Friday Fun: “Ring Ding Dong” in Variation

Shinee Ring Ding Dong

Happy Friday, Twinkles!

I know…I am woefully behind on my blogging schedule. 🙁 Let’s just delve into this Friday’s fun without further ado! 🙂 

This week, I thought that some of you might like a blast from the past and see how two talented groups take one song and put an entirely different spin–their own distinctive mark–on it. And so, for your viewing and listening pleasure, I present to you the “Ring Ding Dong” song performed by Shinee and Akdong Musician.

Shinee’s Version: Released October 14, 2009

Akdong Musician (AKMU)’s Version: Released March 4, 2013 during their Kpop Star Season 2 competition


As you can see from these two performances, the groups have taken essentially the same song and transformed it into two radically different versions while maintaining the core essence of the song. Truly, I am amazed at the musicality of both groups and how they are able to infuse so much verve and unique signature to their version.

I hope that these two renditions help you usher in a fun-filled and/or relaxing weekend! Happy weekend, Twinkles!

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  1. SHINee’s Ring Ding Dong was the song that introduced me to the world of Korean entertainment, and Akdong Musician’s version made me a fan of theirs!!

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