Flower Boy Next Door: Episode 3

FBND 3.46

Oh, it’s now definitely official: I’ve bought this series’ storyline hook, line, and sinker! Oh my goodness! *fangirl moment* Today’s episode was H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S and yet still H-E-A-R-T-W-A-R-M-I-N-G. The plot makes some significant advances, and we learn more about our beloved characters. Can I love all of them? *happy sigh* My next trip to Korea is going to have me tracking down some souvenirs of this series. Anyone else thinking Enrique’s Panda Hat? Sooooooooo adorable! And soooooooooo exciting with all the appropriate bells and whistles to mark this series a unique and zany romantic comedy! Oh yeah, I’m loving every minute of this, and this recap (with all 46 pictures) is a labor of infinite love…even while I’m sick. Let’s hope the show continues this strong start all the way until the finish! (wrote the intro. to this post yesterday when the episode aired)

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Episode 3: The episode starts with a quick review of the past two episodes and resumes with Dok Gi trying to leave Enrique’s place.

FBND 3.1

Of course, he stops her and lightly tells her that she should at least say thanks before leaving, which she promptly does and again tries to make her escape. However, when Enrique drops his cheerful facade and starts to ask her with “I…I…,” Dok Mi recognizes the same quality in his voice that she had right before she fainted. In a blink of an eye, though, Enrique snaps back to his cheerful self and asks her to help him; he has to do something very difficult tonight, and he would like to have her by his side, helping him.

FBND 3.2

Before she can answer, the front door opens and the objection of her affections walks in…and Enrique introduces her to his hyung (older brother in Korean…whether he’s an older biological brother, cousin, or a family friend is still yet to be disclosed). He calls her ahjumma and tells him that she’s his friend. Pffft. What an introducction. He belatedly learns her name when he prompts her to introduce herself. Heh.

FBND 3.3

Of course, he again surprises her by telling Tae Joon that Dok Mi will be joining them for dinner. Oh boy, Dok Mi is in for a treat!

FBND 3.4

Before dinner, though, Enrique has Tae Joon give Dok Mi a physical exam to figure out why she fainted. Unfortunately, Dok Mi can barely meet Tae Joon’s eyes, much less allow him to look into her eyes with an opthalmoscope. So cute how she avoids Tae Joon’s eyes while Tae Joon tries to look into hers.

FBND 3.5

And where is Enrique? Right by her side, watching the entire exam. LOL. Imagine her panic at being sandwiched by two men like this.

FBND 3.6

This coziness is interrupted when Seo Young arrives and then throws a hissy fit when she spies Tae Joon so close to another woman.

FBND 3.7

Demanding that he give her a proper greeting, Seo Young is quickly abashed to learn that Dok Mi is Enrique’s guest, not Tae Joon’s. Of course, this epiphany comes after she makes things decidedly awkward for everyone involved, especially when she makes it clear to everyone in the room that she likes Tae Joon. Eeks…this will make for a lovely dinner party.

Intent on avoiding any further interactions with humans, much less a full-on confrontation, Dok Mi excuses herself from the dinner and scurries off the couch.

FBND 3.8

But as she passes Enrique, he grabs her by the arm and quietly pleads with her to help him: “Don’t go, ahjumma. Help me…please.”

FBND 3.9

In his tone, she senses a desperate plea from a man who strangely understands things about her and is somehow compelled to stay. The writing accompanying this scene? “First love hurts, and one-sided love is sad.”

FBND 3.10

Meanwhile, Jin Rak wonders about Dok Mi and where she could have gone with Enrique. Apparently, he saw her collapse in his arms during the tenants’ protest but had been unable to help her in time.

FBND 3.11

He isn’t left to ponder Dok Mi’s whereabouts for very long as he’s joined by Dong Hoon and then unexpectedly by Dok Mi’s high school classmate/bully Cha Do Hwi. Unbeknownst to him, she’s taken a liking to him and uses her “broken” heel, the one she broke herself just a moment ago, as an excuse to keep falling into him. *sigh* Poor Jin Rak. She even lies about having broken it while saving a kitten. Ummmm, yeah, likely story.

FBND 3.12

Of course, Jin Rak has no interest, and he and Dong Hoon (and Watanabe who joins them later) quickly help her to the nearest shoe repair shop, leaving her with no choice but to go inside. (In Korea, there are a number of these on the streets as many people will swing by for repairs to or from work.) When the shoe cobbler gives her slippers to wear while he fixes her shoes–she tells him to do a basic job on it since she plans to throw them away as soon as she gets back home–she recoils in horror at the sight of those plain shoes. Heh…serves her right!

