Friday Fun: Sungha Jung (with Jason Mraz) – “I’m Yours”

FF 07-15-16

Happy Friday, Twinkles~! I hope you’re ready to usher in another lovely weekend! 😉

Some of you may be a bit surprised by my selection today, but I figured that I could get away with featuring “I’m Yours” since it’s a song that is loved in Korea, and the performance features one of Korea’s internationally-renowned acoustic guitarist, Sungha Jung.

Shall we take a listen and recharge to the soothing strains from this virtuoso? 😉

Video: Published May 16, 2013, and compliments of jwcfree via YouTube

If you’d like to see the original video that caught the attention of Jason Mraz, take a look below:

Can you believe he played this as a teenager?! And to prove without any doubt that he is a master of any instrument with strings, he even played the song on the ukulele:

Am I right when I say that he’s amazing? A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

I hope these videos were a soothing balm to your souls as they were to mine. And a special thanks to DracoMama for inspiring this week’s selection!

I wish you another glorious weekend, my dear Twinkles! *blows kisses*

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