Flower Boy Next Door: Episode 3 Spoiler

FBND 3 Spoiler

Spoiler: dialogue translation from the spoiler at the end of episode 2 

Enrique: Ahjumma, I know why you were peeking. You like my brother, don’t you? I’ve ended your one-sided crush. My 10-year first love…has ended!

Dong Hoon: What is this?! What are you two doing?! That’s why you casually got rid of me? But I came back too soon, huh?

Enrique: Ahjumma, let’s go on a farewell trip together, huh? I don’t have much free time, and I don’t want to be stuck at home, dreading my departure date. When a person is afraid, try getting to know the world. Then you may begin to find people bearable. Before I leave for Spain, I’m going to show you the entire world!

FBND 3 Spoiler 2

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2 thoughts on “Flower Boy Next Door: Episode 3 Spoiler”

  1. I’ve been offline for a while, but have been drawn back into the kdrama world thanks to 3 notifications about your posts on this drama! That’s a call I can’t ignore *grin*

    Thanks for all the recaps and the preview post!

    I love the breezy yet down-to-earth feel of this drama; it feels like a ‘real’ rom-com 😎 I just hope it doesn’t go the way of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (which I didn’t like much)

    btw I read somewhere that Enrique and Tae Joon are cousins? or something like that, not brothers. Although, Tae Joon being older, Enrique would still call him ‘hyung’, right?

    1. They are probably cousins or just family friends, but since that relationship hasn’t been specified yet, I just decided to do a literal translation of “hyung” until it is clarified. After all, knowing Kdramaland, they could be brothers, right? Even with their different last names. 😉
      Glad you are joining us for this series!

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