Friday Fun: Marriage, Not Dating OST – “Just One Day”


Happy Friday, Twinkles!

This Friday, I thought that I would take a moment to observe the memory of a man who brought the international community great laughter, insight into the human spirit, and reminder that life is, indeed, a fragile thing.

To those who are experiencing loss at this time, I offer this song as a reminder that love is two-sided and that we need but to look at the other side to remember all the good times as we deal with the sorrows…and that we’re always going to wish and hope for “Just One Day.” The good news is that there is always someone who will keenly feel your absence…because that is how special each person is.

Music Video: Released July 31, 2014, and sung by Son Ho Young and Danny Ahn


I’ve been dealing with a number of people leaving my life for one reason or another, so this week has been a time of reflection and readjustments. I don’t know about you, but songs like this one remind me that love–in all its various forms–can be double-edged…generating priceless moments of great joy but also rendering gnawing abysses of hurt and sorrow.

My task whenever I encounter loss is to remember the good times, learn from the loss, and move forward. As reductive as this statement may sound, it helps to focus on the good things in life as I weather the storms of Real Life.

So as to not end this week’s “Friday Fun” post on a melancholy note, I offer you this reminder song of “Happy Things.” I wish you all a meaningful and memorable weekend, Twinkles!

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    1. Thank you, Martha! Nothing major…just little things here and there. 😛
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