Friday Fun: Park Jin Joo


Hi, Twinkles~! It’s been a while, huh? My apologies! I’ve certainly been remiss in my blogging, huh? 🙁

Well…I was going to wait until my final exams and grades were all posted to resume blogging, but I just couldn’t resist sharing with you my newest pixie crush. 😉 Yup, it’s Park Jin Joo who stole many of our hearts in Jealousy Incarnate as the deadpan nurse who masterfully handled our recalcitrant Lee Hwa Shin. 🙂 Once you see her, I think you may just end up developing a pixie crush yourselves. 🙂

So…here’s a return to our weekly “Friday Fun” with two songs that are designed to uplift your spirits and set your feet tapping. 🙂 

Video: Compliments of MBCentertainment via YouTube

Wanna see her in really in action?

Amazing, right? My guess is that she’s on the cusp of creating a legacy for herself as a triple threat to the Korean Entertainment Industry. Just wait and watch, Twinkles. Heh, is my bias showing? 😉

Here’s to a fabulous weekend, everyone!

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