Friday Fun: Sung Hoon – “Is This the Beginning” (시작인가요)

Sung Hoo for YT

Surprised to see a second “Friday Fun” post from me today? Let’s just say that I’ve been trying to motivate myself to be productive today–I have stacks of papers and exams that need to be graded by Monday–and finally convinced myself to return to Real Life after posting this music video and getting it out of my system by sharing it with you all. Gotta love my convoluted thinking, huh? 😉

Anyhow, for those of you with Bang Sung Hoon on the brain–comme moi–below is the solo version of one of my favorite songs with clips of the man singing in the studio…wearing glasses!!! *hangs head* I’m such a sucker for eye candy in glasses. *chuckles ruefully*

Oh, and the cover picture is a present from Nelly. Thank you, Nelly! 

Video: Compliments of · 가딘미디어 via YouTube

Am I right, or am I right? He looks good in glasses. 😉 Have a good weekend, everyone!

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13 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Sung Hoon – “Is This the Beginning” (시작인가요)”

  1. Looks like he was having fun recording this and yes, he’s cute with the glasses on, looks like a bookworm, and that’s a good thing! Thanks for sharing. Have a restful and productive weekend all!

  2. I forgot, thank you Nelly for the pictures. The picture on the far right is the same as in his bedroom in the drama, “New Tales of Gisaeng”. I have a feeling I know who will receive the honor of eye candy for 2016, hint, hint,

    1. *blinks* I can’t believe you recognized the picture from the show. lol
      As for 2016…I’d say you’re getting to know me fairly well by now. 😀 Unless something–or someone–comes along to change my mind, I think your hunch may become a reality. 😉

      FYI: I was planning on someone else for 2015 Eye Candy when I “rediscovered” LJW in late Nov., so anything’s possible. lol

  3. Very funny missienelly. It is a very nice picture, but always struck a weird chord with me seeing it hanging in his bedroom. I guess it wouldn’t be too far fetched to say he (the character not the actor) had narcissistic tendencies.

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