Flower Boy Next Door: Episode 2

FBND 2.19

Pre-Recap Thoughts: Episode 2 builds on the premise of episode 1, and I’m definitely hooked. The quirky characters of episode 1 prove themselves to be endearingly quirky in episode 2 AND a bond between Enrique and Dok Mi starts to build, one that’s inexplicably as strong as it is mysterious. Our two odd-balls, one a genius and the other a recluse, find in themselves echoes of each other as they each turn to the other in their direst moments.

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Recap: The episode starts with Jin Rak opening the letter wedged between his front door and the wall; it’s a letter from Dok Mi outlining how she saves money on her utilities–Dong Hoon had asked her for some neighborly tips in episode 1–and a request for Jin Rak to please take her place in leading the day’s protest demonstration.

FBND 2.1

Jin Rak is oddly charmed by the letter while Dong Hoon grimaces at the tips, declaring that he can’t live without flushing the toilet after each use. Heh. The two are interrupted by Watanabe, who introduces himself to his new neighbors with a basket of hard Japanese bread. Hmmm…episode 1 was misleading about the letter being from Watanabe. Tsk tsk, show!

FBND 2.2

Meanwhile, Dok Mi wakes up and enjoys her morning view of Blackie and its master, reassured that Blackie is all right, until she spots Enrique glaring at her. Gesturing that he “sees” her and her peeping, he rushes down to confront her, barely clad in shoes, shorts, and a jacket. Heh…definitely a sight to see!

FBND 2.3

Arriving at her doorstep, he starts a doorbell ringing campaign, one that causes Dok Mi to flashback to a therapy session in which she tells her psychologist some of things she hates most–including doorbells–because they signify that she has to meet someone face-to-face. In rising panic, she suffers through Enriques doorbell onslaught.

FBND 2.4

Until he calls out that she’s a pervert, and then she envisions an article featuring her as the pervert lady peeping at other people’s windows. Aw…poor girl!

FBND 2.5

Disturbed by all the noise, the three men peek outside into the hallway to see what all the ruckus is about, and Dong Hoon and Jin Rak are amazed to find the famous Enrique, clad as he is, banging/kicking against the door of apartment 402. When Enrique tells them that a perverted man keeps looking at his apartment, Jin Rak corrects him and tells him that a kind and gentle young lady lives there, not some perverted man.

FBND 2.6

Into this ruckus comes the trusty ol’ security man who decides to put on a show of apprehending a suspicious person in order to impress one of the tenants. And for a while, she is impressed…until Dok Mi gathers up enough courage to poke her head outside and prevent Enrique from being carted off to the police station. Sensing Dok Mi’s panic, Jin Rak quickly tells her to stay inside (aw…he’s playing the knight in shining armor) while he explains the situation…and he does. As the security guard and the tenant go down the elevator with Enrique, the two cower in the corner at Enrique’s glare. Heh.

FBND 2.7

Piqued, Enrique decides that two can play the peeping game and establishes himself in front of the balcony and precedes to paint, catching Dok Mi looking over at his brother’s apartment again. He comments that his stay in Korea looks intriguing and then proceeds to toy with Dok Mi, leaving her messages like “I’ll be back” written in Korean. Pffft.

FBND 2.9

Meanwhile, Jin Rak and Dong Hoon meet with the webtoon director again, this time to different results. The director loves the idea that Jin Rak pitches about the city Rapunzel, only it’s a story that she assumes from the basic sketch Jin Rak tells her. Heh…I get the feeling that the story reflects something that happened to her. Never one to lose an opportunity, Jin Rak quickly catches on and adds to the story, completely letting the director believe that yes, her expectations of his story are exactly correct. Thrilled by the story, the director tells Jin Rak to let her know when he can have the first installment ready for publication.

FBND 2.10

Excited, our two goofballs attempt to high-five each other to some *cough* interesting results. By the way, it turns out that Dong Hoon draws backgrounds for Jin Rak’s webtoons.

FBND 2.11

As Dok Mi ventures outside on an errand, she runs into Enrique who tells her that he knows why she was peeping into his brother’s apartment: she was concerned for Hippo, the dog. At her denial, he plays her a recording of her 9-1-1 (in Korean, it’s actually 1-1-9) call for help on behalf of the dog. How did Enrique find out? Someone from the emergency dept. dropped by earlier to check on the status of the dog and then gave Enrique the recording when he asked for it. Ha! Dok Mi silently wonders if he had nothing better to do than bother important emergency people with trivial requests like that. Strangely enough, even though she doesn’t utter a single word, Enrique carries on a conversation almost as though he hears all of her thoughts, something that causes Dok Mi to stare at him in shock.

