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FF 02-27-15

It’s Friday, Twinkles! Happy Friday! 🙂

I thought that I would introduce to you a group that helped me get into K-pop in the early 2000s. And I have my little cousin, Esther, to thank for this since she was practically obsessed with the group back then. Personally, more than the songs or music videos, I was more charmed by their performances on variety shows like X-man and Love Letter. Let’s just say that during the first decade of the new millennium, a variety show just wasn’t truly popular unless it had invited and broadcast at least one episode with these guys. For one thing, their antics on and off the small screen were the stuff of legends! Intrigued…? Today’s music selection features a short clip and then a link to a much longer clip, one that I think will be worth the viewing…yes, even if you don’t understand Korean. 🙂

Video: Released February 23, 2015, by SBSNOW via YouTube.

For those of you who, like me, followed the variety show appearances of Shinhwa, you’ll recognize the familiar background set of the show Love Letter that Kang Ho Dong hosted. In this short clip, the hosts of the current variety show Healing Camp recreated the set as they welcomed back to the small screen this legendary boy group that debuted back in 1998 and has remained together for an impressive 17 years! The average age of the group is 36.5 years old now! 🙂 The guys are tested on how well they remember their choreography with random snippets of their past hit songs. Heh. Eric‘s momentary blank expression is so cute! LOL

Through the various highs and lows of their personal and professional lives, these men have stuck together and are now back to promote their latest album release. *wipes a solitary tear from eye before it drops* They epitomize the idea of fidelity to each other and to their fans. I wish them continued success!

The complete episode (you can see the raw video here or here in Part I, Part II, and Part III) takes us back through their impressive career as a team and chronicles  not only their professional past but also their personal past with each other. *happy sigh* They are what one hopes members of a group will be like towards each other–incredibly supportive and able to withstand the test of time.

I hope you get a chance to watch the full episode of Healing Camp…yes, even if the links that I’ve provided don’t have English subtitles. Seriously, the “dance party” alone brings back so many great memories, and who knew that a simple game of Korean jacks (gong ki) could be so suspenseful and thrilling? And if we’re talking about truly thrilling, the footage of their unforgettable bungee jumps should categorize these guys into a separate classification of their own. LOL

On this note, I wish you all a wonderful weekend, Twinkles!

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6 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Shinhwa”

  1. If anyone happens to fall in love with them only now thanks to your post, I’d recommend them ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ (the 1st season). It was the best thing that could happen for their long awaited comeback.

  2. Snoopy!!! You love Shinhwa too! How awesome!!

    I’ve followed then since first watching them on variety shows. Their X-Man appearances are legendary and so too Love letter which initially was basically a Shinhwa show..

    They were on Happy Togehter when they still had the pot lid challenge and as usual – the life of the party

    They are well known for their dorkiness and close knit relationship. Yoo Jae Suk in their RunningMan episode reminisced how Shinhwa used to obliterate the competitiion and then challenge amont themselves

    Watch their interview on Shim S tap pa (I don’t know the exact spelling) where Kang Ho Dong was host – hilarious.

    I’ve watched a few Shinhwa Broadcast but subs are hard to come by.
    They are appearing again on RunningMan this week and I’ve been waiting excitedly all week.

  3. RM episode now safely on my hard drive.. hehe..

    Much like you, I love Shinhwa from their variety appearances. Love Letter and Xman help me made through my college life..

    1. Regarding the RM episode (March 1, 2015), isn’t Eric simply muhshisuh during the Princess Dodgeball game? 😉

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