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FF - Troy

As a White Day surprise for Korean music lovers all around–Happy White Day, Twinkles!–the music label Brand New Music has released its new hip-hop boy band Troy for us to enjoy. 😉

Last night, I came across this music video, and inspiration struck! Why not have a fun little corner introducing a tune to usher in the long-anticipated weekend? When you see this video, you’ll know why I had such a thought. 😉

Shall we take a closer look at this strong debut?

Group Name: TROY

Members: Bumkey (lead singer), Kanto (rapper – cute/playful), Jae Woong (rapper – the eye candy), and Chang Woo (rapper – classy/debonair)

Debut: March 13, 2014

Agency Label: Brand New Music (BNM)

Song Title: “Green Light”

Video Rating: PG-13 (for ages 14/15 and up)

*English lyrics available if you click “CC” on the video.

Musings: I first clicked on this video because my YouTube subscription newsfeed showed a thumbnail of Bumkey, the lead singer, in shades and “cool attitude” pose that made me think that I was looking at 2AM’s Lee Chang Min. As the video started, I was instantly drawn in by the stylized video: costumes reminiscent of the 1930s/1940s, fun choreography, savvy use of vibrant colors as well as black and white, and the smooth blend of soul, hip-hop, and a splash of jazz to round out the mix.

Pretty soon, I was reclicking the video again to take a closer listen…and I liked even more what I saw and heard the second time. For the most part, the music video is relatively “clean” with the exception of a brief glimpse of chocolate abs and suggestive hand motion by Jae Woong, the Eye Candy of the group.

The group is surprisingly polished on the music video for a debut group. I’ve already nicknamed the members:

We’ve got Bumkey as the “cool” leader and soul singer.

Kanto, the one in white hairdo, is the cute, playful one with the deepest rap tone.

Jae Woong is our resident eye candy with a physique that clearly reflects a previous athletic life.

Rounding out the group is Chang Woo, the member with probably the classiest persona I’ve seen on a rapper yet with his high top hat and baby-smooth face recalling images of crooners more than rappers.

The song itself is a slpash of colors, rhythmic groove, and energetic fun. I’m curious to know what you all think, so let me know down in the comments below what your thoughts are on this new group. Since I’ve been away from Korea’s music scene for a while, I can’t say with authority that this group brings something new to the music landscape, but what I can say definitively is that my eyes and ears enjoyed this solid debut. 🙂

As you can see from their very first television debut on M! Countdown, the performance here isn’t as polished as their music video’s, but these gentlemen certainly exude a promise of greatness to come in the next few months as they gain more experience.

Overall, their debut and herald for a fun weekend is, in their words, a “Green Light.” I’m looking forward to seeing what else these men have for us in the future!

And on this fun note, I wish you all a wonderful weekend, Twinkles! Happy Friday! Happy White Day!

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