FBND 2.12

When he asks her a question, she finally nods…several times…and Enrique stops her gently with his index finger. He tells her that she only needs to nod once. At his touch, Dok Mi is stunned, first by the fact that another person has touched her and then by Enrique’s face. However, her trance is broken when Enrique asks if she wants to continue their conversation inside since it’s freezing outside. Nodding quickly, Dok Mi makes a run for her apartment once Enrique goes inside the tent, fully expecting her to follow.

FBND 2.13

No matter how quickly she rushes inside, though, she’s no match for Enrique who, discovering her escape, beats her to her door before she can open the door to her inner sanctum. Her look of dismay is priceless! Then speaking of soccer and how the goalkeeper has the hardest job, all alone on that field while waiting for the opposing team to attack, he sagely assesses that she’s the goalkeeper. He encourages her to keep up the good fight and then leaves. Surprised by his comment, Dok Mi watches him leave before stepping inside…to her safe home.

Once outside, Enrique comments to himself that it’s  odd how he feels as though they had a conversation despite no words being exchanged. Ah…the mysterious connection between the two of them is starting. 🙂

FBND 2.14

Where does Enrique go? To an interview to answer some questions about his upcoming video game and to tour/film Seoul. While on the bus, he reads posts about himself from Koreans who sneeringly ridiculous his outfit, manner, etc. even though others praise him.

FBND 2.15

While on his tour around Seoul, he receives a text message from his friend, reminding him about the pasta he’s to make her that night, and his expression turns glum. In a quick flashback, we go back to him and his friend talking about his mission in Korea–to play Cupid’s arrow and join her with her love, Tae Joon. At her silence, he jokingly tells her that all is well as she quietly apologizes to him. Aw…she’s his first love, and she’s in love with his older brother.

FBND 2.16

Meanwhile, the tenants gather for their daily protest, Jin Rak stepping in for Dok Mi, when a pink flurry of a person shows up on the scene. Spotting him on his soapbox, she’s transfixed by his leadership and power. Pfffft.

Unfortunately for her, his eyes are focused on Dok Mi, who has gathered up the courage to join the demonstrations. She follows his gaze and is surprised to recognize her old high school friend Dok Mi, who seems terrified to meet her again. Completely unaware of Dok Mi’s reaction, the newcomer chats with her while Enrique joins them. Another quick flashback shows us that the newcomer was quite the high school bully, who tormented Dok Mi.

When she leaves and Enrique starts to follow after her, Dok Mi does something completely unexpected.

FBND 2.17

She stops him from leaving by grabbing hold of his arm.Then stuttering “I…I…”

FBND 2.18

With tears glistening in her eyes–much to Enrique’s shock–she collapses in his arms. In the next moment, she’s back in front of her computer, typing away about how that woman’s lips are like a faucet, tightly shut when others are around and flowing loose when she’s alone, saying the most impressive and noteworthy words when no one’s around.

Of course, this is a dream, and she wakes up to find herself in Enrique’s place, or rather his brother’s place. He tells her that she should get examined by his brother who’s a doctor. At the mention of her crush, she hurries to leave, and Enrique stops her, berating her for being ungrateful, leaving without properly thanking him for his help.

FBND 2.19

She apologies and tries to leave, but he waylays her. This time, he’s the one uttering “I…I…” Then pulling himself together, he brightly asks Dok Mi, whom he continues to call ahjumma (Korean word for married woman) to help him because he has to do something really difficult tonight. Aw…he wants her moral support while he cooks dinner for his brother and his crush, the girl who likes his brother.

FBND 2.20

Before Dok Mi can answer, though, the front door opens, and her crush walks in…tall and in the flesh! The episode ends on her confronting not only this new situation with Enrique but the very person of Tae Joon.

Post-Recap Thoughts: It’s pretty late, so I’ll keep this short. I’m really appreciating how the writer is slowly but surely–AND with some funny and endearing moments–forging a bond between our two leads. The repetition of their request to each other as well as the fact that he understands her without any words being uttered and that she hears his voice in the supermarket (sorry, left that scene out in the recap) speaks volumes about how these two seem to complete each other.

I’m looking forward to seeing how they leave aside their crushes and start making their way toward each other.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! 🙂

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