FBND 3.13

Back at the dinner, Dok Mi and Enrique watch in silent pain as Seo Young throws herself blatantly at Tae Joon, who continues to rebuff her advances. When they finally sit down for dinner, the conversation turns to how Enrique and Dok Mi met. Of course, in true typical Enrique fashion, he doesn’t make much sense as he explains that their meeting can be classified as perverted, thriller, etc. and that it may even become a melo. LOL. Really? *happy humming*At this, Dok Mi quickly chokes and drinks her wine. Noticing Dok Mi’s discomfort–ha! I sense Tae Joon possibly falling for Dok Mi in some future episode!–he hands her a glass of water, telling her that water is better than wine for cases like this.

Thinking no one is paying attention to her, Dok Mi glances surreptitiously at Tae Joon and then smiles into her water glass. This tiny action is noted by Enrique, who figures out why she was looking into Tae Joon’s apartment with binoculars, and Seo Young, who then makes a catty remark about how Dok Mi has a personality that can irritate her. Tae Joon quickly comes to her defense by calling Seo Young’s behavior ill-mannered and demands to know what she’s been doing her year in Seoul to have learned manners like that. Ouch. Enrique comes to Seo Young’s aid and tells Tae Joon that he could have looked in on her then since he knows full well why she even came to Seoul. Oh dear, a very awkward dinner moment.

FBND 3.14

Meanwhile, the three men follow Watanabe to his new workplace for dinner. They learn that Watanabe’s purpose in coming to Seoul is to learn Korean cuisine; his plan is to travel the world and learn all the world’s cuisines. Interesting.

While Watanabe gets their food, Dong Hoon wonders about the odd woman with the broken heels, who seems to be intent on seducing Jin Rak…when he is right next to him. Pffft. Dong Hoon is incorrigible! When Jin Rak just wonders where 402 could have gone with Enrique, Dong Hoon flippantly replies that they probably went to do what most couples do at night. Needless to say, Jin Rak is not pleased with this answer.

Back at Tae Joon’s place, the conversation post-dinner gets a bit more awkward as Tae Joon tells Seo Young to return home when Enrique goes back to Spain. She shouts for him to stop linking her with Enrique when they are only friends. Dok Mi registers the pained look on Enrique’s face and what this also means for her…and the plate she was holding drops to the floor. As she crouches to clean up the shattered shards of glass, she flashbacks to Enrique’s pre-dinner request, and she understands now what the “very difficult” thing was.

Enrique tells her to leave the dish and takes her out of the apartment, telling his hyung that he’ll leave to give Seo Young and him some privacy.

FBND 3.15

Once outside, he tries to reestablish some levity by commenting that her crush has ended because of him. He then corrects her, when she says the same goes for him, that his isn’t a crush but a first love, one that’s lasted for over ten years. Wow…poor Enrique.

FBND 3.16

As he walks her home, with her following him like a little chick following her mother, Jin Rak spots them and quickly hides himself. Really, Jin Rak?

FBND 3.17

Regaining his wits a moment later, he quickly looks back to confirm that yes, Dok Mi was following Enrique back to her place.

FBND 3.18

Enrique suggests they go drink in honor of her crush and his first love ending…and because he’s fine. She silently calls him a liar, and when he acknowledges that he’s a liar in the next moment, her eyes widen as it seems as though he’s read her thoughts again.

Instead of drinking then, he suggests that they go on a farewell trip together. Picking a village called “The End of the World,” he asks if she”s going to have him go all by himself. Who knows if he’ll go there and end his life…all alone.

FBND 3.19

At his flippant remark, she flashbacks to high school, and we see a young Go Dok Mi perched on a school building roof, contemplating…

FBND 3.20

Dok Mi tells him that life and death are not things to joke about. Enrique quickly agrees and tells her that that’s why she needs to come with him. Undeterred by her frown, he tells her that he’ll see her tomorrow then at 9AM. All of the expenses will be on him.

FBND 3.21

Where is Jin Rak during this entire time? Eavesdropping…or trying to…and then pretending to fix garbage bags when Enrique walks by. Aw…really, Jin Rak? Garbage? 🙁 Is this the show’s way to metaphorically imply that Jin Rak’s eavesdropping has dropped him to the level of garbage?

FBND 3.22

As Dok Mi goes inside, Jin Rak races after her and waits in the elevator for her to notice him.

FBND 3.23

Unfortunately, Dok Mi doesn’t even realize he’s there…until her phone rings and then she jerks in panic a bit at the sight of him in the enclosed space with her. Aw…

FBND 3.24

As for the weird girl, Do Hwi, little by little, we learn that she’s up to no good. She had called Dok Mi (in the elevator) to inquire about living at her apartment, and Dok Mi curtly tells her that she doesn’t live there before abruptly hanging up. And her cohorts? The same bullies from high school. ugh…

FBND 3.25

When the elevator arrives on the fourth floor, Jin Rak waits for Dok Mi to get off…only she doesn’t because she’s still thinking about her upcoming trip and how to get out of it. So when the doors start to close, Jin Rak, in a mock-hero’s action, wedges his hand between the sliding doors and forces them open for her to exit safely out of the elevator. LOL. His look of satisfaction is too comical…and poor Jin Rak, because when he exits the elevator himself to talk with her, she’s already gone back inside her apartment.

