Friday Fun: Park Bo Gum Fever


We continue to observe Park Bo Gum Fever with this medley of songs that our dear little “Gummy” sang in the series Wonderful Mama (2013).

Yes, I acknowledge that many of my dear Twinkles have contracted this highly contagious Kdrama illness, and the only way to monitor and assuage their symptoms is to provide a vaccine of sorts in the form of more PBG clips. 😉

So…shall we usher in our first official weekend of the fall season? *squeals* My favorite season of the year has started, Twinkles~! *dances Happy Snoopy Dance* 

Video: Released June 22, 2015, and compliments of gakushitaru via YouTube

How impishly adorable is this versatile actor? 🙂 Thank goodness, I’m currently dealing with a serious case of SLS (Second Lead Syndrome) with Jealously Incarnate; otherwise, I’d be an easy target for Park Bo Gum Fever. 😉


I concede, though, that he’s quite the charmer. Have a “W”onderful weekend, Twinkles~! Here’s wishing us all lots of lovely pumpkin spiced lattes and piping hot cups of tea this fall season! *blows kisses and hugs*

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6 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Park Bo Gum Fever”

  1. I had a great laugh!!! I really did! I continue to smile sheepishly at him. My Gummy is officially my soulmate! I’m so glad you don’t have D’s number!!!!! LOL – Should I watch Wonderful Mama now? *giggle*

    1. LOL. I’ll have to remember that you called Gummy your Soulmate…just in case I need material for blackmail in the future. 😉

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