Flower Boy Next Door: Episode 5 Spoiler

FBND 4.44

Yup, your eyes are not mistaken. They “kiss” at the end of ep. 4. Heh. I so adore this couple; they’re such great complements to each other.

I’m still under the weather, so I’m going to post the spoiler to ep. 5 now rather than wait until ep. 3 and 4 are recapped…It’s going to take me a while to recap them…I think.

Dialogue from the episode 5 preview at the end of episode 4: 

Enrique: What just happened? (probably referring to the “kiss,” which actually wasn’t a kiss) It was an accident…an accident.

Jin Rak: If you’re doing well inside…If you’re eating well…If you’re happy inside…I keep thinking about you.

Enrique: Before I leave, I’m going to make sure to bring you out from in there. Just you wait! Ah-jum-ma. Ah-jum-ma.

FBND 5.1 Spoiler

Jin Rak: Don’t come back again.

Dong Hoon: Have you at least tried to confess to Apt. 402 your feelings?

Dok Hwi: Go Dok Mi!

Dok Mi: Don’t go. Just stay.

Enrique: Ahjumma, are you crying?

FBND 5 Spoiler

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