Friday Fun: Younha and Kanto – “All-Day, Every Day”

Younha and Kanto - All Day, Everyday

Woohoo~! Happy Friday, Twinkles!

In connection with last week’s “Friday Fun” selection–Seo In Guk‘s “Bom Tanaba,” which features many lovely cups of coffee (here)–I thought that I should continue this appreciation for the “simpler” things in life…like coffee, donuts, breakfast sandwiches, etc. *wiggles eyebrows*…for one more Friday as we usher in yet another “glorious” weekend. 😉 Yes, I know. *smiles cheekily* The “punny” reference was intended. 😉

Without further ado, let’s take a listen to what has become a much beloved song for me this past week! 

Name: Younha and Kanto (Kanto and his group TROY were featured in the inaugural post of “Friday Fun” here.)

Song Title: “All-Day, Every Day” (released on June 12, 2014)

Video Rating: G


How adorable and uplifting is this song? 😉

Just hearing this song, sung by the ever-talented Younha and one of the emerging stars of the rap world Kanto, is enough to help get any sleepy bedhead up from bed in the mornings with a silly grin on his or her face, right? 🙂 Besides, this collaboration that Younha and Kanto did for Dunkin Donuts was just too adorable for me to pass up.

Steaming hot cups of coffee…

Warm, cushion-like breakfast sandwiches…

Doughy pieces of donuts…

*happy smile*

What a bright burst of happiness to start off the day as these two singers remind us to appreciate the simple things in life! It certainly doesn’t hurt that Kanto’s deep voice complements Younha’s angelic voice smoothly so that this upbeat song isn’t too “sugary” or “syrupy.” 😀

I hope you enjoy listening to/watching this music video. Many wishes for a glorious* weekend, Twinkles! 😉

*Anyone counting the hours? Minutes? Seconds? until Saturday’s broadcast of you know what? 😉

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