Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Episodes 11 and 12 Links

Episode 11: http://joonmedia.tv/videos/play/43629/7


Episode 12: http://joonmedia.tv/videos/play/43683/16

Loved the variation on the Korean Mook-Jji-Bba:

Cha Chi Su quickly changes his mook-jji-bba to match Eun Bi's scissors
The results of the first round of mook-jji-bba
Bawool's protective interference of Chi Su's cheating...he's gotta protect his noona! 🙂
The complicated circle of relationships at the sauna
The two men facing off in a battle of wills
Men who cook for women are awesome!!! 😉

Couldn’t resist and just finished watching episode 12…I can’t believe this drama is turning into a brothers-fighting-over-the-same-girl drama! oy~

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