Friday Fun: Heo Young Saeng (허영생) and Lee Jung Hyuk (이정혁) – “Mirotic” (주문)

FF 07-08-16

It’s Friday, Twinkles! I hope you’re ready to put the work/study week behind you and relax with this week’s Friday selection. 🙂

This week, instead of choosing a soothing song, I thought I’d introduce you to a song that I’ve been listening to as I grade. Time and time again, I’ve found myself returning to this video clip and listening to this powerful rendition of DBSK‘s “Mirotic,” sung by Heo Young Saeng–my favorite SS501 member–and his singing partner on Duet Song FestivalLee Jung Hyuk, whose powerful gravelly voice is already making him a strong contender on the show.

Keep in mind that I’m not a big fan of DBSK or the song “Mirotic,” but this rendition is something else! Shall we take a listen? 😉 

Video: Released June 24, 2016, and compliments of MBCentertainment via YouTube. This is the partial clip (second half), so I searched through YouTube to find the first half (see below).

Video: Released June 25, 2016, and compliments of akikojung via YouTube. This is the beginning of the performance that I was able to find after I had thoroughly become enamored with the above performance. LOL

I’ve always adored Heo Young Saeng’s voice, but coupling it with Lee Jung Hyuk’s voice…it’s a pairing made in music heaven, Twinkles! Seriously! These two guys have been keeping me company as I grade for the past two weeks or so.

And just for kicks, because I’m in a particularly generous sharing mood LOL, you can catch their follow-up performance of “Atlantis Princess” below. All I can say is that their first duet together wasn’t a fluke. These guys are amazing together!

Video: Released July 1, 2016, and compliments of MBCentertainment via YouTube

Well, I think I’ve done my good deed for the day by introducing you to this dynamic duo. 😉 Have a glorious weekend, Twinkles!

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9 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Heo Young Saeng (허영생) and Lee Jung Hyuk (이정혁) – “Mirotic” (주문)”

  1. Okay, have to admit I got goosebumps a couple of times. Re-watched and . . . did my eyes deceive me . . . I saw my favorite John Park (in the first video at about 1:30), looking wonderful and very impressed with the performance. Thanks Grace, really enjoyed these.

    1. Ah yes…Sungha Jung…I know him well, or at least one of my church minions does. LOL.
      He’s truly amazing with stringed instruments and is gaining quite the international reputation for himself, isn’t he? 🙂 Loved his rendition of “I’m Yours” with Jason Mraz
      Hmmm…you’re giving me ideas for a future Friday Fun post. 😉

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaa! This rendition gives me goosebumps!!!! All my hairs are standing now… Wow, what a stunning performance! I love it, thanks for sharing your grading musical score!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! I’m looking forward to seeing more of their performances. Wouldn’t it be wild if Young Saeng’s company decided to sign Lee Jung Hyuk as part of a duo team with Young Saeng? *happy thoughts just imagining the possibilities*

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