I know this was the first k-drama she watched so if I win I may just have to get her one too. :3 Or at least get us a new set of pig bunny charms. 😀

  6. My ringtone is “Fantastic Baby” by Big Bang xD

    So monthly giveaways are shorter than holidays? Hmm…less wait but somehow, I feel more nervous since I really want this! I actually just re-watched You’re Beautiful on Netflix ^.^

  7. I’m back for the April give-away. :)I loved Jang Geun Suk but I didn’t like Mary Stayed Out All Night as much as loved You’re Beautiful. Not sure if I will watch Love Rain…

    By the way, thanks for the recaps for High Kick 3. When I stopped watching A Thousand Kisses, I was looking for another drama to watch. At that time, I was also watching Take Care of Us, My Captain but I didn’t really like the main characters, tho I love them both as actors. Anyway, I read a comment saying to check out Goo Hye Sun in Pure Heart coz she was really good in that drama. I checked it out & fell in love with her character & Seo Ji Sook. They were brilliant in that drama & I must say after watching so many dramas, in my book they are the best of the best of K-drama couples. 🙂 I ended up searching for more Seo Ji Sook dramas, so I watched Gloria & episodes of Kiss & Cry w/ Kim Yuna. ( I tried watching Manny but couldn’t finish & didn’t like OB Gyn). Long story short, am so happy to see Seo Ji Sook’s pics in your recaps & I just found out that dramafever has the English sub of HK3. Now I’m in Seo Ji Sook heaven!!!!

  8. I loved poor Jeremy. He was so sweet and kind. The bus episode broke my heart when he just put on a brave face after all that crying. ;-; Gah now I’m wanting to watch it again XD but there are so many dramas I’ve yet to see. I was watching dramas before Niema but she has far surpassed me since then XD.

  9. XXYYZZ watch Love Rain! Its simply beautiful 🙂 lots of people say its slow and boring but this drama is a love story and the words said are sweet and heartwarming <3 You can really relate to the characters if you have ever been in love ^.^

  10. I always wanted to bu this ost but never got a chance to. ):
    But anyways, thanks so much for doing this giveaway (:
    JGS FTW. <3 lol

  11. I really want the OST but I feel bad posting comments without substance <.< Ummm… So what's everyone's favorite song from the show? Mine is when Jeremy sings "Really Good Song", wish they had made a studio version for the OST. I like all the songs though. 😀

  12. Ever since you mentioned, i cant get off of it lol all the kdrama stuff!!! and theres lots more… Thank you for indirectly introducing that site ^.^

  13. Loved this drama so much, I bought the DVDs! Loved all of Tae-Kyung’s facial expressions. Favorite scene was the making of the pig rabbit!! Thanks for having another giveaway!

  14. Last day. Ahh so nervous >.< I've never won anything sooo lol I hope to play this cd every day in the car until my mom decides to confiscate it xD

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