g.o.d.: “The Story of Our Lives” (Featuring Megan Lee)

g.o.d. The Story of Our Lives

This is truly g.o.d. at its best. The men combine a smooth blend of rap and vocals to bring us a heartwarming story about Life–tough, poignant, meaningful, aching, joyful, etc. And to top off the beautiful music video is a surprise appearance from one of my favorite young actors, Shin Shin Ae (Thank You and High Kick 2), as the now blossoming teenage daughter.

Let’s take a listen to the group’s latest song as these men catapult us into the lives of this one family and, through the song, prompt us to examine our lives and our interactions with our own family members.

Music Video: 


*heartfelt sigh* What can I say about a song that tugs at all the right emotional strings? It’s definitely a song that’s sealed the deal for me. Aulia, who is currently in Korea right now, will be bringing me a copy of the album.

The. Music. Is. Just. That. Good.

I don’t know about you, but if I’m honest with myself, the people whom I oftentimes hurt the most are the people whom I profess to love the most–my family members.

This song is a poignant reminder for me of the enduring strength of love and family. As you listen to this song, I wish a similar reminder for you. Have a great weekend, Twinkles!

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