Friday Fun: Seo In Guk – “Bom Tanaba”

Seo In Guk Bomtanaba

Woohoo~! Happy Friday, Twinkles!

I selected this week’s “Friday Fun” for two reasons: 1) I love coffee and 2) this singer/actor just started a new drama series (High School King of Savvy) this week, and I thought that it was about time that I featured his song. 🙂 Yes, I will be weighing in on his new show later this week, but in the meantime, shall we take a listen to/view of his newest song? 😉 

Name: Seo In Guk

Debut: 2009 as the season 1 winner of Superstar K

Agency Label: CJ E&M

Song Title: “Bom Tanaba” (released on May 13, 2014)

Video Rating: PG


I’ll be honest: This is the first MV that I’ve actually seen/heard Seo In Guk as a singer, but I am definitely liking what I see and hear. I mean, given my penchant for drinking coffee in the morning, afternoon, and evening, how can I not like this music video?! Just the image of Seo In Guk trying to get some sleep yet drinking cup after cup of coffee is simply too adorable. LOL And that’s not including the mellow tone of his voice! 😉

As you look forward to the weekend, I hope this little smooth song sung* by Seo In Guk eases you into an otherwise relaxing weekend. And unlike Seo In Guk in the music video, we should definitely get some much-deserved sleep, right? 😉

I hope you enjoy listening to/watching this music video. Many wishes for a wonderful weekend, Twinkles!

*Sorry, I couldn’t resist the alliteration. 😀

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4 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Seo In Guk – “Bom Tanaba””

  1. Cute MV and I like the song, much better than his previous release which was a ballad
    Actually like some of his earlier songs and he did a cute song with Eunji I think for Reply 1997

    I don’t think I will be watching his new drama though, not fond of High School dramas which could be one of the reason I did not watch Heirs yet!! Believe it or not LOL

    1. I saw ep.1 and wasn’t too impressed. I’ll be making my final decision as to whether or not to continue watching after I see ep. 2.

  2. May I give you some recommendations? I think you should try to watch All For You MV, it was Answer Me 1997 OST and he sang it with his co-star Jung Eunji. It was such a cute song and cute MV. Or maybe you can try to watch his first ever MV, right after he won Superstar K, called Calling You. His Love U MV is also good. It was his song from 2010, but you can see he already have acting talent from that MV back then. Or from his Japanese album, Everlasting Love. I love the MV, the song and of course his voice. I love Broken, too. More upbeat song? You can watch Shake It Up. It’s a song for dance xD. Well, that’s just some of my recommendations as his huge fan 😀

    1. Welcome to our Musings community, raysie! Yes, I’ve already watched the “All for You” MV because it popped up on my youtube feed. 🙂 Thanks for the other suggestions! I’ll have to check them out this summer. 🙂

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