Friday Fun: HongCha (홍차) – “Cheer Up” (힘내쏭)

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Happy Friday, Twinkles~! I’m back and so is our Friday Fun corner to help us usher in the new weekend!

In addition, it’s the first weekend of a new month! And July at that! Woohoo~! *blows noisemaker in celebration*

Why is this month so special, you ask? Well…it is the birth month of yours truly and my dear co-blogger, NewKDramaAddict! 🙂

Now, as you know, Real Life has been a bit crazy for many of us, so for today’s selection, I thought that you’d all enjoy a unique collaboration between Cha Tae Hyun (차태현), one of my favorite K-drama stars, and his buddy veteran K-singer Hong Kyung Min (홍경민).

Very much like Hong Jin Young’s “Thumb Up” (see blog post here), “Cheer Up” is a song that reminds us that life, despite how discouraging it can be, is worth living and celebrating because we are not alone; it is made infinitely bearable and better by the support group(s) around us.

Shall we take a listen and recharge from the week for the upcoming week? 😉

Video: Released May 23, 2016, and compliments of 워너뮤직코리아 (Warner Music Korea) via YouTube

If you are at all familiar with these guys and their television personas, you know that they embody a joie de vivre for life, and this attitude is aptly reflected in their adorable song title, “Cheer Up” that uses the English word “song” (쏭). Even the character “쏭” looks as though it’s an emoticon of a person smiling, doesn’t it? 😉

I’m including a stage performance of these two master entertainers below with English subtitles. I encourage you to watch the clip and soak in the lyrics of the this uplifting song. Enjoy, my dear Twinkles~! I wish you another glorious weekend!

Video: Released June 6, 2016, and compliments of KBS World TV via YouTube

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4 thoughts on “Friday Fun: HongCha (홍차) – “Cheer Up” (힘내쏭)”

  1. Hey, ST! So glad you’re alive after your gruelling semester! A very blessed birthday month to you and newKDA 😎 muak!

    My apologies for being MIA, too – I don’t know how it happened, but I’m swamped with all manner of ‘things’ this year . . . . Most of my kdrama watching now takes place after midnight – hence the chronic panda eyes, sigh.

    I must get the post I promised you done 😎

    1. Hi, shl! Thank you for the birthday blessing! 🙂
      Should I be glad that you’ve joined our Panda Eyes Club? 😉 I can only imagine how busy you must be in Real Life. I trust that you’re doing well despite being swamped. 🙂 As for the post, it is always welcomed…whenever you get a free moment to write. 🙂

  2. Wow I’m sooo glad to see you back! And this looks totally lovely and cute!^^ I enjoyed it a lot, thank you soo much!^^<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3:):):):):):D:D:D:D:D:):):D:D

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