Friday Fun: Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum


If the first part of 2016 belonged to Song Joong Ki with his blockbuster series Descendants of the Sun , I think it’s safe to say that his hoobae Park Bo Gum is staking the latter half of the year as his with Love in the Moonlight.

Shall we usher in the weekend with a fun little video of these two? 😉 Just be warned: Some of you may want to book the next flight to Korea. LOL  

Video: Released June 10, 2016, and compliments of YouMovie via YouTube

Was I right? Are you wanting to take a trip overseas? *smirks*

Too bad the Domino’s Pizza stores here in the U.S. don’t sell this particular pizza. As great as the guys look, I seriously want to try the Korean Domino’s Pizza’s Shrimp Pizza. Oh…excuse me. I meant to say King Prawn Seafood Pizza. 😉  Yuuuuuummmmm~!

Hopefully, I didn’t make any of you too hungry. LOL. Have a “W”onderful weekend, Twinkles~! Here’s wishing us all good health as we enter into the “cold” season. *blows kisses and hugs*

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4 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum”

  1. The Bogummy Fever is real.. I watched this and only had eyes for PBG. SJK could’ve been wallpaper for all my fangirl eyes could see! 😛 (I’m sorry, SJK! I still love you!)

    1. LOL. You truly have been struck down by BoGummy Fever! 😉
      Nelly “forced” me into a mini-marathon of Reply 1988. LOL

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