Friday Fun: Kim Tae Woo – “Love Rain” (사랑비) + Seo Hyun

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Happy Friday, Twinkles! I hope you’re ready for another weekend. 😉

From time to time, I encounter moments when I just want to hear an oldie but goodie, and today is that day for me. 🙂 Yes, as I begin to slowly immerse myself in the end-of-term craziness, I’ve been seeking the comforts of the familiar.

I hope you enjoy these two versions of one of my favorite songs by none other than one of my favorite male singers.

Video: Released Feb. 4, 2012, and compliments of MBCkpop via YouTube

If you’re in the mood for a variation on the classic song, you can check out his performance below with Seo Hyun of SNSD.

Happy Friday, Twinkles~! I wish you another glorious weekend!

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3 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Kim Tae Woo – “Love Rain” (사랑비) + Seo Hyun”

  1. This is a beautiful performance! Thank you for uploading, I enjoyed it a lot! Especially the one with Seohyun inside. She sings so well, and I didn’t even know that she was capable of playing the piano! I’m sorry, but I don’t recognize the singer…. Who is he?

    1. Ah…Kim Tae Woo is the youngest member of one of K-pop’s first generation boy bands (g.o.d.). I’m surprised that you haven’t heard of him. He’s actually quite famous in K-music industry and K-variety shows. 🙂
      Thanks for reading and commenting! Between you and your sister, I’m enjoying the “revival” of comments. 🙂 I’ve missed reading comments and interacting with other Twinkles since many of them are silent readers. 😉

      1. Oh… My Unnie told me that after I commented, and I think I saw a show with him just a few minutes ago… Anyway, thank you so much for telling me, and I’m glad you like my comments, because I just love commenting! Sometimes I think I’m too much of a blab because I comment way to much… LOL! :):)

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