Friday Fun: Eric Nam – “Melt My Heart” (녹여줘)

FF 01-16-15

Woohoo~! It’s Friday again! 🙂

Is it just me, or does the weekend seem to come a bit too quickly? Not that I’m complaining, of course. 🙂 It’s just that the year’s barely begun, and I feel as though time’s already flying. *shakes head* It must be the 6-week winter term that I’m currently teaching. LOL

In any case, it’s that wonderful time of the week when we can look forward to another end of a work/study week and take in a lovely song. For this week’s selection, I offer you a song that’s guaranteed to “melt your heart,” or if not that, then at least a song that will warm your heart. 😉 

Video: Released December 9, 2014, compliments of CJENMMUSIC Official via YouTube

Eric Nam is one of my favorite male vocalists, and in this song, he certainly demonstrates–in sound and adorable expressions–why he’s a singer who’s quickly developing a large fan base. 🙂 Happy weekend, Twinkles~!

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