Friday Fun: Jinusean (feat. Jang Han Na) – “Tell Me One More Time” (한번 더 말해줘)

FF 05-15-15

Happy Friday, Twinkles! And what a truly happy Friday it is! What time is it?!

*shouts “Jinusean time!”* 🙂

To help you celebrate the end of another work/study week, especially since some of you students are about to hit your final exams, I offer you a song that may just help provide you with some very much needed relief from stress. 😉 Oh, and the cover picture of the Beamer…I just couldn’t resist featuring it. Can you blame me? *whispers in awe* It’s stunning.

Video: Released April 13, 2015, and made available by YGEntertainment via YouTube

The men of Jinusean prove that they still have what it takes to make a song pop with beat, verve, zaniness, humor, etc. And Jang Han Na (former contestant of K-Pop Star 3) adds to the dynamic duo’s rap with that sweet powerful voice of hers.

FF 05-15-15 1

Hmm…there’s a reason why Jinusean has been able to stick around for as long as they have. Not only was this rapping duo one of the pioneers of Korean rap, debuting back in 1997, but this latest release of theirs demonstrates without any doubt that they have not lost their touch and can compete with the best of the “young” rappers. Ha~! Love the song, the music, video, the singers/rappers…I’ll just say that I love everything about this song and wish you another glorious weekend…before I talk myself into a tizzy that no one will understand. 😉 Have a glorious weekend!

FF 05-15-15 3

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