Movie Monday – For Horowitz aka My Piano (2006)

Starring: Uhm Jung Hwa as Kim Ji Soo, Park Yong Woo as Shim Kyang Ho and Shin Ee Jae as Yoon Gyung-Min

Rating: PG lite

Running Time: 108 min

Twinkies: 4 stars

Synopsis: Kim Ji-su is a 31-year-old single woman who once wanted to become a famous pianist like Horowitz. Her dream was shattered but she was able to go on by teaching children to play piano.

One day, she discovers a young boy from the streets, Gyung-min, is a musical genius. She starts to give him intensive music lessons, preparing him for competition. Ji-Soo soon discovers that Gyung-Min has perfect pitch hearing and the raw talents to become a great pianist. She also realizes that if he does become renown as a pianist, she would also gain recognition as a music instructor. Her ambition collides with reality as Gyung-Min had a traumatic experience when younger. This experience effects his life and her hopes to become well-known.

Musings: I love finding these gem of a movie when searching for particular movies in a genre. Sure the search can be long and arduous but also can be oh so satisfying! I started out watching Dancing Queen but it didn’t sustain my interest until the last 20 minutes; however, I was dazzled by Uhm Jung Hwa in the movie because she was very, very good.

What this movie does very well is pull you into the story. For a period, I was convinced this was about an autistic child because Gyung-Min wouldn’t speak but it is later when you realize the tragedy he lived through as well as the fact that it is Ji-Soo who pulls him through and out of his shell.

Even though, Ji-Soo’s reasons for helping and nurturing Gyung-Min’s ability were initially selfish, you also realize just how much she really loves him. It is through her that he is saved.

Kyang Ho, in his pursuit of Ji-Soo, was pretty comical. You know a man loves you when he takes piano lessons just to be near you. The scene where he finds out who Vladimir Horowitz really is, is pretty funny!

Some of us refer to Uhm Jung Hwa’s brother Uhm Tae Woong as UhmForce. Well, she has officially earned the name of UhmFForce! Man, this woman is talented! I’ve seen her dance, sing, act and NOW play the piano! That makes her a quadruple threat!

This movie is definitely a classical music lover’s treat! Shin Ee Jae as Yoon Gyung-Min was phenomenal! And I have no doubt that he was really playing the piano in this movie (and this is his only movie credited). So sit back, relax and enjoy! This is definitely a movie that, at times, you can just close your eyes and be transported by the music; no soothed by the sounds!

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2 thoughts on “Movie Monday – For Horowitz aka My Piano (2006)”

    It’s been a while since I watched such a moving movie, I cried throughout the whole second half of it.
    I really liked how there were no tonal shifts, so often present nowadays.
    It was my first seeing Uhm Jung Hwa act and I was impressed! Now I’ve to watch other movies and dramas with her.

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