FBND 3.26

Later that night, as he works on his webtoon, he mutters to himself why Enrique keeps popping up in her life. Then a small smile spreads over his face. Why? Because he’s just drawn dark circles and mustache and goatee on Enrique’s webtoon picture. Heh. So juvenile, yet so awesomely funny.

FBND 3.27

Back inside her place, Dok Mi observes the two people…and wonders where Enrique is during this whole time.

FBND 3.28

Hmmm…our boy genius is at a PC store (PC bang) playing one of his favorite soccer games (his own) while wiping some tears from his face. Aw…

FBND 3.29

When Seo Young stands to embrace Tae Joon, Dok Mi worries that Enrique might walk in on the two and be further hurt since she saw him go into his building just a moment ago.

FBND 3.30

Thankfully, he walks back into the apartment after Seo Young leaves, huddled into a tight ball to ward off the cold since he had left without a coat. He had waited by the wall until she left.

FBND 3.31

The next morning, the milk man delivers to Dok Mi’s door her usual carton of milk…and then we see another man stick a post-it note on it with the message, “Have a happy day!” He then takes and reads the post-it notes that Dok Mi had left for him on her door: “Delivery man, thank you. I enjoy reading your daily notes.”

FBND 3.32

Meanwhile, Enrique meets Dok Mi later that morning and chatters on about the trip, causing her to finally lose her patience and yell.

FBND 3.33

Heh. It was all a dream as Dok Mi wakes up from her cocoon-like sleeping bag.

FBND 3.34

Her relief is short-lived, though, when she receives a text from Enrique, reminding her of their 9AM meeting. Frantic, she deliberates over what excuse to text him, finally settling upon a sick grandmother.

FBND 3.35

Another emergency of a different variety hits apartment 401 as they are about to be evicted. Jin Rak explains to Dong Hoon that the details of their lease contract stipulated that if they didn’t pay their rent on time, they could be evicted that very day! Why would he agree to such a strict lease? Because the rent was so cheap. Hmmm…I smell something funny here with the lease.

FBND 3.36

Enrique receives Dok Mi’s text in mid-preparation and races out of the apartment, stopping only to borrow Tae Joon’s car keys.

FBND 3.37

As he gets into the elevator, he learns from the security guard that there’s a situation on the fourth floor. When he tells the guard that he’s going up to see his friend in apartment 402, the security guard raises his voice and asks why? Poor Enrique. I wonder how much of the security guard’s spit landed on his face. LOL

FBND 3.38

When they arrive on the fourth floor, the security guard tells Jin Rak that he has no choice but to open the apartment door as requested by the owner. Ouch. However, the neighbors kindly pull together their money and provide Jin Rak and Dong Hoon with the remaining money…including Dok Mi, who peeks her hand out with $20 (20,000 won).

FBND 3.39

Situation averted, Dong Hoon races to make the payment while Jin Rak walks over to Dok Mi’s door to thank her…at the same time Enrique loudly knocks/pounds on Dok Mi’s door.

FBND 3.40

At Jin Rak’s glare, Enrique simply flashes him a toothy smile before resuming his knocking/calling.

FBND 3.41

She reluctantly comes out, and Enrique ushers her quickly out of the building (so cute)…as Jin Rak watches in shock.

FBND 3.42

Once seated in the car, Enrique asks her for her grandmother’s address while Dok Mi tries to tell him she can go on her own. Heh.

FBND 3.43

Meanwhile, Jin Rak comes to a decision back on the fourth floor and slowly/dramatically pivots…

FBND 3.44

…before taking off after Dok Mi and Enrique. He runs at full speed after the departing car and shouts for them to stop: “Stop! I said STOP!”

FBND 3.45

And almost immediately, the car brakes to a stop. The episode ends with the two glancing back.

Musings: So many great things in this episode–I always feel as though I say that for every episode–but I’ll hold off on the big analysis until later. Just know that I’m really enjoying the character development as Dok Mi and Enrique learn things about themselves and tentatively become “kindred spirits.” I love how he’s able to get her to do things that no one’s been able while she understands his more serious side that he rarely shows others.

As for Jin Rak, all I can say is that I’m going to be in some major heartache for this man. The show’s doing an awesome job getting me to like the second male lead. Too bad there won’t be a Dok Mi for him at the end of the story, huh? Just a little too late, Jin Rak.

I mentioned this before, but I’ll reiterate it here: Solid characters and solid story. So far, I’m not hating any of the characters, even Do Hwi and Seo Young.

All right. That’s it for tonight. I hope you enjoyed reading this post! We’ll see what I can do about episode 4 in the next day or two. I’m going to get some sleep now.

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