Friday Fun: Shinhwa (Part II)

FF 03-27-15

It’s Friday, Twinkles! Are you ready to have some fun with me? 😉

The men of Shinhwa make another appearance in this “Friday Fun” corner with what promises to feel like a mini-concert for us. 🙂 Here to help us usher in the weekend is a compilation of three songs that are, for all intent and purposes, “classic” Shinhwa. Enjoy~!

Video: Compliments of KBSKpop via YouTube

The first song is definitely characteristic of Shinhwa’s edgier songs, and the title “Sniper” certainly alludes to that categorization. I will admit that it’s taken me a while to like this song, but then that’s always the case with me and their “edgier” songs. 😛 This newest release–part of their 12th album titled WE–is followed by “I Pray 4 U,” a quintessential Shinhwa ballad, and their final song to round out the mini-concert is a feel-good-let’s-conquer-the-world-and-enjoy-life k-pop sound that borrows its upbeat melody from the original American song “Do Wah Diddy Diddy.”

If you’re craving more Shinhwa, you can check out Part I here. Can you guess which member is my favorite? 😉

As you soak in the diverse sounds of this multi-faceted group, I wish you all another “glorious” weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Shinhwa (Part II)”

  1. Hey Snoopy!!!

    Hmmmmm, let me see – I’d say your favourite member would be Eric!!! 😛 He is Hot! and he is Cool!!!

    One word that comes to mind when Shinhwa is on is – hijinks!!
    They are just adorable.

    1. Hi, Madkdr! It seems like a long time since I’ve heard from you, so I’ve very glad to read this comment. 🙂
      Eric is actually a very close second. 😉

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