Friday Fun: Yoon Han – “I Dreamed a Dream”

FF 11-28-14

Happy Friday, Twinkles!

I don’t know about you, but from time to time, I plunge myself into the world of classical music and relish all that classical music has to offer. Although this song isn’t considered part of the traditional “classical music” repertoire, its performer is bringing back a love of “classical” music for many Korean music lovers. Needless to say, I’ve just recently become a fan of Yoon Han. 🙂

Video: Compliments of 1theK (원더케이) via Youtube

The song that encapsulates the tragic, one-sided love that Éponine has for the clueless Marius always gets me right here *thumps chest*. The pure and simplistic sound of the piano somehow adds an added layer of poignancy to this song that I love so much, especially the piano (quiet, subdued) parts.

As you soothe your soul with Yoon’s rendition of this timeless classic, “I Dreamed a Dream,” I wish you all a glorious weekend, Twinkles!

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