Friday Fun: Ahn Hyeon Jeong (안현정) – “You and Me” (그대와 나)

FF 09-02-16

Happy Friday, Twinkles~!

It’s been another busy but meaningful week for me, and hopefully, you’ve had just as meaningful a week as I, minus the craziness. 😉

Without further ado then, let’s usher in another “W”-onderful weekend! Enjoy! 

Video: Published August 26, 2016, and compliments of 1theK (원더케이) via YouTube

I continue my fangirling of this week with track number 7 of the OST: “You and Me.” Since our dear lovebirds are reunited again, I thought that we should celebrate their happy reunion with a music video that showcases many of their happy scenes. Yes, I know episode 13 doesn’t end happily–I managed to sneak peeks at the clips yesterday before I zonked off to sleep–but we also know that they will end “happily ever after,” so I’m not really worried. 🙂

Anyhow, I believe you can expect a couple more weeks of fangirling on this “Friday Fun” corner before I switch over to gushing about Love in the Moonlight and Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Depending on how efficient I am this weekend, I’m hoping to type up my first impressions of these two new shows. In a nutshell, though, these two series provide a nice dichotomy of Kdrama viewing to help jumpstart our Mondays.

Until then…! *blows kisses and hugs*

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2 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Ahn Hyeon Jeong (안현정) – “You and Me” (그대와 나)”

  1. W continues to pull at my heartstrings. I am now a Jong Suk fan for life and I marathoned I Hear Your Voice and loved it to pieces. He is so talented and makes me think I have a soul. I am now watching Doctor Stranger and after that I will watch Pinocchio because I simply must see every drama he is in. I remember him from Secret Garden and thought he was beautiful but like wow he sure has blossomed into quite the actor!

    Also Love in the Moonlight is adorable I am super excited every week for that dynamic duo. Really curious about how the the love triangle is going to play out and also about that.. .thing….with lee young….the….thing. idk if you heard of it yet or not so like I don’t want to say it to spoil??? There’s just this second actress and she’s someone in lee Youngs life andnsjskskks yes. Let’s forget I brought that up.

    Scarlet Heart has also surprised me! Here I was expecting like a harem like Boys over Flowers or Anjell or something of that sort but like no. It’s different. I feel there are only 2 really big love rivals which will be inretesting to see develop. I’m expecting chaos tbh. Also my poor lee joon ki has so much pain and angst I am so sad for him I want him to be happyyyyyyy.

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