Friday Fun: B1A4 – “With You”

B1A4 - Feeling

Yes! *pumps fist*

I was able to somehow find this video again. If you’re wondering what music video I’m talking about, it’s the one that I was hoping to introduce to you when I featured B1A4 a while back (here). At the time, I couldn’t find it, but it somehow popped back up on my YouTube newsfeed this week. Nice!

For this Friday’s fun music, I present to you one of my favorite songs…from the 90s! B1A4 just updated it, and I must say, I’m liking the revised, more upbeat version. The original was a bit too slow for my taste. 😉


Not only does this music video bring back memories of the 90s for me, but it also takes me down memory lane of the not-so-distant adventure that I had watching Answer Me 1994. 🙂 

I hope this week’s “Friday Fun” helps you usher in a warm, fun-filled weekend! Happy weekend, Twinkles!

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