g.o.d.: “Sky Blue Promise”

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It’s definitely official now–the boys men of g.o.d. are back, and if their newly released music video is a harbinger of their 15th Anniversary, these gentlemen haven’t lost their touch.

In fact, I’d wager that they’ve only gotten That. Much. Better. Shall we take a look…? 

Music Video of “Sky Blue Promise”:

*happy sigh* This music video just gave me warm fuzzies in my heart. I love how the video is at once nostalgic and anticipatory of the future. Nicely done, SidusHQ! Oh, you, too, g.o.d. 😉 You aren’t named “groove over dose” for nothing. 😀

I hope you’re all excited about this reunion because these guys have only gotten better with age. I love that these once “idols” have weathered the test of time to become one of the biggest legends of K-pop! Their music is certainly no one-hit wonder. Here’s to another 15 more years of groovy music, gentlemen! 😉

I leave you with a snip from the music video; they clean up quite nicely, don’t you think? Heh.

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