Friday Fun: Park Seo Joon – “Come into My Heart”

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Woohoo~! Happy Friday, Twinkles!

It’s finally Friday! I cannot tell you how happy I am for today! 🙂 It’s been a rough week for me, so this song is definitely a soothing balm to a wearied little twinkie. Hopefully, you find it just as soothing.

Let’s take a look at this week’s fun selection to usher in the weekend!

Music Video: Released May 15, 2014


This young man has been taking the Korean entertainment industry by storm in the past year with hits like I Summon You, God (2013) and One Warm Word (2013-2014), so it’s no surprise that he has wormed his way into legions of hearts with his recent portrayal of Yoon Dong Ha opposite veteran actress Uhm Jung Hwa. I mean, how many young actors do you know who can engage an audience and convince it that a relationship of 14-years age gap can work. But make it work he does…

Even more heartwarming is his soothing song, “Come into My Heart” from the OST of A Witch’s Romance. If his singing surprises you, it shouldn’t since he initially made his television “debut” as Si Woo in Dream High 2. 

Yup, our darling little puppy is a crooner…in a good way. 😉

I’m sure you’ve heard this from a number of Kdrama fans already, but I’ll reiterate it here: He’s one of his generation’s must-watch actors. He’s got a depth to his acting that shows tremendous range and maturity. I have yet to see the limits to his versatility! Add singing to his talents, and we’ve got ourselves a genuine A-list young star on the fast-track to international stardom.

You heard me…I’m predicting that this guy has the potential to be Korea’s next big international star. 🙂

In the meanwhile, sit back and let his soothing voice help you wash away the worries of the workweek and relax a bit as you anticipate the “glorious” weekend! 😉

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5 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Park Seo Joon – “Come into My Heart””

  1. I love you!!!
    I absolutely adore this puppy!!!
    I don’t know why – but it’s been awhile since I had this – silly grin syndrome – you know- where you just have this grin plastered to your face when the darling boy comes onscreen or you see his pic!
    It happened with Ji Hyun Woo, Seung Gi and now Park Seo Joon – sigh!!! Isn’t kdrama life so worth living?? 😉

  2. Just a reminder lol you forgot something huh rofl…….I really liked this show Jung Has is smoking.There was a guy in this rofl.

  3. What can I say? I started late watching Witch Romance
    To be honest, I started watching it on Sunday, unsure if I would like it BUT.. ta da.. I was hooked by episode 2 and ended up doing a marathon!
    LOL, I watched a whole 12 episodes + half an episode of episode 13 before I finally stopped at 3 am because, sadly the next day is Monday and I have to work!

    So, Monday is here and I am suffering from the lack of sleep, this is all PSJ’s fault!!

    LOL, I am counting the hours to finish work and continue WR!

    PSJ is a fantastic actor and I first saw him in One Warm Word, looking forward to more dramas from him

    Best news!! – He’s completed Military Service … Yahooo… No fear of him leaving ever!!

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