g.o.d.: “Saturday Night”

god Saturday Night

I’ve already admitted to you all that I wasn’t into K-pop back when g.o.d. was huge about almost 15 years ago , right? Well, I appear to be making up for lost time as I immerse myself in the music of one of Korea’s original boy bands, if not THE original.

The group released “Sky Blue Promise” (here) at the beginning of July and just released “Saturday Night” yesterday (July 7th). Their newest full-length album hits the music stores and online outlets today (July 8th) in anticipation of their 15th Anniversary Concert that is to be held July 12 -13.

Anyone need a boost this Tuesday? I highly recommend this latest contribution to the Korean music industry. I promise that you won’t be disappointed! 😉 The men of g.o.d. still have their “groove” on and an even sharper sense of humor that’s just been honed with time. 🙂


I don’t really need to say anything, right? The music/music video pretty much speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

However, I will leave you with one last comment…or more specifically, one last picture. I think this picture alone will infuse your Tuesday work day with a little spring in your steps and a zest for life as these men take zany to a whole new level of fun. 😉

god Saturday Night 1

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  1. LOL, Grace I totally love, I mean LOVE Saturday Night!
    My favourite from the album, of course I love the other songs as well!

    Will be buying this album when I get to Seoul!

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